Airline Food : Business Class Vs Economy Class

If you travel and haven’t had the chance to taste the food various airlines provides to their business class passengers, then this post might grab your attention. airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-66__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-67__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-68__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-69__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-70__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-71__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-72__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-73__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-74__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-77__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-78__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-79__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-80__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-81__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-82__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-83__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-84__700 airline-food-business-vs-economy-compared-421__700 Fascinating, isn’t it? For me, the difference between an airline’s business class food and economy class food is actually a bit different than the perspective they present it from. I think that the food provided to the business class commuters is basically an decoration whereas economy class gets to enjoy the real food with pinch of the country’s influence.

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