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Xbox One to be launched in India TODAY!!!

Microsoft will unveil its latest Xbox One today. The high performing device is available on Amazon India at a price range of dashing Rs 39,990 to Rs45,990.

image courtesy : igyaan.in

Whats new this time

This time, Microsoft has emphasized and upgraded the graphic experience and performance. Compared to its predecessor, Xbox One will be much more detailed oriented, having a bigger console, a ‘cool’ look, a heavy workout machine dedicated to a sole purpose of gaming with heart and soul. It has introduced a new feature, Kinect, a  which it thought would be the cyclone in the gaming valley. The reviews are not what Microsoft thought would be. Xbox One allows you to talk on skype or watch TV while playing games simultaneously. Well, I do not see any logic behind this.

What will be the price

A far too much features, smooth multitasking, and a broad gaming console. All this is priced at Rs 39,990 (bundled with Kinect) and other version is priced at Rs 45,990 (bundled with Kinect motion detect). You can also avail the exclusive special offer for last day worth Rs 6000 if you order now which comprises of Amazon Gift Card worth Rs 2000, a coupon code for Rs 2000 off on the purchase of 2 Blu-ray Movies and Rs 2000 off on Microsoft Xbox One Controller.

Where can we get it

With an exclusive tie-up with Amazon.com, Microsoft has launched its Xbox One on Amazon.in where people can pre-order their Xbox one and Amazon will start shipping the products from tomorrow onwards.
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With Xbox One you will get Xbox One Console, Kinect (In Kinect Bundle only), Xbox One Wireless Controller, Xbox One Chat Headset, High Speed HDMI Cable, 500GB Hard Drive, 2 AA Batteries, Power Supply, and AC Power Cord, with 14 Day Xbox Live Gold Trial Card.

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