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Hugo Barra announced the sale of 1 Million devices in India

Mr. Hugo Barra, ┬áVice President of International for Xiaomi recently announced that about 1 Million devices were sold in the third Quarter of the year 2015. The number of Mi is really very huge if compared with any new entrant in India in smartphone category. Earlier when Mi was launched in India, it was launched with a lot of demand and it was said that there aren’t as many units as demanded by the users.

According to Mr. Hugo Barra :

“Big day for Xiaomi India team! We’re celebrating our biggest quarter ever in India. We sold over 1M devices in Q3 (Jul-Sep) and saw 45% average quarterly growth in 2015. Thanking all of you India Mi fans for all your support and feedback!”


The flash sale concept became highly successful but got criticized by many at the same time. Now since the artificial demand is no more and a Mi phone is easily available, it would be right to say that Xiaomi has made a market in India for sure. India has been and will be the most important market for the companies working in consumer electronics. Using the right tactics and right targeting, a million units can be achieved.