Top 10 countries in world with nearly no crimes at all

Imagine a world full of development, prosperity, harmony and peace; sounds impossible right? Well there are actually a handful of countries in the world enjoying the status of nearly no crime. Crime do not come from lack of police control but it comes from the unemployment and


An Island country located in eastern Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, have a very low crime rate which has led tourists flooding into this peaceful country. Don’t be surprised if you find houses with doors unlocked.




Beauty doesn’t reside in the visualization of the scenery a particular landscape have but it resides in the peace and harmony the land can provide to the people living in it. Same is with Denmark where the murder rate is as low as .1 per 1000 people making it one of the safest place to live on earth.




Hearts of people are warm and the crime rate is cold in Iceland. With only 700 policemen, Iceland is a glimpse of an Utopian world. As a matter of fact, the policemen are not allowed to carry a gun with them as they have no need of it. The whole country have around 200 prisoners in some petty cases who are allowed to visit there families periodically



Hong Kong

It has topped other wealthy nations of the world not in terms of GDP but in terms of being a country where even small thefts are dormant and rarely reported. It have a rate of  0.2 homicides/100 thousand of its population.

hong Kong



With over 300 hundred police officers per 100,000 citizens, Ireland have a very low crime rate. Filled with beauty, this country experience a .30 homicides/1000 citizens.




Japan has suffered many things from Hiroshima/Nagasaki to frequent earthquakes and other natural threats but still it has shown a brilliant efficiency in controlling crime. The crime rates resulting in death is below 0.4/100000 people. The country has grown with an unprecedented growth rate and it is considered as one of the safest country to live on in Asia.




With approximately zero crime, Luxembourg is one of the happiest country on the world. Small in area though, this country has proved itself to be the heaven for those who are seeking peace in their life.




With around 2000 police officers monitoring every 100,000 citizens, Bahrain has emerged as a country with a very high stronghold on the crimes. The tight rules and strict policies let law-abiding citizens live in peace.

Four Seasons Bahrain, perspective



Arguably the safest country in Asia to live in, Singapore has controlled the crime rates by its strict rules and regulations. The country develops in every dimensions except in crime.




Considered as a perfect destination for tourists seeking the pleasant beauty of nature apart from Kashmir, Switzerland is considered one of the most safe country to live in. Surprisingly, half of the crimes are committed by the foreigners.



We heartly hope to see India in the list.

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