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Why year 2014 was so special for Indian Ecommerce Industry..

The day is about to get over and soon we will be entering in 2015. We have seen a lot of ups and downs in Indian Ecommerce market. Lets have a look as in what were the Hiroshima & Nagasaki’s of online shopping this year. 

We Saw a lot of Price war online


A fight to establish dominion over the market. It was a hardcore effort to grab as much as customers as needed.

Funding for Flipkart

salman-khan-shirtless-in-ready-2011_1415105675Funding gave Flipkart a few Million dollar abs wink.. time to hit Amazon & Snapdeal

Online Wedding shopping

insta_1414494491 (1)

Indian Ecommerce Industry understood the season’s demand of marriage and hence ‘Sehra & lehnga’ went online.

Everyone was dancing at GOSF 2014

laughing-1-t-series_1414411302Rs 299 store was a delight!! Read “Top 10 reasons why GOSF 2014 is the best destination for online shopping”

A bit of fall for Big Billion Day!


We all waited for Flipkart’s much awaited Big Billion Day but it turned out not as good as it was expected. Read Big Billion Day of Flipkart.. An exclusive event or an Hoax ?!!!!?

Amazon.in got straight $2 Billion as funding

perfect_landingIt was the perfect timing to hit the Indian Ecommerce market

Women Empowerment!


The shopping ratio of Women to men improved!! Also stores understood the potential and started promoting more women oriented products online.

We were serving our visitors with a lot of energy day and night just to provide them best deals online. And now our new year resolution is to work for our visitors with more passion dedication and attention. Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal.com 



Micromax YU will be launched on Amazon India on December 18.. Get ready to play ‘God’


We have earlier discussed about 'Micromax Yu' (Read Here about Micromax Yu). The handset would be launched tomorrow on 18th December, 2014.
Company has sent media Invites stating : 

 “Since time travel is not an option, block your date for 18.12.2014. Play God” As mentioned above, Cyanogen has teamed up with Micromax in an exclusive tie-up where the former will only support Micromax’s forthcoming YU smartphones. In other words, the company said that it will not support “any other devices shipping to India running on Cyanogen.”

Truth to be told, Micromax is already in a law-war with OnePlus pertaining to the exclusive tie-up of Cyanogen in India. The interesting fact is that the OnePlus One was launched in India through Amazon only. surprise

Anyways Yu have been extensively promoted and is enjoying a dedicated webpage and a dedicated Facebook page with more than 100,000 likes on it. You can also visit Amazon's exclusive page for it to subscribe. 

Recent tweet from Amazon India stated the launch of the smartphone in the market. 

We must be thinking about this so called 'Play-God' stuff. Actually,as per as the company, you can create you own theme while using the smartphone. So, you will be having a smartphone which will be exactly as you want it. 

A ban on Xiaomi and OnePlus will surely put up a sense of confidence of the customers in Micromax Yu. However, no one can predict the market, as the real God of market is customer itself. 

Best of Luck 'Yu'.



Spice Stellar MI 520n launched exclusively on Amazon India, priced at Rs 6,999.. it’s a great package, indeed..

Its not christopher nolan's interstellar but it is a brilliant interconnecting smartphone Steller MI 520n from the house of SPICE. Priced at Rs 6,999, Steller, following the trend of online launches, will be sold exclusively on Amazon India.


Lets have a look what it holds below the shine:

Company Spice
Product  Stellar MI 520n
…..Product Type….. Smartphone
Display  5-inch HD IPS 1280×720 pixel resolution
Processor  1.3GHz quad-core processor
Camera  8MP rear camera, BSI Sensor and HD video recording; and a 2MP front-facing camera
Storage 8GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB
Battery 2,000mAh lithium-ion battery
Features dual-SIM, 3G support, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, pre-installed WhatsApp and Opera Mini browser
Price Rs 6,999

It is a great smartphone in this price range. So if you are looking for a value for money product then this is one of the best you can have. 

Click here to make it yours it. 
You may also like to read about Huawei Honor Holly, Lava Win1 and the Android One smartphones.



OnePlus One has been launched online in India through Amazon at Rs 21,999 only.. just put your invite and make it yours


India is emerging and with it all its markets, specially smartphone market. Smartphone manufacturers are now using Indian ecommerce companies as a platform for their Grand entry in the market. This time it is OnePlus which is out for sale on Amazonfor its latest handset 'One', but you must have an invite to buy this one. You will also receive upto 3 additional shareable invites in the next 3-6 weeks. (fusion!! surprise)

Lets see what it holds:


Product One
Display 5.5-inch full HD (1920×1080 pixels)
Processor 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor
….Operating System…. Based on Android 4.4 with CyanogenMod ROM CM11s
Camera 13-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front-facing camera
Storage  64GB internal storage
Other features 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Gyroscope, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor & Ambient light
Battery  3,100mAh 
Price Rs 21,999/- only


How will sale take place?

