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Why year 2014 was so special for Indian Ecommerce Industry..

The day is about to get over and soon we will be entering in 2015. We have seen a lot of ups and downs in Indian Ecommerce market. Lets have a look as in what were the Hiroshima & Nagasaki’s of online shopping this year. 

We Saw a lot of Price war online


A fight to establish dominion over the market. It was a hardcore effort to grab as much as customers as needed.

Funding for Flipkart

salman-khan-shirtless-in-ready-2011_1415105675Funding gave Flipkart a few Million dollar abs wink.. time to hit Amazon & Snapdeal

Online Wedding shopping

insta_1414494491 (1)

Indian Ecommerce Industry understood the season’s demand of marriage and hence ‘Sehra & lehnga’ went online.

Everyone was dancing at GOSF 2014

laughing-1-t-series_1414411302Rs 299 store was a delight!! Read “Top 10 reasons why GOSF 2014 is the best destination for online shopping”

A bit of fall for Big Billion Day!


We all waited for Flipkart’s much awaited Big Billion Day but it turned out not as good as it was expected. Read Big Billion Day of Flipkart.. An exclusive event or an Hoax ?!!!!?

Amazon.in got straight $2 Billion as funding

perfect_landingIt was the perfect timing to hit the Indian Ecommerce market

Women Empowerment!


The shopping ratio of Women to men improved!! Also stores understood the potential and started promoting more women oriented products online.

We were serving our visitors with a lot of energy day and night just to provide them best deals online. And now our new year resolution is to work for our visitors with more passion dedication and attention. Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal.com 


13 (2)

Read how $700 million funding of Flipkart will help customers.. There may be many streams of this river of money..

Flipkart has got a funding of $700 million. It is astonishing and has increased the value of Flipkart by many folds. But the main question is that as in how it would help Indian customers in their shopping experience

1. Bye Bye to Technical Glitches

We don't want technical problem like that of in 'Big Billion Sale

13 (2)


2. Wave of Deals and coupons

But obvious!!



4. Better Delivery system
We are likely to face an error free awesome delivery system.



5. Customer Support

A better customer support dedicated to solve our query.05


6. Exclusive launches will increase
Well!! time will say.. Lets hope so. cheeky



7. More number of products to sell

More products for more customers..



8. More annoying ads on TV angry

Well this is infact true..afterall they got money to promote themselves 



Whatever amount Flipkart raises, it should be of a direct benefit to the customers. After all in the market of Retail, customer is God.

Stay Sharp & Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal.com

Read "Flipkart gained $700 million investment, planning to beat the competition from Amazon & Snapdeal..Qatar Investment Authority is the biggest investor this time."


Flipkart gained $700 million investment, planning to beat the competition from Amazon & Snapdeal..Qatar Investment Authority is the biggest investor this time.


Let's start with the company's statement first.

Flipkart, India's largest e-commerce marketplace, today announced a US $ 700 million investment with new investors: Baillie Gifford, Greenoaks Capital, Steadview Capital, T. Rowe Price Associates and Qatar Investment Authority, along with existing investors: DST Global, GIC, ICONIQ Capital and Tiger Global, who also participated in this latest financing round. As with previous funds raised, these funds will be used towards long-term strategic investments in India and to build a world-class technology company, delivering superior customer experiences. 

Flipkart Limited (incorporated at Singapore) has filed with ACRA Singapore for conversion to a Public Company. This is a mandatory procedure for all companies where the number of shareholders exceeds 50.

This filing ensures we are in compliance with the laws of Singapore and is in no way indicative of any upcoming IPO or of any corporate activity that the company is engaged in either in Singapore or any other part of the world.

Flipkart in another round of funding has raised a $700 million in funding. This time old investors like DST Global, GIC, ICONIQ Capital and Tiger Global also participated but Qatar Investment Authority was the leaper in the race with a whooping $150 million. Raising the company valuation to $11 Billion.

The emerging market of Indian ecommerce has shown a significant interest of shareholders like Greenoaks Capital, Steadview Capital and T Rowe PriceAssociates etc which participated in this latest financing round.


Flipkart is projecting a revenue of $4 Billion in the coming year and hence is focusing to gain a upperhand with investments. Snapdeal recently gained approximate. $650 million from Softbank which have raised the value Snapdeal to $2 billion. 

