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7 situations every shopper must have faced once

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We all love shopping won’t we !!  The comfort of getting your favourite items delivered at your door steps, no traffic juggles, no sweat to shed and Oh So Lovely discounts have made online shopping the it thing for this era , but Ohh Wait how about the experience of touch and feel,those barging into the stores with your whole squad . Online or offline both has their own charms . We list down the most common situations we face as a shopper , which I am sure you all will relate to.

1. Sale Sale Everywhere , but not a penny to spend


That moment when the end of season sale is going on, but you have already ran out of money .

2. When you get exactly what you were looking for

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Not every time you get that perfect attire you wish to have, but when you get it, it’s time to celebrate

3. When the world seems dark , let’s just shop


When shopping seems to be the perfect solution for all your woes, bloat your money and shop till you drop. Well it doesn’t solve your problems but crying in a new pair of denims is not bad deal at all .

4. When the queue at the billing counter is bigger than the ATM queues

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5. Deal hain ki manta nahi

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When there are just so many deals, and you cannot decide which one to go for .

6. When you expected a shorter delivery time

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When they said, delivery will be within 4-7 days, and you didn’t your items delivered on fourth day

7. When product delivered doesn’t look as good on you as it was on the model


When you thought you’ll rock the outfit just like that oh so lovely model in the picture, but hell no !! you end up looking like an overly done mannequin

Once in our life time we all must have faced one or the other situation. We at FreeKaaMaal.com are also committed to help you with your shopping by being the right money saving guide for you with our offers and discounts. Check out all the latest offers and discounts here and happy shopping .