Like any other international online release, OnePlus is also strategizing on the simple concept of 'create a value for money handset, release the news in market, arrange some competition for customers and a demand will automatically be created.Amazon is asking for an special Invite and on basis of some random unknown algorithm nearly 20,000 lucky winners will be selected who will be eligible for the sale of 20,000 units of the first batch on Amazon India.


'launch event of OnePlus One in New Delhi. Mr. Vikas Agarwal (general manager for OnePlus One, India) in center.'

OnePlus looks very serious about India:

But the company looks very serious for its market in India as company announced that India is also the only market outside their headquarters to have a local office and team it had tied up with HCL to offer after-sales service support.

Mr. Vikas Agarwal, General Manager OnePlus, India said:

“will establish the first OnePlus presence outside of headquarters and build a fully localized team to best serve and reach the Indian community.”

Also, OnePlus has set up 25 walk-in service centres in the country which means that it plans to go to offline retailing as well. 



Top 10 reasons why GOSF 2014 is the best destination for online shopping

GOSF is the Indian version of the great American online sale known as cyber Monday which comes just two days after the famous Black Friday sale. Google, in the time of evolution of the ecommerce Industry of India which is being ruled by Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc, found a way to throw a bumper deal and discount party for all online shopping lover which eventually became GOSF.

The first GOSF was in 2012 and since then it is growing. We have bought you the ten reason for which GOSF 2014 will be the best destination for online shoppers.

#1 The GOSF 2014 pre party saga


Even before stepping in the main event, GOSF declared about a preparty event where a lucky winner may get a free shopping of a total of Rs 2,50,000. “Read more about GOSF preparty.”

#2 Rs 299 corner


Selected branded products in the range of Rs 600-1500 will be sold at Rs 299. Are you ready for it?

#3 Digital Wall QR codes

giphy (7)

This is fabulous idea. Smartphone users can shop from QR scanner via their mobile. 

#4 Deals for all

tumblr_mba0hoDiHF1rdvztso1_500Age, gender will be no bar in the event

#5 Deals from all

giphy (4)

100s of participant will shower discount & deals on you

#6 Categories


The GOSF 2014 have about 23 categories in total, with nearly 80 sub-categories

#7 Hundreds of retailers together for the first time

tumblr_mij3rmHOoM1s6vpuwo1_500 (1)

That is far too much to handle! cheeky

#8 No technical issues this time

tumblr_myxvw8DzRK1rkeh8to2_500Well! I won’t say anything on this.. We can just hope.

#9 The time is prime

giphy (1)

Things will be brilliant for 3 days only. Make sure you get the best deals of what you want in the 3 day run of GOSF 2014. 

#10 Competition means low price


Divide and Rule baby!!

Well this is what market and Google claims. Lets see what would happen. And as we say,”This is good, but we give you best of the best, so keep using FreeKaaMaal.com and save money with us.” 

Get the best of the best from GOSF from HERE

all GIF images are from source source source source


Indian Post is now bathing in money because of Flipkart, snapdeal, Amazon etc..


It has been a year, and Indian Post has been relentlessly serving COD 'Cash On Delivery' option made by Ecommerce Giant of India. 

Within a year of joining the e-commerce, India Post has transacted business of Rs 280 crore for Indian Companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, Naaptol, Telebrands Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues and Homeshop18. It is expected to increase further since GOSF 2014 is on its way.

With potential analysis of the market of online shopping, India Post started making official COD for companies like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc.In India where people trust 'ek hath le ek hath de' (Give by one hand and take by other) concept, COD has furnished out of the blue at an unprecedented level where nearly 50-75 % of orders are through this payment option.

Cash on Delivery

This exclusive behavior or tendency of people to take and pay at the same time when mixed with the most esteemed and dedicated post service of India, India Post, a combination appeared which grasp the monetary benefit of the whole e-market, benefiting Indian Post.

The reason for this huge amount of collection of India Post is because officials and employees of India Post are very much aware of the rural and semi-urban's complicated Indian addresses.