In the statement issued by the company, Flipkart has filed with ACRA Singapore for conversion to a public company. (Singapore Law states that it is mandatory to go public after having 50+ members of shareholders)  

To maintain the trust of all, the company released an statement claiming,

“This filing ensures we are in compliance with the laws of Singapore and is in no way indicative of any upcoming IPO or of any corporate activity that the company is engaged in either in Singapore or any other part of the world.” 

The Benefits of the funding

The funding is to give the company an upper hand over its competitors like Amazon, Snapdeal etc. It is also an act of display of confidence of investors in ecommerce market in India, making Flipkart as the focal point. It has also raised interest of world in the Indian ecommerce market. Also Flipkart may introduce this money in upgrading its technical branch so as to handle problems like "Big Billion Day technical Glitch".

Ramifications of this funding*

The funding has increased the valuation of the company, however it could be termed as a management hubris as functionality of the major decision of the company would now be goverened by the shareholders. The point I am trying to make here is that Mr. Bansal's decisions have made a strong company named as Flipkart through him & his team's decisions which will now be governed a bit in favor of the investors. 

Anyways, its brilliant to see a startup to grow so quickly.

Stay Sharp and Shop Smart.

image source source *The opinion is stated by the author, it is not of the FreeKaaMaal as an entity. 


A Zenfone below 10K, Asus Zenfone 5 Lite now available on Flipkart, priced at Rs 8,999

Asus, after decraring its mini-PC version which are about to be launched in India, has launched a brand new Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG in India. The alter-ego of Zenfone 5 is available via Flipkart for Rs 8,999. It only comes in Black color variant.


Lets have a look on its specification:

Company ASUS
Product  Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG
Display  5-inch IPS display with qHD screen resolution
Ram 1GB
Camera 8MP rear camera with LED flash, and VGA front camera
Processor 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 processor
Operating System Android 4.4 KitKat with Zen UI
Storage  8GB of expandable internal storage
other features  dual-SIM, Zenfone 5 Lite supports 3G, Wi-Fi, eCompass, Proximity Sensor,
G-Sensor, Hall & Light Sensor
Battery  2,500mAh
Price Rs 8,999

If I have to talk about the good features of the smartphone may carry then I am skeptical about what the marketing and product team were thinking while launching this version. There are 'n' number of options available to online shoppers which do, in all sense, is better than this phone. The screen is big and the battery looks better but for that why would anyone pay this much amount of money. 

We recommend that if you are an ardent follower of ASUS and have made your mind up about the smartphone, then only go for this phone. You can also have a look on the SPICE steller, Redmi Note and LAVA win1 smartphones. 

You can buy the ASUS from here


Xiaomi Redmi Note sold in yet another Flipkart flash sale, 50,000 units vanished in just 6 seconds


Redmi Note, one of the most awaited phablet of the year was launched in India yesterday and was up for sale for its registered users. Problems again prevailed as 3,00,000 people had to suppress their will of getting a Redmi Note even after sticking to their screens for an hour as instructed by Flipkart.



Flash sale is now becoming an headache for registered users who use to wait anxiously weeks just to grab this so called value-for-money device. 50,000 units were up for grabs and up to 350,000 registrations were made to grab a mere 50,000 units. This provides a 7 to 1 ratio as a probability to grab the handset.

As expected there was outrage in public and it was reflected on social media platforms. 



Anyways, registrations have started again for sale on 9th December. So we suggest you to read these tricks first "Tricks to get a Xiaomi in a flash sale" before participating in the first sale. And for Xiaomi India, we appreciate your disclosure on the number of units you are putting for the flash sale, but in accordance to the Indian customers, flash sales only produces the bad word of mouth. Hence it would be much clearer that you should make it on 'First come First serve' basis. 

Stay Sharp & Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal


Lava Iris Win1 With Windows 8.1 Launched at Rs. 4,999.. this is one of the best low priced smartphone in the market..


As a part of my regime, I have to present the hottest online shopping news .LAVA, a Noida based Indian handset manufacture will be launching Iris Win1, priced at Rs. 4,999 which will be exclusively available via Flipkart from Thursday onwards. This will be a stepping stone for the company because it is the first device by LAVA equipped with Windows 8.1 in it.

Also for those who could not grab a Xiaomi for themselves we decided to put forward an another option by comparing these two products for you. With this price tag we tried to find out whether this smartphone have an upper hand to the popular Xiaomi Redmi 1s. 

