Flipkart hires former Google employee Peeyush Ranjan as Senior Vice President


What is the most important thing for a company working to serve customers? Well, its to understand them and give what exactly they want. And to work on this principle, Flipkart has hired a former Google employee Mr. Peeyush Ranjan who is an IIT Kharagpur product and did his MBA from University of Washington situated in United States of America. 

His primary work in Flipkart would be Managing Director of its Research and Development center. Mr. Peeyush who has been working with Google for 9 years where he led Android One team will join as a Senior Vice-President of the Company. Flipkart in a statement said :

“Ranjan is joining us as senior vice-president and head of engineering to spearhead our innovations, Ranjan will work with our commerce platform head Mukesh Bansal and his team to build on our technology expertise."

This hiring is made after the hiring of Punit Soni who has been the Product Bugle (product executive) of Google and is now the chief product officer of Flipkart and now both of them will be working together for Flipkart.


Now the question arises that how would these hiring help the customers? Well, the answer lies in the core competency of Mr. Peeyush of producing an error free management system. Flipkart have big plans and it do have a lot of funding as well, but before spending any of it Flipkart wants to have a error free system of management as it do not want to face the blow like that of 'Big Billion Sale'.

Anyways, we wish Mr. Peeyush all the very best for his career in Flipkart.