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Why the Online Casino Coverage in India is the Best it’s Ever Been


There has been a real surge in the number of people playing online casino games in India over the past decade. If you take a look at the service on offer right now compared to what was available a decade ago, you will quickly see why.

Big international gambling companies have invested heavily in their services, ensuring they have something that is tailor made for the people of India. Not only that, but the number of companies getting involved has also seen a sharp rise. If you want to play online 3 Patti for real money then you have many options to choose from, such is the quality of the service on offer.

But why is this?

The Focus on the Indian Market

Big international gambling companies control worldwide gambling. They have specific focus areas where they believe they can make a lot of money, and many have realised over the past decade that India is one of those.

When a company focuses on a specific area, they try to bring local elements into their service, which is what we are seeing now. Companies accept Rupees, some even have the Hindi language on offer if you don’t want the site in English.

When it comes to using other companies to aid your gambling, such as when making a payment, they offer local options like Paytm and PhonePE. This all gives Indians something they are familiar with, even though the company they are gambling with has no headquarters in India, and is based elsewhere, usually in Europe.

We are also seeing some big bonuses out there for Indian customers. Similar to when you are shopping online, and you use Indian coupon codes to get a good deal, welcome offers are available for new players who want to gamble.

Companies use offers to get you making your first purchase, or in the gambling world, making a deposit and placing some bets. They are happy to offer these and even take a hit on the initial transaction you make, because they want to turn you into a long-term customer.
It is a classic marketing tactic used across a number of different retail sectors, and something that we have seen with gambling in other countries for many years. Now India is seeing it, and that will only mean that the push to attract more gamblers will continue.

What Will the Future Look Like?

The future of gambling in India appears to be very strong. Anyone thinking of joining in right now has a wonderful range of casinos, sports betting sites and more to look at. On top of this, the actual service feels very local, even though it is from a company on the other side of the world.

This touch put people off in the past, but now that is no longer the case. With local payment options, Rupees, the Hindi language and much more, gambling sites are doing a lot for Indian players, and it is really paying off for them.