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Immunity Boosting Foods For Kids -Yummy Ways To Fight Diseases

Kids love food. They prefer to eat only that food which is yummy, delicious and tasty – that is their main ingredient of choice. They can binge on their favourite snacks any time of the day. But as parents and their guardians, it is our duty and responsibility to see what they are eating and how healthy it is for their immunity and wellness.

As we all know, there are deadly viral diseases and increasing pollution-related ailments floating in with each passing day. So taking care of our kids' health and immunity becomes our primary cause of concern. So, to keep them healthy to fight against diseases and their overall wellness, we will discuss here some of the essential Immunity Boosting Foods For Kids that are tasty too and make ourselves more aware about what is good and bad for them.

1. Fruits Rich In Essential Nutrients


To begin our immunity rich diet chart, we need to understand the importance of fruits for our health. Fruits have the goodness of multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrition that keep disease at bay. Fruits are essential and are a game-changer when it comes to immunity boosting. Fruits have a richness that helps boost our immune system. 

Kids love to eat juicy fruits like berries, grapes, and they are high immunity boosters.

Also, apples and pears give the right amount of immunity support to the young bodies while tasting good. You can add them to their school lunch or mix them in their smoothies, shakes etc.

2. Citrus Food And Juices- Dose Of Vitamin C


Vitamin C is great for health. There is medical proof to back the statement. Often, when we get cold or catch anything viral, we are advised to slurp on vitamin C and the juices rich in them to boost our immunity. Kids love orange juice. They are high in vitamins and help get the required citric acids suitable for the body and its health.

Some yummy and kid's favourite fruits rich in Vitamin C are oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, clementines, lemons and limes. Make some exciting juices out of them and give them to your kids along with their mid-day snacks.

Also, some vitamin C-rich food like broccoli, potatoes, and brussels sprouts should be added to your kids' daily meals so that they can get their essential dose of vitamin C.


3. Green Vegetables- Plate Full Of Leaves

Green vegetables are a rich source of healthy nutrients, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron. These help build the body and provide a base for a disease-free and healthy life.  According to HealthCanal, green vegetable juices have been shown to improve the blood's antioxidant capacity, which may reduce the risk of chronic diseases linked to oxidative stress.

The green leafy veggies are tasty and help boost immunity too.

Spinach leaves and fenugreek leaves are rich sources of antioxidants that help boost immunity and make your kid ready to fight all the disease-causing bacteria and viruses. You can make tasty ‘palak-paneer’, with spinach and cottage cheese that is tempting and make kids eat them with chapatis and rice. 

Broccoli also helps boost immunity as it is rich in Vitamin C. You can include them in the various kinds of pasta, macaroni, fried rice, and other fast food snacks that will make the snack rich in nutrients and tasty.

4. Essential Nuts, Dry Fruits And Seeds


Nuts and dry fruits are tasty and healthy. Kids love to binge on them, if not all, then selectively.
Some healthy and rich nuts and seeds include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.; these are kids' favourite and are equally healthy.

You can add them to the Indian desserts and even ice creams to make them extra healthy. You can also mix them with shakes and smoothies to give to your kids the essential dose of nutrients.

These dry fruits and seeds help boost immunity and act as a shield against all the external bodies that attack the kids' bodies and make them weak. Include these tasty nutties in your kids' meals and see them do wonders for their health.



Fish is a tasty and healthy alternative to vibrant vegetarian food items. People who love non-veg include fish and its varieties to make their meals rich with essential nutrients.

Fishes like tuna, mackerel, and salmon are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 helps in boosting immunity and reducing inflammation in the body. These essential nutrients can let you stay away from disease and stay healthy for long.

Shellfish is a rich source of Zinc that helps in building the body. If consumed in optimal amounts, it is excellent for immunity. The various kinds of shellfish like crab, lobsters, mussels, oysters are good sources of Zinc and can help in a healthy body. Kids love to eat seafood as it has variety in it.

Include these options in their meals to make them healthy.

6. Yoghurt- Dose Of healthy Bacteria


Yoghurt acts as a rich probiotic source that helps increase the body's immunity levels. Probiotics are a healthy addition to keep up the gut health of your kids. The active culture present in the yoghurts is highly beneficial for immunity development. They can be mixed with healthy fruits and honey to enhance their taste. Kids love to eat them if mixed with taste-enhancing berries, strawberries and other juicy fruits.

Yoghurts are good for health and develop immunity with a blend of tastes. You can indeed include them in their kids' daily lunches and dinners and let them enjoy a bowl full of the goodness of good bacteria for a healthy gut and immune system.

It is well understood that as a parent, it is difficult to provide all the essential minerals and nutrients to your kids that are simultaneously healthy and tasty. But with constant efforts and more conscious choices, you can boost your child's immunity and make them eat those immunity-rich foods with equal excitement and willingness.

Let's hope the vital information discussed above serves its purpose, and from now on, your kids will be charged with suitable fuels that boost their immunity and enhance their health.