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Things people should NOT do while travelling

Advendure, dramatic change of 'hawa pani' and loads of fun. This is what traveling is, more or less. You can always plan your travel and as most people do, in the cheapest way possible. But there is more than planning and saving money.

Today we will discuss few things which you should NEVER do while traveling.

Never go Extreme without professional guidance


People love to test their limits, and it is good but without professional or experienced guidance it is just a dumb step. Risking your life for a thrilling adventure rush is of absolutely no sense whereas risking your life with a person who know how to react in case of problems is of course a daredevil stuff.

Do not give charity, instead feed hungry


People take pity on children or adults who are begging for money. Well, they are begging it from other tourists too. Hence instead of giving them charity offer them food or at least a biscuit packet. And in case, for food, if they say no, then you should go.

Never go out alone to try out new places at night.


You do not know the place or people of a particular area so as a precaution it is better to stay at your motel/hotel instead of getting 'in the soul of the city'. Tourists who are alone are very easy hunt for non-social people and they may hurt you.

Never go without a backup plan


If in case you lost your passport/cash/credit-card/debit-card/mobile etc then how would you manage. The best way is to always have all the documents scanned and uploaded on your mail box. So in case if a proof is needed then you could have a backup or supporting documents. Also for money, always carry an emergency purse because it may happen that your cards stop working in the time of need (happened to me once, read more here).

Never take unconditional help


"He/she is very good, people have helping nature here. He/she is guiding me to every place and offered me with a free tour,, such a nice person". Just think, do you have time to guide anyone or share your food with a complete stranger or leave your daily activity so that an you can roam around for a whole day with an unknown tourist? Then beware, its simple.


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