An official stated that 

“India Post collected over Rs 280 crore from consumers and gave it to e-commerce firms, since CoD facility was started in December 2013. The department with its huge network can serve as the best agency for not just delivering products, but also collecting money,” 

 Its great to hear about the upsurge of ecommerce industry, but what amaze us is the fact that how it is helping out the other dimensions of market to grow. Afterall India Post is worlds largest postal network. surprise



The party is on!! GOSF 2014 is in motion with its presale.. its not just free 14 minutes of shopping, Its more than that…


In our previous blog, "GOSF 2014 Pre Party Offers starting from 25th November – Enjoy Free Shopping for 14 Minutes" we talked about the gifts this presale of GOSF might hold. 

Gosf has sprung out with its pre-sale and it is more than just rumors and anticipations. It is a complete package of fun, greed & game and guess what is in return? Yes the return is discount, cashback, coupons and deals. The 'free-14' rumor of shopping for 14 minutes is true and it holds an amount of Rs 2,00,000 worth of free shopping !! 

We present you the whole GOSF 2014 presale.

The first section is "GOSF the game – play & win crazy deals"

The section consists of various categories where you can search for categories which interest you the most.

Game play

In this section you can play a game while selecting a category and then clicking on the icons during the gameplay.


After your game click on "LEARN HOW TO USE IT" it will redirect you to a page where you just have to give your mail id where you may get a link as a mail which may hold deals and a shinning new Nexus 6. 

Second section is about "Explore our GOSF partners" category. 

Here you can have a magnificent view as in who are going to participate in GOSF and in which category. Each category have a lot of sites associated with it where you can set a mail alert just by simply putting your mail id in the box.


The GOSF 2014 have about 23 categories in total, with nearly 80 sub-categories. From diapers to flight booking, from car to matrimony and from education to jobs, every thing has been covered with 22 average service providers for every category. It looks amazing as apparently it looks like that there is no category which GOSF has left. 

The most awaited category in this whole season was "14 FREE MINUTES of free Shopping"


It is about a lucky winner who can win a free shopping opportunity with GOSF. Everyday a lucky winner will get a chance to shop for 14 minutes for Rs 2,00,000 which may go up to Rs 2,50,000 and it is for free.

Every day for 14 days a brand will allow free shopping for 14 minutes. And the spree has been commenced by 'Asianpaints'.

gosf freeeeee

You just have to click on enter now and have to face a optional question. Just tick the right option and answer a simple question and submit your response.
At last you just give your mail id and wait for the opportunity. Who knows, you may be the one. So stick with us on FreeKaaMaal GOSF 2014 to get the best of the best.


While Indian companies were celebrating its $100 million in a day, a Giant was making a Billion in 15 minutes.


Alibaba & 40 theives could't have collected as much as wealth Alibaba company has collected in just an Hour. It is a whooping 1 Billion dollar. While Snapdeal & Flipkart were struggling to keep their servers intact for the incoming traffic, Alibaba was managing an online shopping mob.

jackma_alibaba_AlibabaAlibaba managed to cross nearly Rs 5,700 crores in 15 minutes and nealy 300 crores in just next two minutes. It was a billion dollar in sales in just 17 minutes. Alibaba honored sales of nearly $6.35 billion worth of goods through its platform. It is actually double than the total sale of Black Friday sale & Cyber Monday.

It was on The Singles’ Day in China which is just for China’s bachelors. 

November 11 is the day when all single or bachelors celebrate their lonliness because November 11 is eventually 11/11 depicting four singles. Singles’ Day sales have grown by 5800% from 2009 to 2013.

There are basically two reasons for this success.

1. It is an ecommerce company which is in B2B as well. Hence a lot of awarness and an increased audience through a bilateral multilingual dialouge word of marketing enjoys.

2. Alibaba is exclusively for the world. We too have Indiamart but that is for Indian market only and that too for B2B. If we talk about Flipkart & Snapdeal. No matter how much discout coupons, deals etc they give, due to less penetration of internet in India, a Billion dollar in a few minutes is a dream.

But its India, nothing is impossible here. Stay sharp Shop smart.



Amazon Founder CEO Jeff Bezos in Bengaluru

From head to tail.. Indian E-commerce timeline ..See the gladiators entering the arena over time..

Once upon a time, there was nothing like online shopping in India. I mean during the time of Nokia 1100, who could’ve thought about e-commerce becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Things got pace with Flipkart.com and since then online shopping in India has not turned back.

With an internet user base of about 250.2 million as of June 2014 and a $400 billion industry to tap, India is the hottest destination for online retailers.Lets have a look on the timeline of Giants emergence in the Industry.