Rajiv Ahlawat, Director, Mobility, Microsoft India stated,

"Our deep engagement with local OEMs is one of the engines of growth for Windows Phone and we are proud of our partnership with Lava. With the Iris Win1, Windows Phone is now available to a whole new group of consumers in India, who are looking for innovation and value."


Below is a detailed comparision of Xiaomi and our home breed LAVA. 

  lava_iris_win1 xiaomi-redmi-1s-quad-core-16ghz-1gb-8gb-47-inch-ips-8mp-camera-dual-sim-wcdma-version-smartphone-black
Product Iris Win 1  Redmi 1s
Display  4-inch WVGA (480×800 pixels) IPS display Size 4.7 inch Material IPS display Resolution 1280 x 720
….Processor…. 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.6 Ghz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 
Operating System Windows 8.1 Android 4.2.2 OS
Camera  5MP rear autofocus camera with LED flash & BSI+ sensor, a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera Back 8MP Front 1.6MP
Storage  8GB up to 32GB  8GB up to 64GB
Battery 1950mAh 2000mAh
Other features PRS/ EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Micro-USB, Gyroscope, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, and Gconnectivity options Gyroscope, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Electronic Compass
Price Rs 4,999/- only Rs 5,999/- only 


For Iris Win1, Navin Chawla, Vice President and Head-Product, Lava International Limited said,

"We are pleased to add Iris Win1 – Windows powered device in our smartphone portfolio for consumers who are looking for Windows platform. Win1 will be exclusively launched on Flipkart. Our strong product offering coupled with Flipkart's exceptional service, we are hopeful to delight our online customers."

So the compromising factor is display other wise what we think is that there could be no homemade product better than LAVA iris Win1 in this price range. 

And yes, one more thing, according to Lava, it will come bundled with a free flip cover and a screen guard, .

So decide for your self by Staying Sharp and Shop Smart with us.                                                



Top 10 reasons why GOSF 2014 is the best destination for online shopping

GOSF is the Indian version of the great American online sale known as cyber Monday which comes just two days after the famous Black Friday sale. Google, in the time of evolution of the ecommerce Industry of India which is being ruled by Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc, found a way to throw a bumper deal and discount party for all online shopping lover which eventually became GOSF.

The first GOSF was in 2012 and since then it is growing. We have bought you the ten reason for which GOSF 2014 will be the best destination for online shoppers.

#1 The GOSF 2014 pre party saga


Even before stepping in the main event, GOSF declared about a preparty event where a lucky winner may get a free shopping of a total of Rs 2,50,000. “Read more about GOSF preparty.”

#2 Rs 299 corner


Selected branded products in the range of Rs 600-1500 will be sold at Rs 299. Are you ready for it?

#3 Digital Wall QR codes

giphy (7)

This is fabulous idea. Smartphone users can shop from QR scanner via their mobile. 

#4 Deals for all

tumblr_mba0hoDiHF1rdvztso1_500Age, gender will be no bar in the event

#5 Deals from all

giphy (4)

100s of participant will shower discount & deals on you

#6 Categories


The GOSF 2014 have about 23 categories in total, with nearly 80 sub-categories

#7 Hundreds of retailers together for the first time

tumblr_mij3rmHOoM1s6vpuwo1_500 (1)

That is far too much to handle! cheeky

#8 No technical issues this time

tumblr_myxvw8DzRK1rkeh8to2_500Well! I won’t say anything on this.. We can just hope.

#9 The time is prime

giphy (1)

Things will be brilliant for 3 days only. Make sure you get the best deals of what you want in the 3 day run of GOSF 2014. 

#10 Competition means low price


Divide and Rule baby!!

Well this is what market and Google claims. Lets see what would happen. And as we say,”This is good, but we give you best of the best, so keep using FreeKaaMaal.com and save money with us.” 

Get the best of the best from GOSF from HERE

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Redmi Note

50,000 units of Xiaomi Redmi Note, priced at Rs 8,999 only, are on for its first Flipkart flash sale on December 2

Redmi Note

Xiaomi India has been a blast, a new heat wave amongst all the smartphone lovers. Xiaomi redifined the concept of features and price by providing brilliant features for a lowest price possible.

Now with the release of Xiaomi handset range, the concept has took rebirth as a large range of awesome features can be packed in a glass of small price. Now just after a few days of release of iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3, Xiaomi will be erupting its new range of Phablet series, Redmi Note on December 2 on Flipkart at 02:00 P.M.

