6 ways to remove Screen Scratches from your Mobile

Keys or table, many a way are there which can bruise your screen and can grant you a pitch frustration every time you use your phone. A screen guard can protect a screen from damage but it is ‘on’ a screen and therefore it is susceptible to scratches. In any case, you will observe scratches while suing your smartphone.

That is the problem I just stated, but what is the solution? Well, the solution lies in your daily use closet. Here are the 10 most efficient ways to remove scratches from your mobile.

#1 Use Baking soda -

Mix baking soda and water and make a thick paste. On a cloth, take a part of that paste and gently rub all over the screen.

How to remove scratches  baking soda

#2 Use Pensil Eraser works on ultra mild scratches.

How to remove scratches  pensil eraser

#3 Petroleum jelly works wonders too.

How to remove scratches  vaseline

#4 Wet a cotton cloth and rub it on the screen and after it dries out. After it, rub it with the eraser.

How to remove scratches cotton

#5 Use Vegetable Oil as a filler for the scratches, it also clears and polish the screen.

How to remove scratches oil

#6 Use ToothPaste and rub the screen with cotton cloth.

How to remove scratches

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