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11 interesting facts about cell phones .. you won’t believe the 10th point..

Smartphones are like a leach to our soul. We can't live without them but do you know these interesting facts about them?

1. Nearly 70 out of every 100 mobile phones are made in China..



2. The average person use his/her mobile minimum 120 times each day, which means 2 times in every hour. Can't wait even now hmm??



3. 99.1% of all smartphone are malware friendly. Malware hates when Apple iOS steps in cheeky



4. According to a survey you may not have a toilet but you will have a mobile. So you have more call station than pee-pee station. 



5. 1,00,000 mobile phones accidently slips in toilets in Britain every year. More than $300 million in flush. 



6. Nokia 1100 has been awarded as the top electronics device history. ( more than 25,00,000,00 devices sold till date)


7.  Can't stay away from your phone? In that case you might be suffering from “Nomophobia” 



8. People use smartphones even in bathroom and shovers in Japan so 90% of the smartphones are made as waterproof.



9. You have clean clothes? Well you may want to clean your smartphone now as they have eighteen times more bacteria than handles of the toilets. 



10. Smart phones which we use or which you are using right now has more computing power than the supercomputers used for Apollo 11 mission of Moon.



11.  DynaTAC was the first portable pone ever made and it had 30 minutes of battery life with weight over 1 KG.


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