Read tips to make this Redmi Note yours : "How to grab a Xiaomi in flash flipkart sale of Xiaomi"

This time the situation has even got better as the Note will be in a huge quantity i.e. 50,000 units. 

Redmi note wale

Point to be noted smart shoppers, the 50,000 units are actually 10,000 units more than the Redmi 1S first flash sale. You have to be registered in order to be the one to grab the fabulous phablet. There is also something for first five thousand Flipkart First subscribers who register for the sale, they will get the Redmi Note added to their cart automatically (as per the company) which would enable them to purchase the Brand new Redmi Note on December 1 (one day prior to the flash sale) at 6:00PM. 

the Redmi Note flaunts . It is powered by a processor paired with 2GB of RAM. The phablet features a , and  battery. Connectivity options include , and on the software front wrapped under MIUI version 5.

Lets Have a look on what it holds:

Company Xiaomi
Model Redmi Note
Display 5.5-inch HD (1280×720 pixels) IPS display, 267ppi, Gorilla Glass 3
Camera 13MP rear camera, 5MP front
  RAM   2GB
                  Processor                   Runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean O.S. with1.7GHz Mediatek MT6592
Storage  8GB internal storage
Battery  3,100mAh
Other Features  dual-SIM card slots, 3G support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price Rs 8,999

So if you are looking for a good phablet in a better price range, we suggest you should go for it.

Register Here now to get your own Redmi Note. 


The party is on!! GOSF 2014 is in motion with its presale.. its not just free 14 minutes of shopping, Its more than that…


In our previous blog, "GOSF 2014 Pre Party Offers starting from 25th November – Enjoy Free Shopping for 14 Minutes" we talked about the gifts this presale of GOSF might hold. 

Gosf has sprung out with its pre-sale and it is more than just rumors and anticipations. It is a complete package of fun, greed & game and guess what is in return? Yes the return is discount, cashback, coupons and deals. The 'free-14' rumor of shopping for 14 minutes is true and it holds an amount of Rs 2,00,000 worth of free shopping !! 

We present you the whole GOSF 2014 presale.

The first section is "GOSF the game – play & win crazy deals"

The section consists of various categories where you can search for categories which interest you the most.

Game play

In this section you can play a game while selecting a category and then clicking on the icons during the gameplay.


After your game click on "LEARN HOW TO USE IT" it will redirect you to a page where you just have to give your mail id where you may get a link as a mail which may hold deals and a shinning new Nexus 6. 

Second section is about "Explore our GOSF partners" category. 

Here you can have a magnificent view as in who are going to participate in GOSF and in which category. Each category have a lot of sites associated with it where you can set a mail alert just by simply putting your mail id in the box.


The GOSF 2014 have about 23 categories in total, with nearly 80 sub-categories. From diapers to flight booking, from car to matrimony and from education to jobs, every thing has been covered with 22 average service providers for every category. It looks amazing as apparently it looks like that there is no category which GOSF has left. 

The most awaited category in this whole season was "14 FREE MINUTES of free Shopping"


It is about a lucky winner who can win a free shopping opportunity with GOSF. Everyday a lucky winner will get a chance to shop for 14 minutes for Rs 2,00,000 which may go up to Rs 2,50,000 and it is for free.

Every day for 14 days a brand will allow free shopping for 14 minutes. And the spree has been commenced by 'Asianpaints'.

gosf freeeeee

You just have to click on enter now and have to face a optional question. Just tick the right option and answer a simple question and submit your response.
At last you just give your mail id and wait for the opportunity. Who knows, you may be the one. So stick with us on FreeKaaMaal GOSF 2014 to get the best of the best.

flipkart doing problems

After Snapdeal its Flipkart.. See how this person was trapped in poor delivery system by Flipkart.com

flipkart doing problems
Earlier we have had seen a controversial delivery by Snapdeal where a person received a Vim bar and a brick instead of Samsung Galaxy he ordered.
A guy from Mysore, Karnataka got into shock when he found out that his parcel via Flikart.com feels too light and could be empty. He immediately made a video and posted it on his Facebook page.
Have a look. 





The reason for these kind of problems is the mismatch in updation of supply chain system and growth of large ecommerce company. 

It is very important for e-retailers like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc to make their logistics absolutely error free. More or less like the brilliant Dabba-wala delivery system of Mumbai.