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Thumbs up with !! 30% of Snapdeal sellers are now using mobile..


According to Senior Vice President (Product Management) of, Mr. Ankit Khanna, –  

"We are continuously working on enriching the experience for our buyers and sellers. The Seller Zone App is one of our key initiatives for simplifying the process of listing products on our platform thereby facilitating sellers’ business operations. In the last 6 months, we have seen a higher rate of activity on the Seller Zone App vis-à-vis activity through the PC and we expect that 70% of our sellers will start using the mobile app actively in the coming 3 -4 months. Mobile is a vital contributor to the growth of ecommerce and we are creating life changing experiences for our sellers through newer apps on the mobile platform." recently announced that a large number of sellers i.e. 30,000 out of a hundred thousand are now active users on Seller Zone app. It is in a way a user control panel for sellers of Snapdeal controlled by the thumb.yes


Seller Zone App is a management dashboard for the sellers of where sellers use to list their products online in order to sell them. According to Snapdeal ; The Seller Zone App is the " India’s first ever mobile managed online marketplace application for sellers to list products on"

Now the question arises as in what kind of use this whole application launched by Snapdeal is of use. Well, it is more or less like the kind of user friendly platform which ecommerce sites tries to pull for users to give a brilliant experience of shopping. With such a liquid listing experience, the sellers would be more interested in selling through such Snapdeal rather than a complicated portal. This ultimately results in more number of sellers listing more number of products which in turn gives a competition resulting in more discounts (and shoppers love it). 

To sum it up, Snapdeal has an understanding of the importance of caring for the sellers who ultimately are an another form of its customers. 

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