Why International Education in Canada Is so Popular


There is no wonder that international education becomes so popular today. It is an outstanding opportunity for students to acquire a global perspective and eventually become citizens of the world, who can truly respect and protect diversity, simultaneously promoting innovation all over the world.

According to recent estimates, Canada is one of the top five countries that international students find particularly attractive. Current trends suggest that its popularity is likely to further increase.

Thus, the Canadian Bureau for International Education has reported that there was a 154% increase in international students from 2010 to 2018. So if you still wonder why study in Canada, there are several important factors you should consider. Who knows, maybe these will turn Canada into a number one destination for you.

Factors that Make Canada an Attractive Destination for International Students

Top Universities. When it comes to the choice of university, most students seek institutions that, on the one hand, feet their needs well, and on the other hand, have an excellent reputation and quality of studies. Canadian universities can fully satisfy these demands. According to Times Higher Education, which is one of the well-known providers of university rankings, Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. So if you ask “Why Canada for study?” The response is because here you can attend one of the top universities in the world. Here are several of the world’s most prestigious universities that wait for you in this country. They will definitely impress you as a student:

University of Toronto – Here, students can choose among a large variety of programs. Professors and staff encourage them to do research and bring innovation, as this university is the birthplace of such important scientific attainments as the discovery of insulin or the invention of the electronic microscope.

University of British Columbia – This is North America’s most international university and a global centre for teaching, learning, and research. McGill University – This is one of the most internationally-diverse medical-doctoral universities in the country, which unites students from more than 150 countries.

McMaster University – It is one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities and an alma mater for three Nobel Prize winners, numerous global leaders, and prominent politicians.

University of Montreal – Being an excellent environment for learning, this university is situated in a city known for its safety, low cost of living, and cultural vitality.

English Language. While Canada is a country where international students can choose among dozens of top-ranked universities, it is also a place where they can improve their English. It is one of Canada’s official languages, so students can always receive a degree by completing a program introduced in English in any university of their choice.

Although it may seem challenging, there is no need to be afraid of assignments delivered in a foreign language. International students can always get help with their tasks by asking to write an essay for university

Professional writers, editors, and tutors will help with any, even the most challenging, assignments. Eventually, due to daily classes, communication with friends and tutors, and professional online assistance, international students will not only get the desired degrees but also fully master the language, which will enable them to communicate with people all over the world.



Safety and High Quality of Life. While Canada is one of the safest places on earth, CNBC ranks it first in the world as a country with the highest quality of life. Canadians have access to not only excellent education but also high-quality healthcare as well as numerous social benefits.

And guess what? Canada is interested in international students as potential immigrants. The Canadian population is getting older; therefore, immigration turns out to be the most effective strategy for preserving the pace of the country’s economic development.

Why to study in Canada? Because here you will have your degree and get a chance to improve your family’s quality of life by building an impressive career. There is even no need to wait until graduation, as the Canadian government does its best at enabling international students to unite education and employment if they want.

Get an International Education in Canada

Canada is a great place to live. It is also an excellent solution for international students who seek the best education that employers all over the world will recognize. Reputable universities, English as one of the official languages, safety, and high standard of living are just a few of the many factors that make this country an attractive destination for international students. In this country, you can not only gain an excellent educational background but also find numerous employment opportunities.

Those pursuing their degrees in Canadian universities will enjoy learning in a multicultural environment. But along with that, they will also promote the values of the culture of knowledge in the context of increasing integration that takes place worldwide. Globalization has intensified collaboration between representatives of different countries, and international education is a logical continuation of this process, which enables more people to recognize themselves as citizens of the world.  

Author’s Bio: Robert Everett is a writer, blogger, researcher, and editor. In blog posts, he discusses topics related to education. An advocate of innovative approaches to education, Robert Everett occasionally provides consulting services to educational institutions.