Is Buying Furniture online is safe?

Online shopping is not just trending but booming in India. This boom in India, however is unlike that in western countries, it is growing and it will grow at a steady rate. Talking about purchasing goods through the net, the trust factor is the key ingredient which was missing and with time reviews of people came along which sufficed the fact that the online shopping is not bad at all, in fact if shopped wisely, you can end up buying the best possible products at the lowest price possible. All this was fine until home decor vertical entered in ecommerce. The idea of buying furniture raised brows of shoppers and it felt like impossible to convince shoppers to try the products available on online sites via listing.

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The reason was obvious, furniture last long and tend to see next generation of a family, however a few products went on sale and the reviews were astonishingly great. Once in dilemma, shoppers found buying furniture better than physically appearing in a store and purchasing the product from store. The amazing quality, fast delivery, low price and easy replacements ensured that buying Furniture online is safe. The main motors behind the trust engine were

Easy replacement:

The products bought online came along with a feature of easy replacement in case of you do not like the product or any other default. This case is very tedious in offline shopping as it is a hectic in itself to return product using your own transportation cost.

Extremely low price:

The monetary benefit always prevails the buying behavior of the shopper. The price enlisted on the products of any online shopping site like fabfurnish etc. are very low, reason being that most of the sellers are distributors for physical retail stores.

Free Assembling: 

Who would work to assemble all the parts of the furniture as the sites provides a free assembling option for which some offline retailers charge a bit. Also you may en up giving Rs.250- 300 for the transportation in case of online shopping.

Consumer right:

While shopping online, shoppers inadvertently fell into consumer right protection law from government and hence no worries. 

Discount Coupons 

People prefer to shop for furniture online due to the promotional activities done by the storee. Shoppers can avail promocodes and various discount coupons from Pepperfry, fabfurnish and many more through which you can earn a discount of upto 80%. 

Wide range of products

Suppose a shopper wish to buy a table and visits an offline store, he/she can choose from 100-1000 of tables. But while shopping online, one can buy from a large number of products ranging from 1,000-1,00,000. 

So shopping from online stores for furniture is not just safe but also a delightful experience. 

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