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Top Best Selling Games List of July 2014

Our Generation experienced from DOS based games with simple programming to interactive game experience. Gaming industry is investing a lots of money on games now a days. Companies Like Sony, Microsoft is investing more in order to gain monopoly in the market. Recently Gaming giants released new version of Console i.e Sony PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Xbox One which delivers gaming experience to a new level.

Best selling July games 2014

Well I am here with some top selling games list of the month of July. This month the first position holds Hacking , tracking kind of game called ” Watchdogs” developed by Ubisoft followed by EA UFC ( Now available only for PS4 & Xbox One).

If you really want to experience the vehicular combat game then you should try “Twisted Metal“exclusively by Sony. This game holds its Position at number 3. grand-theft-auto-v-400x400-imadh4c5yxzycgug
Now Comes my Most favorite game ” GTA V” developed by Rockstar Games. If you want to experience the Corruption, superficiality, Democracy then must go for it. This time Rockstar worked on its cover system & Design as comparable to GTA 4.

That’s all for this this month Gamer!! Don’t Forget to check the Best seller for the Month of August 2014 Next Month.

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