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With Google Play Store Holiday Deals, you may get up to 95% discount

Finding a shopping App which can provide good deals is tough of course but what if you can get best deals not in an app but on Play Store – ‘the keeper of Apps’. Strange yet true, Google has started to provide the playstore users some awesome deals on various app across its platform. Not only this, the discounts and offers varies from games to movies as well.

The offers came at the time when most of the world is dipped in the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ. Here’s the full list of year-end game deals.

1) Lara Croft Go (Rs 77.94, down from Rs 350)
2) LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham (Rs 65.66, down from Rs 130)
3) Dark Echo (Rs 15, down from Rs 60)
4) Hitman: Sniper (Rs 29, down from Rs 300)
5) Leo’s Fortune (Rs 65, down from Rs 310)
6) Monument Valley (Rs 61.25, down from Rs 250)
7) Modern Combat 4 (Rs 60, down from Rs 350)
8) Riptide GP2 (Rs 15, down from Rs 60)
9) Rayman Fiesta Run (Rs 16.99, down from Rs 195)
10) Goat Simulator (Rs 25, down from Rs 350)
11) Surgeon Simulator (Rs 39.45, down from Rs 350)
12) Castle of Illusion (Rs 65.64, down from Rs 650)
13) Framed (Rs 47, down from Rs 155)
14) PAC-MAN CE DX (Rs 65.53, down from Rs 350)
15) Joe Danger (Rs 49.28, down from Rs 156)
16) Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL (Rs 390.59, down from Rs 780)
17) Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition (Rs 65, down from Rs 350)
18) Civilization Revolution 2 (Rs 332.37, down from Rs 480)
19) Trivia Crack (Ad Free) (Rs 65.65, down from Rs 180)
20) Final Fantasy III (Rs 445, down from Rs 890)
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This kind of offers are generally offered by any organization in three cases:

First, when a company need to attract more customers or users which, in this case, is not applicable because we know that it is Google. Second, when a company wants to sell out its old and not so popular inventory, which is not the case here as nearly all the apps for which the discount is offered are already very hot products in terms of popularity and downloads. Only case left is the cashing the popularity in the season of sale. Christmas is no less than Diwali for the world. The best time of sale is this one and Google is en-cashing it.

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