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What is the difference between an Award and a Reward..?

FreeKaaMaal ‘have had’ a lot of contests in past. We just had an awesome T20 Fantasy contest and many more are coming soon. We sometimes give Rewards and Awards on certain occasion. But have you ever wondered as in what’s the difference between these two?

Award reward difference

Let us tell you :

The basic difference is that Reward is something to do with money or other financial benefits in form of physical or digital compensation (GV, cash etc.). Whereas, an Award is like a certificate or a trophy in form of monetary, physical or position form.

There is one more difference, an Award is associated with achievement ergo pride & honor whereas a reward is something of a compensation for a particular task.

According to definition :

AWARD is a prize such as money that is given to somebody because they have done something great.

  • He won an award for best actor. (noun: an award)
  • She was awarded a scholarship for winning the science fair. (verb: to award)

REWARD is not a prize. It’s compensation (financial or other) for the effort somebody has made.

  • A thousand-pound reward was offered for the return of the painting. (noun: a reward)
  • The boss rewarded the workers generously (with money) for working so hard that week. (verb: to reward)
  • I was singing to the baby and she rewarded me with a smile. (verb: to reward)

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