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This is how you can fold up your piles of cloths in a small suitcase

how to pack cloths

If you wish to travel with a lot of cloths but hate to drag bags along with you, here is a solution. According to the video of Travel Noire, you can arrange your cloths in such a way that they will fit in your bag in the most efficient way ever.

Here is how you do it:

So as shown in the video:

1. Put the jacket first with collars down position.

2. Put collared shirt next with 180 degrees to the jacket .

3. Put another shirt above this shirt again at 180 degrees to the shirt you placed over the jacket.

4. Repeat this process for shirts/tshirts/sweaters.

5. Put your Jeans/Pants in between the shirts at an 90 degree angle to the shirts.

6. Now after piling them up, put your undergarments on the top of the clothes and start wrapping as shown in video.

Finally, you will have a bundle which will turn out to be smaller than the normal packaging.