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Wonder what it feels to fly over Dubai..? Have a look..


Dubai is a Saudi Heaven with beautiful architecture, buildings kissing the blue sky with white foam and flying men. Yes apparently dubai have that too, with Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet who build the Jetman Dubai jetpack athlete team. Though being from different areas and expertise and different professions, share a same passion, flying. Although to take this incredible flight, they need to take jump from an aircraft but once in air, they can fly for upto 15 minutes with a speed of 200kmph to 300kmph.


They are indeed the superman of Dubai. Have a look at their incredible video. 


It is more or less like a dream come true, if you look through the eyes of a company, this is the future of tourism and adventure sports! 
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World’s Best Guitar Player plays like he is a fool but suddenly gives a shock.


Amin Toofani at Harvard shows his jaw dropping skills with guitar. See yourself to believe it. He made this song 'gratitude' which features his journey as a student. For a student of the most prestigious institute (Harvard University) of the world he is arguably the World's Best Guitar Player .. He first plays like he an amateur and suddenly gives a shock.

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Forget about Avengers, India is coming with Scavengers


Its the era of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and many more. But many of us don't know about the golden era of Indian Comics. No one knew about these Marvel or DC comics SuperHeroes as 1990's were occupied by Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Doga, Shaktiman, Chacha, Kobi, and many more. 

This amazingly hilarious video is preesented by Screen Patti where all the forgotten legends once again re-unite to discuss about their new collaboration, THE SCAVENGERS. Have a look at the hilarious video : 


As a matter of fact, there has been an official announcement about the Superhero Movie 'Doga' which will be on-screens next years. it will be directed by Anurag Kashyap. 


Tom cruise is back with Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation



Tom Cruise is back! And he is back with a bang. This time the bang is much awaited Mission Impossible 5 which is said to be the most exiting and bone-chilling movie of the series. 


The story would be based on IMF agent Ethan Hunt. In this movie an anti-IMF organization 'The Syndicate' is on move to eliminate IMF and the agents associated with it. Their prime target is the best agent of IMF i.e Ethan. The movie is about survival of the fittest. Lets see if brilliant Ethan can stand against the highly trained organization of rogue assassins. The movie is directed by Christopher McQuarrie and written by Drew Pearce.


Rogue Nation is in fact a fifth installment to the Mission Impossible series and it is produced by Tom Cruise himself. The stunt on the plane by Tom is considered as the most daring stunt till now by him. The last installment M.I.-Ghost Protocol was released 4 years ago in 2011. In August 21, 2014 in Vienna, Austria, its Filming began and the final shot was taken on March 12, 2015.

The film will be released by Paramount Pictures on July 31, 2015.



Presenting the exclusive compilation of the best Snapdeal.com T.V. ads till date..

This is an exclusive compilation of all the T.V. ads by Snapdeal.com Have a look!


1. Rajnikanth is GOD! cheeky.

2. Snapdeal walkers, Yamdude Ads series

3. Hospital TV ad : Yamdude

4. Snapdeal Hell : Yamdude

5. Snapdeal Lip service

6. Run Lady Run

7. Krishna : Extra Saving

8. Alok Nath : Sanskar later, saving first

9. Snapdeal Salebration

10. And finally the Dil ki Deal

The motive of Snapdeal Ads is to touch the hearts of its buyers. And as a matter of fact they actually do. So keep shopping on Snapdeal.com and keep looking for exclusive deals on FreeKaaMaal.com

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook acquires video streaming company Quickfire, wish to improve video buffering experience

Social Media giant Facebook recently added a video streaming company Quickfire in to its cart. Now the payment has been done and Quickfire has been ‘Mark’ed’ wink

Mark Zuckerberg

What is QuickFire?
Well most people already use this brilliant website as a tool to quench their love of watching videos. Quickfire has the technology of converting video formats. The most fascinating feature is that it allows high quality videos to stream in less bandwidth.


The amount paid was not disclosed but looking at the love of Facebook towards its market share, it should be big. Anyways the confirmation was made through an official statement via Quickfire on their website stating :

“As part of this, some key members of our team will be joining Facebook and we will wind down our business operations,”

Video streaming and uploading has increased drastically on Facebook. In September, 2015 it gave the stats that pageviews are increasing by 50% with average 1 billion video views on Facebook each day between June, 2014 and September, 2014.

The benefit would be directly to the users as they will be experiencing a faultless video experience. Facebook has been a platform to meet, know and share thoughts and experiences among each other and Facebook is emphasizing to make the experience better and smoother. Great going Facebook. 

image image source

amazon prime air

Have a look at Amazon’s latest drone system “Amazon Prime Air” for delivery!!

prime 30 min delivery

Amazon is in fact the pioneer in ecommerce, not just in delivery but in the innovation pertaining to the online retail too. Here is an example of how Amazon is developing new techniques to make it delivery system more fast, effective & user friendly. Have a look at "Amazon Prime Air".

The drone over here takes the order and track down the address and deliver the package to the destination. Smooth & Simple!

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Screenshot 3

Redbull made a video and it is a brilliant .. Have a look where experts show their real talent

Screenshot 3

It would be a delight to see champions coming together to create a perfect precipitate of awesomeness of their talent. Redbull has compiled talent of experts like Sean Maccormac, Rickie Fowler, Lolo Jones and many more to create this exclusive video "The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge". It start with wings and end with it..




Learn How to crash your friends Whatsapp while sitting at home


Two brilliant Indian research students Indrajeet Bhuyan and Saurav Kar, have demonstrated that you can crash your recipient's whatsapp by sending a message with just 2,000 special character.


 What actually happens is that Whatsapp in its coding presumes that a message will contain less than 2000 special characters. But as a matter of fact, 2000+ character weigh more than 2KB of data crashing the recipient's whatsapp.

The recipient have to delete the entire conversation otherwise the app will keep on closing by itself (as shown in the video). This could be a bad joke for your friends but if you wish to delete your entire conversation with an annoying person, just send him something special in his/her textbox wink

If you have Whatsapp version '2.11.431 and 2.11.432' then this may affect you. Also this whole thing seems effective with Android versions up to 4.4.

Kindly note that it was first reported by 'The Hacker News'.