After a year full of Apps, Tech needs to come back

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Gone are the days when we were introduced to the milestones of technical developments. Astonishing inventions were made a year ago which varied from LED optimization, Oculus to Google Glasses. But somehow the year of 2015 went black in the like the night under a street lamp due to the focus on multiple app development by the companies.

The growth of Apps in ecommerce domain is fine as it targets the customers which are the primary pillar for the industry but the focus on the app development via various tech companies left a void of technical development in the world. The technology, either in physical or digital domain is something which defines the next step of evolution, however, the development of apps are generally to amalgamate existing information into a particular domain.

The need of focus is on innovation in physical and digital technologies like that of a hologram screen, high-end processors, awesome tools and R&Ds which can be the next step to the amazement. Here have a look at this video by LG on OLED build the dreams of the world :

The future of app is somewhat disrupted by the fact that Google can now crawl and optimize the ‘personalized’ effects of apps in its search engine results and allows customers to engage and operate apps directly through its platform. Hence, if this app indexing is done on a better scale, the efforts of making apps will not be that much useful as it seems now (as one can simply surf them through a search engine). Some apps are inventions in themselves, just like whatsapp, Google Maps, Himmat app to name a few.

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video source : LG Display