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10 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil


Words like aromatherapy and essential oils have always evoked curiosity in people at least once in their lives. The picture sounds so soothing and relaxing to our brain that we like to imagine how it would feel when we are in the middle of it. This blog will talk about one of the most popular ingredients used in such practices: Lavender Essential Oil.

We will discuss the history of the plant and its properties that made it so famous across the world. Please read this blog to figure out how to include Lavender and its essential oil in your life for a better quality of inner and outer beauty.

Where does Lavender come from?

Existing for 2,500 years now, Lavender is a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family. Its mesmerizing beauty, exquisite fragrance, and multiple uses made it so famous that people either know about it or are fascinated by it.

Believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region, the middle east, and India, the cultivation of Lavender has now spread out in countries like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America. So, it is now grown in the countries of its origin and the other mentioned countries too so that people could put it to better use, which we shall discuss in the later article.

In ancient times, Greeks used to call it nardus after the Syrian city of Naarada, where it was used as a holy herb to prepare the Holy Essence. Besides this, the Romans used it to scent their baths, beds, clothes, and hair, where it derived its name ‘Lavender’ from the Latin word ‘lavare,’ which means ‘to wash.’


Eventually, after using it as a scent for almost everything, the Romans discovered that it also possessed medicinal properties. That is where the world came to know what a fantastic flower Lavender is. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also used in cosmetics, disinfectants, scents, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and even for aromatherapy.

“Please note that we can not use essential oils on their own; instead, carrier oils are required to dilute them so that we can put them on our skin or hair. So, whenever you decide to use it, either ensure to get carrier oil with essential oil, or you can directly purchase the dilute version available at various websites.”

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Dried lavender with a bottle of essential oil isolated on white background.

There are so many benefits of Lavender oil that it offers, which you can use to cure simple day-to-day life issues such as stomach ache, acne, and other minor bruises and cuts. Here we mention ten Lavender oil health benefits that you can incorporate into your daily life.
Anti-inflammatory: Lavender essential oil can be used to relieve pain such as headaches, period pains, sprains, strains, cold, flu, and many more unbearable pains that can either be short-term or long.

So, if there is a throbbing pain in your body, you go Lavender up.
Antifungal: In case there is a fungus infection at any place of your body, which can be anything from athlete’s foot, candidiasis (thrush), ringworm, and even cryptococcal meningitis, Lavender essential oil is proven to be effective on it.

Is Lavender oil good for anxiety?



Depression is a vast term, and no one can explain it in two sentences. However, if you think you are a victim of the same and life is being hard on you, you can try putting some Lavender essential oil on your forehead for instant relief. 



Open wounds are the magnet for microorganisms, and antiseptic medicines are the only thing that can control them. If you wish to give something organic a shot, then Lavender essential oil with excellent antiseptic properties will not disappoint you.



If we say Lavender essential oil has antiseptic properties, then there are high chances of it having antibacterial properties. Yes, you can use it as an antibiotic and help your body prevent the reproduction and spreading of bacteria.



You can also straighten up your bowel movements with the help of Lavender. If the essential oil does not suit you, you can go for Lavender tea, which will soothe any pain, cramp, or spasm in your tummy within minutes. Not only in pain, but you can also drink Lavender tea even for detoxification purposes or to fix low blood pressure issues.

Sedative effects


 We mentioned before that you could use Lavender essential oil as an antidepressant, but it also helps with your insomnia. Due to its sedative properties, you can use it to cure your sleeping issues and achieve sound sleep. Use an essential oil diffuser to infuse Lavender oil in the air before you hit the bed. It will help you get drowsy soon and have a relaxing sleep.

Acne Breakout


Since Lavender essential oil has antibacterial, you can very well put it on your face regularly to fight acne-causing bacteria. It means that regular use of this oil shall kick acne out of your face forever and bring out the most desired change in your life.

Is Lavender good for lips?

Absolutely. The hydrating properties of this oil make it a fantastic cure for chapped lips.

Hair Growth


Does Lavender oil regrow hair? Absolutely. Lavender is not limited to the skin; instead, there are many benefits of Lavender oil in hair. In case you are looking for hair growth or a cure to extensive hair fall, then you have found your cure. Use Lavender essential oil to massage your scalp and see the visible difference in hair density and length.



Let us talk about the thing we began with: Aromatherapy. Since we mentioned so many different properties that Lavender essential oil possesses, it is cherished in the aromatherapy world, where it is infused in the air and put to topical application. It ensures that its healing powers and properties are sent to the person getting in contact with it.

What else is Lavender used for?

The sweet smell of Lavender forced the cosmetic industry to put it in various make-up, skincare products, perfumes, and so much more. People even like to spray its aroma in their houses with the help of room fresheners of the same smell. We can even find the scent in detergents, fabric softeners, bath salts, and many other things used in our day-to-day routine.


Lavender has also made its space in the culinary world where chefs like to infuse its aroma in various sweet dishes and use its flowers to bring colors into their food. However, Lavender oil is not used in cooking but the flower itself. So, if you are planning to give it a shot, ensure to go for the flower and not the oil, as it does not suit everyone’s stomach.


It is mainly used for its floral, slightly sweet, and elegant flavor added to salads, soups, meat and seafood dishes, desserts, cheeses, baked goods, and other confectionery. It indeed changes your feelings towards these said foods with its announcing and yet mild fragrance.

Is Lavender oil good for pregnancy?

If you are in your second or third trimester, it is safe to use Lavender Oil. You can use it in your diffuser so that it can infuse its calming properties in your atmosphere that you can inhale to keep yourself relaxed. You can also use it at night to facilitate a sound sleep which is essential when you have a baby growing inside.


You might have heard about Lavender or even seen its pictures, but if you did not give it a shot, then knowledge is in vain. In a world full of artificial things, let us bring the goodness of essential oils in your skin, hair, and body, and make everything better.