Amazon limits its delivery in Uttar Predesh by Rs 5,000

Amazon in a surprising turn of events has announced that it will not deliver any orders above Rs 5000 to any UP postal pin address.

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The e-commerce giant has bought this news just before the series of festival which forthcoming months is carrying which could be in fact the peak of sales of the e-retailers like Amazon. The company invest a lot in logistics and works hards on making the system of delivering the products at the right place in the right time but due to the fake i.d’s and just-for-fun orders, company is not just losing its time but also a lot of money.

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The reason for this is the fake orders and malpractices a few customer are associated with. The just-for-fun orders are the one which are the primary reason for this bold step to be taken by Amazon. The problem is not just faced by Amazon but Flipkart, Snapdeal and other big online retailers are also facing the same complexions while delivering for Uttar Pradesh.

Anyways, if you live in U.P. postal code region then you have to say ‘bye’ to expensive online deliveries.


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