1. Indiatimes Shopping (2000)

10462587_762699537115482_8205527259986751884_n source

Launched in year 200o, under pretegious Times Group, it operated as a marketplace model, like eBay, with sellers being allowed to sell directly on the website under their name and warranty. online shopping started here at a big level. A taste of online shopping was served here. Elegant and powerful till date.

2. Ebay.in(2005)


Launched in year 2005. This multi billion dollar company made its debut through Baazee.com and understood the potential of Indian online market.

3. Infibeam.com(2007)


Launched in year 2007, it now collects a whooping revenue of 10 billion rupees. This online portal was first in its league. The best part is that its founder sold all his asset just to start this company with no external venture capital funding.

4. Flipkart.com(2007)


Launched in year 2007, because of it, Amazon is now fighting its own employee built rival company. Flipkart.com is the dragon of online shopping in India.

5. Myntra.com(2007)Myntra-turned-6source

It was launched in year 2007 now merged with Flipkart.com to fight Amazon.in, Myntra have a brilliant tap over the customers who love fashion & variety.

6. Inkfruit.com(2007)


A ‘hatke’ site, launched in 2007 focused on trend and redefining style. It later merged with Zovi.com to compete harder with the fast growing competition in Indian Retail market.

7. Homeshop18.com(2008)


Again a 2008 product Homeshop18 has grown from Television to laptop. This portal is a unique experience in itself. The deals are so lavishing that you cant take you eyes off them. It was launched 6 years ago a a 24X7 T.V. channel selling products through Anchors. Later in 2011 it was launched as a website.

8. Snapdeal.com(2010)


Four years ago with four square growth, started as a deal and coupon site, Snapdeal soon switched to became an ecommerce portal to harnessing the power of online retailing. And now it stands as a multimillion company regulating tides of online retailing.

9. Jabong.com(2012)


It has been 2 years since its inception but the brilliant service and amazing understanding of customer needs have turned this online shopping portal into a nuclear of e-retailing in India. It majorly focus on Tier-II & Tier-III cities.

10. Amazon.in(2013)


Came in 2003 and plunged a $2 billion investment to crush the competition and grow. This is in fact the spice of worlds largest online retailer fighting in India for its dominance. 


There are hundreds of other ecommerce websites in India but we have tried to assemble the game changers of the Industry. Feel free to suggest us in case of any change you think this timeline must have.

Screenshot from 2014-10-07 16:58:28

600 crores in few hours, flipkart & snapdeal bagged nearly $100 million in a single day

Screenshot from 2014-10-07 16:58:28


Despite of all the technical glitches and a lot of upsurges in the public, both snapdeal.com & flipkart.com were able to bag 600 crores($100 million) in a single day discount event.

We got a billion hits on our site today and achieved our 24 hour sales target of $100 million in GMV (gross merchandise value) in just 10 hours, says Flipkart co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal said in a joint statement.

There has been a cold war between Amazon.in , snapdeal.com & flipkart.com to win the race of revenue collection. All of them updated with some progress in the event whereas we Amazon still tends to remain silent over the sales figures disclosure.

Snapdeal had a record breaking day of sales on October 6, 2014. We witnessed sales of over a crore rupees a minute, with lakhs of products being sold in a single day,” its Co-founder and CEO Kunal Bahl said this indicating the great success of the event.

Both the companies have a dominant position in Indian market and they tend to work on the basic rule of giving discounts to lure customers. The deals were so amazing that flipkart.com was offering Nokia 1020 at Rs 19,999 which is about 60 % less than its actual price. People enjoyed and bought a lot for themselves.

click here to read about problem faced by flipkart during the sale event.

600 crores!!! How?

The answer lies in the extensive awareness and marketing campaign both the companies run. The work was to let people know the brilliant sale they can enjoy at an unprecedented price. And so did people reacted, despite of lot of technical glitches and price problems, flipkart was able to drive 600 crores rupees in just 10 hours while snapdeal.com bagged a crore rupees per minute.

The panic

This caused a panic state in offline market as Confederation of All India Traders pleaded Commerce and Industry Ministry as

“We invoke your kind and immediate attention to ongoing sale offers conducted by various e-commerce companies since last three days…they are offering discounts from 20 percent to 70 percent, whereas traders are forced to sell same products in offline markets at a higher prices since their purchase price is on a very higher side,” National General Secretary of Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) Praveen Khandelwal said.


Anyways, as it has always been, a bargain and discounts is what we all crave for while shopping and ecommerce websites are providing that. Whatever the revenue is, the cold war is benefiting end customers only.