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These 10 things complete your smartphone

Having a smartphone is fine but having a complete smartphone is great. A complete smartphone is something which have most of the desired accessories with it. Here is a list of 10 accessories which completes your phone.

Memory Cards:

These are not simply just storage devices but are a portable flash storage which can be used to save, store, transfer files and even become a part of your next smartphone. ROM can vanish with phone but memory card is something which backs up your data in hard times. It is highly recommended to have a memory card even if your handset gives 100GB of storage.

Cases & Covers:

Both of these accessories falls in the same category but have different following. Have a mobile case if you wish to flaunt your phone with an awesome design or a plain color. Cover it up if you are a person with a stronghold on your possessions.

Headphones and Headsets: (The Music Pitch)

There is a difference between a Headphone and that of a Headset. A Headset is something which is used for hearing as well as talking through a microphone whereas a Headphone is something a which can be fitted through the ears and is used only for listening.


Nearly all of the smartphone manufacturing companies gives a charger with the phone during sale. However, one can lose a charger during refurnishing or rearranging the house (generally in India during Diwali). This would be a crisis as we can live without food for a day but spending a few hours with a dead battery is something more or less like a nightmare. There are two ways to solve this issue, one is to keep borrowing someone else’s charger or just buy another charger to save yourself from this kind of crisis.


Do you love to travel? Do you love to take your smartphone with you on every journey? Do you have a charger back at your office or at your college? If the answer is – ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ then have a powerbank right now. This would be a salvation from your battery issues.

Data Cables:

Transfer your data with it, use your smartphone as a pendrive or use it as a charger, its upto you. A data cable is something which is one of the most important accessories one must have with him, her.

Cleaning Kit:

It’s important to have a Cleaning kit with a smartphone. Though most of the smartphone users do not prefer or care about having a cleaning kit with them, a cleaning kit not only add neatness to a product you carry but also increases the life of a phone. Anyways, ‘Screen Off’ mode is a translucent mirror in case you are missing a selfie camera.

Screen Guards:

The most important or a must have accessories. A screen guard is something which prevent a phone from various types of scratches and minor damages. If you happen to work along your keys in your pocket then a screen guard/protector/tempered glass is a nectar to your smartphone’s screen.

Car Mount:

A car mount is something which would let to drive and navigate at the same time. It is good for those who travel a lot via car. It is the key driving element of companies like Ola & Uber and more.

An Extra Battery:

Just in case.