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Vodafone will provide 4G services in all Metros by March, 2016

Vodafone 4G

The fearsome competitor of India’s telecom king Airtel is ready to set out Fourth Generation war by March, 2016. According to an official statement from the Global service provider on Monday, Vodafone will provide 4G services in all Metros by March, 2016. Mr. Suresh Kumar, operations director – south, Vodafone India said:

“Vodafone India will increase the intensity of its 4G services rollout and by March 2016 it will be launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, a statement said on Monday. Testing of 4G services in these locations has already commenced successfully and Vodafone India has partnered with leading global technology service providers for the network roll-out, The company has rolled out its 4G services in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram on Monday. With this launch, Vodafone 4G services is now present across 10 towns in the state. The 4G services have the potential to revolutionize the mobile experience through powerful innovation that impacts how we work and live, Vodafone’s global expertise and experience of largest 4G network having presence across 19 countries gives us a better understanding of this technology and the needs of the 4G customer”

The announcement talks about the ‘testing’ of the service in initial phase. As a matter of fact, the test run is already happening through Airtel. The campaign of Airtel is quite popular and Airtel 4G girl is the face of the service now. The acceptance, accessibility, market penetration, profits and other factors will determine the future of the service in India. While millions are struck on 2G and 3G rates are like diamond for fiancée, 4G may get trapped into a niche users.

The roll out in the metro is the best thing for Vodafone initially and as we always say, India is a country of limitless potential and limitless revenue in terms of telecommunications market.