5 Reasons to go on a Solo trip once in lifetime

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When is doubt travel it out , when in a bigger doubt go solo . Solo travelling can become a life changing experience and leads to a journey of self discovery.  Everyone in their life time should come out of their comfort zone and venture out on one single solo trip of a lifetime .

1. Journey of self discovery :

Travelling alone and out of your comfort zone teaches you so much which you haven’t discovered otherwise . meditation gif

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2 Master of your own itinerary

Ever cribbed because your friends cancelled the trip you wanted to go for so long .You are in control of your own journey. You don’t have to follow a road map or wait for your squads approval .

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3. Managing your budget

You have the freedom to spend your money by your own and wherever you want to . No more bill splits , no more compromises .

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 4. Messy Hair, I don’t care

You don’t have to dress to impress . You can be all comfortable in your favourite pair of shorts n sneakers .

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5. Adventure stories to tell

After your trip you’ll create endless memories and will definitely brag about your adventures to your friends. adventure gif


When you get good at travelling alone , you’ll stop waiting for someone to take you to the vacations and no more crying for the cancelled trips by your friends . It’s time to pack your bags and hit the road .