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5 Hanging Restaurants in India: Sky Restaurant for Unique Experience


We are bringing something new for you. Family dinner is essential these days. Have you tried a meal in the sky? Here we are sharing details of hanging restaurants in India. 

You have the best quality food up in the air and you can enjoy your meal with your families. Not just dinner, they offer other activities, games, and anything which is possible around the sky.  Check out the best hanging restaurants in India here and their pricing and availability details. 

It’s time to go to Sky restaurant for a unique experience. 

1. Flydinning (Goa)


Sky dining is currently available at very few places, and it comes with adventure and food in an unusual way. Sky dining is one of the new concepts in India that Goa has debuted at its stunning coastlines. 

Dinner at the top of the Anjuna cliff is one of the best options available for adventure and affection. This Flydinning Goa is one of the best hanging restaurants in India. The NYEX Beach Club has a crane that accommodates around 18-20 people for a 30-60 minutes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Goa Tourism is working with them to give their guests the best kind of experience. 

Price Range – Rs 2000 – Rs 8000

Meals- Lunch and Dinner

Location-  Anjuna Mapusa Road, Goa

2. Biswa Bangla Restaurant (Kolkata)


Biswa Bangla Gate is located at the entrance of the gate of the city of joy. It featured an oval-shaped hanging eatery perched at a height of 55 meters, and it is one of the most-well known hanging restaurants in India. The facade is made with tough end glasses that are laminated with silicone sheets that can withstand winds, hailstorms, and extreme heat. 

The hanging restaurant has a capacity of 72 people, and it has a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. When the Biswa Bangla gate entrance is closed to tourists, only dinner is permitted in the gallery. 

Price Range- Rs 760- Rs 1900

Meals-  Lunch, Dinner

Location- Biswa Bangla Sarani, Kolkata

3. Flydinning  (Noida)


If you are in Delhi NCR and looking for some adventure while dining, then the Flydinning Noida is the best option that you can choose. You fed food at the height of 160 feet above ground level. Your table seats up to 24 people, and as you ascend higher in the sky, you will be able to see GIP Mall, Worlds of Wonder, and the rest of the building surrounded by Galleria Mall Noida. 

It will give you one of the rare dining experiences with all the safety measures, and the safety belts have been checked three times after they have been seated. It is one of the best hanging restaurants in India, which is available in Delhi NCR. 

Price Range- Rs 2499- Rs 2999

Meals-  Dinner

Location- Galleria Mall, Noida 

4. Hanging Restaurant (Bangalore)


Bangalore is the very first city in the country that brings the concept of a Hanging restaurant. Bangalore is the IT capital of India, and it has one of the best fly dining restaurants known as “Dine in the sky”. This city fly dining not only serves food but also has a stunning view of Nagawara Lake and Manyata Park. 

This restaurant is for those not looking for an ordinary dining experience. This fresh dining experience has a  seating arrangement that is scientifically designed, and all safety precautions are taken. This sky dining restaurant can accommodate 22 guests and 4-5 restaurant staff members, including chefs and waiters. 

Price Range-  Rs 10,000- Rs 15,000

Meals- Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Coffee

Location-  Bangalore 

5. Sky Dining (Gujarat)


It is impossible if we are talking about something unique and Gujarat is not there. The Sky Dining at Rajkot is one of the best hanging restaurants in India. It is one of the best, not ordinary, dinner experiences that you can have with your family. 

At the height of 50 meters, they offer all the best cuisine at the table, games, press conferences, and more. They have a seating arrangement of 16-22 people at one time. 

Price-  Rs 5000-Rs 15000

Meals- Dinner

Location- Rajkot (Gujarat)

This is all about India's 5 best hanging restaurants, and Banglore is the first to start this in India. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should try with your family. 

Check out the nearby hanging restaurant and enjoy the unique experience.