Top 5 Sites to book movie tickets online

online movie booking
Weekend, popcorn, cold drinks, snacks and ‘masala’ on screen. We have bought you a list of 10 best sites where you can book your movie tickets. The sites are based totally on the dedication of movies. Though they also sell concert, events etc tickets as well but our ranking is based on the popularity of these websites for their online ticket booking.

5) ticketplease.com

This is a website dedicated for providing online movie ticket in over 20 states. THaving tied up with many of the leading multiplexes along with several single screen small theatres across India,ticketplease.com provides access to movies at any theatre online.
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4) fastticket.in

This ticket booking portal gives a brilliant user friendly platform to book tickets of not only the movies but also to various concerts, flights, holidays etc.
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3) kyazoonga.com

Along with movie tickets and it is also famous for other things like merchandising. It was established in 2007 and since then saw an upward graph in its growth. Kyazoonga.com is much preferred by its users due to its great service.
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2) ticketnew.com

It is a well managed, easy to search, very simple to operate online ticket booking site. It amass a large audience due to its very dedicated services and simple user interface. Its parent company is Orbgen Technologies which has outreached it to a large number of audience while offering their services in over 20 states across India.
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1) bookmyshow.com

With average 10 million visits and nearly 2 lac fans on Facebook, bookmyshow.com is the leading online movie booking website in India. The service is unbeatable. The best thing about using it is the simplicity and ease with which a person can book the tickets online. It has partnered with more than 300 cinemas and over 1500 screens to provide ‘anytime-anywhere’ booking.
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If you have any further suggestions regarding this list then you are most welcome to share them.

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