Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Tennis Players 2022

Most Beautiful Female Tennis Players

Millions of people around the world are big fans of Women's Tennis, one of the most popular sports. The glamour of this game is because of the beautiful women players showing their strength, speed and flexibility. 

But, you know, what makes them more beautiful are their talent, character, and mind.

Although, it is said that "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."

I believe beauty is acceptance, acceptance of yourself, growth, and acceptance of being who you are. In a world full of opinionative eyes, who only look at the person's geometrical appearance from head to toe.

I always thought, what is the one thing that always draws people? What is that one thing that makes a person look beautiful? It is not the shape of their nose or body, the point of their chin, or something else. A Joyful face is always a beautiful face.

This blog will talk about all the world's Top 10 Beautiful Female Tennis Players who contributed every bit of themselves for their nation very beautifully. 

Let’s check out how beautifully these tennis players have performed their duty. 

1. Ankita Raina



A daughter of Kashmir who made India Proud.'

After 28 years, this young lady satisfied her long-loved dream by attending the prestigious Wimbledon. The path of Ankita Raina with Kashmiri roots is encouraging and displays all her hard work and commitment; one can succeed despite all barriers.

2. Laura Robson


'Struggle that made her a better person.'

The 22-year-old is upset by a similar injury she experienced in 2013, and a couple of events have hampered her rebound since her return years ago. In the French Open, she admitted, "I haven't had any doubts with my wrist since the start of the year, and that was the last time I had pain, so since then, I haven't worried about it."

3. Karman Thandi


She pursued playing at the age of 8. And not only this, she is the sixth Indian rank holder female tennis player to join the top 200 of the WTA rankings. She beautifully reflected herself in front of all others without getting distracted or nervous about being the youngest player.

4. Maria Kirilenko



Kirilenko Maria Yurievna is a notable Russian tennis player who has reached extraordinary levels in her game vocation. With her persistent effort and an incredible craving to win, this girl had the option to accomplish well-known acknowledgement and beautifully played her game. 

5. Riya Bhatia


"Being all by myself there and figuring out ways to win matches and play a good level of tennis helped my confidence", she said.

The 24-year-old Riya, the fourth best lady tennis player in the country behind Ankita Raina, Karman Thandi and Rutuja Bhosale, had a productive excursion in Brazil, arriving at the copies last and the singles elimination rounds, an estimable passage on the sluggish red mud courts. She is beautiful, just like her game.

6. Ashley Harkleroad

She turned into the 39th-positioned tennis player in the WTA rankings, and in 2008 she became the first in her sport to pose completely nude for the legendary adult magazine Playboy. She is right now one more of the stars who has joined the universe of selling content on the OnlyFans stage. She let herself grow entirely in such a beautiful way.

7. Rutuja Bhosale

Rutuja Bhosale is now positioned as India's fourth-best female tennis player. The Shrirampur-born tennis expert started playing tennis at nine years old. She ended her juniors' career at a ranking of No.55. Presently guiding into the higher echelons of the game, Rutuja shares with us her tennis story very beautiful and effortlessly. She is presently positioned inside the Best 400 in the singles and the Main 200 in doubles worldwide.

8. Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is India's most wel1-known tennis player and the reigning World No. 1 in Ladies' Pairs. This Tennis player, naturally introduced to a middle-class Muslim family in Hyderabad, has had a fantastic ride.
Sania's story of achievement is one of pure creativity and stamina, from breaking stereotypes that India can't produce a female tennis star to winning huge home runs for the country.

9. Serena Williams

She shared her story about the experiences and difficulties of labour. Serena persevered through a challenging birth and fought with post-birth anxiety a while later. She had an emergency cesarean medical procedure and two different medical surgeries to follow. She developed blood clots in her lungs and had a subsequent medical procedure. But the part is she never gives up; she beautifully confronts her weaknesses in front of the world. 

10. Maria Sharapova 

The double cross French Open top champion's retirement was filled with a battle with various shoulder injuries. She guaranteed that her body had turned into a distraction. Sharapova disclosed that she would miss training and spending time on the court. She additionally added that she would miss her mentors and her group. But to date, she is one of the great tennis players.


I hope this article can help you dive deep into our incredibly Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Tennis Players. Kindly read and share this article as much as possible so that everyone will know how important inner beauty is instead of outer beauty.