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7 Magical Underwater Restaurants that will Blow your Mind!!

 Underwater Restaurants

Have you ever experience the majestic beauty of underwater aquatic life? If no, then how about spending your next vacation in an underwater hotel amid in color, life, and beauty? It’s an absolute delight to spend some time in such a serenity. This is the reason, from east to west, the craze for indulging in these unique eateries, nightclubs, and bars is huge. So, let’s find out some of these hotels which will surely work as a therapy for your mind and soul.

  • SEA, Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort, Maldives

Anantara Kihavah villas resort

So how many of us have the fantasy of exploring the underwater world of Indian ocean? If you are one of them, then Anantara Kihavah villas, located on one of the most pristine islands of Maldives is for you. The place is a beautiful combination of corals, turquoise waters, and a glorious sunset that unfold before your eyes in different ways.

  • Cargo Hold Restaurant, Durban, South Africa

Underwater Restaurants

What’s so special in Africa? The subtropical climate or the pretty beaches? Well, it’s none when compared to the spectacular experience of dining with sharks. This riveting experience is offered in cargo restaurant, which is famous for its unique and sophisticated ambiance.  Plus, with a superb view of ocean and shark tank, the experience is truly magical and worth trying.

  • The Poseidon Sea Resort, Fiji

underwater Restaurants

It’s a very popular resort for those who seek a different kind of experience. The entire resort is surrounded by water lagoons and various activities abound for adventurers. The charm of this place is unimaginable and you have to really visit to see it. The rooms are very expensive and the cost of a room for a single night is approx to $15,000 per night. However, given the experience of this magical place, it is worth experiencing.

  • Al Mahara, Dubai

Underwater Restaurants

Al Mahara, an Arabic word which is also known as “oyster shell” is simply too beautiful to pass. The restaurant is surrounded by glass from ceiling to floor that allows you to explore the colorful sea and its aquatic life form vividly. If you are here, you just can’t miss this exotic experience and the meal prepared by the team of award-winning chefs.

  • Subsix, Maldives

 Underwater Restaurants

Subsix, an underwater space at Niyama resort is submerged six meters below the water level. Also, as its formerly the only underwater nightclub, the place has widened its remit to that of “underwater playground”. Thus, in addition to exotic dining space, the resort offer space to the guest for the weddings, midnight proposals and also offer a hosted tour with the aquatic lifeforms.

  • Guinness Deep Sea Bar, Stockholm

 Underwater Restaurants

This sea bar is actually constructed under a submarine and is only one of its kind. The submarine is located in the Baltic sea in the Stockholm archipelago. The bar was created to mark the occasion of the 250th anniversary and is an absolutely riveting experience.

  • Red Sea Star, Eilat, Israel

Underwater Restaurants

This pristine underwater space is situated at the coral reefs of Eilat. The hotel is bifurcated in two sections, the one above is the metro bar which renders a beautiful sight of Gulf of Aqaba and the below is a restaurant.  In the night, the coral gardens around the restaurant are illuminated with the lights that enhance the beauty of the space without disturbing the ecosystem. Further, to give the guest an ultimate charm, every table has two windows, first at its side and second to the above.

A place with coral-like chandeliers, aquatic toned mood lighting, and clam shaped bar is something we all desire to visit. If you always dream to dinner at such a place, these resorts are a perfect option to win the chance. You can find direct flights to the places and then head for these majestic destinations. To get a discount on tickets visit Goomo and get a super saving deal to anywhere and everywhere and explore the underwater beauty.