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Indian Whatsapp, Hike is actually a step ahead than Whatsapp in all aspects.. See what makes Hike a better messenger..

I have been an avid user of whatsapp for about a year and a half and enjoyed the awesome platform it provides. But nearly a month ago my friend Geetika asked me to come on Hike and she vanished from Whatsapp. I found it strange and absurd, I mean how can you leave whatsapp.

Well I also downloaded Hike just to see what it is and found nearly half of my friends on it. I used it and it was way more than what I could have thought. 

Whats the difference?


For starters like, it holds a lot of expressive emoticons. And they fit the need of every expression, reaction and action.

They say Whatsapp is better in experience!!


Ask those who have used Hike, see the problem is that Hike is an Indian messenger and which brings a stereotype of its not being quality driven (its prevailing in Indians only). Its awesome to use Hike.

Whatsapp is cheap and free.. Really?


Whom would you want to side? An app charging a dollar or an app providing mobile recharge of a few bucks (get recharge on your network while referring a friend on Hike).

"You have Whasapp, I have Whatsapp lets chat" VS "You have Hike, I don't have hike, lets chat"


Hike user is given 100 free SMS each month So just text it dude.. doesn't matter if your friend doesn't have Hike messenger.

Hey yo! its not just fun & texting

3 (6)

Only pics & vids with Whatsapp. Pics, vids, .ppt, .docx, .pdf etc with Hike. A pinch of knowledge sharing is always needed. 

Say no to Chat peeking with Hike…


In Whatsapp, chat logs are encrypted, but extracting conversations from them is easy whereas Hike Messenger has an option of 128 bit SSL encryption inside settings->privacy. This means that comparatively, chats are safe with Hike (too techie).

Chat Themes for Conversations


Hike lets you have customized themes for each conversation that is visible to both the end users. 

And at last,

Most updated VS most popular


Hike has already been equipped with the features which Whatsapp is launching now.
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So what is the difference? why Whatsapp has a lot of mouths to feed. Hike is afterall from a country which produces the finest IT professionals which serves as the backbone of these popular apps.

Have a look at this video.. 

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