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Points to remember before buying a laptop for yourself

This article is a compilation of the continuous discussion in our forum and various feedback regarding the laptop and regrets people have after buying them, so make sure to at least go through these points before making a purchase next time.



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It’s basically simple, a few people buy even if their current laptop fulfill all the assignments and tasks they go through everyday, a few people do not buy even when their laptop is hindering their progress despite having budget. So we have to make sure that whether we really need a change or not.



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You have to see whether a laptop fits into your budget or not. If you need a particular laptop and if that does not fit in a budget, do not compromise with any other laptop because your lappy is not just an ordinary gadget but it is a companion for many years of your growth. Chose wisely spend wisely.



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There are three types of laptops in classification; business, educational & general. Before buying a laptop first understand your need and the type of work you will generally do on it. If it is for business purpose, search for a laptop with awesome battery backup, applications, strong networking and connectivity. If you need it for educational purposes, then a basic model would work fine which is compatible for apps. For general purposes the laptop configurations vary (for example – Gaming laptop needs a very high processor & very high RAM).



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Branding, the ultimate trust injecting factor. It is a boon to the sales of the company and creates a high revenue figure for the company. For branding companies spend a lot of amount on getting the celebrities to promote their products and services. This however compensate the money which may be injected in the R&D for the company. So, go for a brand based on the recommendation from various users. For example, Asus do not market it’s product at a scale equivalent to other laptop manufacturing companies but its laptops are much better than other laptops in the same range in terms of performance. And because of it Asus is highly recommended by users. Apple on other hand do not work on extensive marketing for its products, the brand has been built on the foundation of the technical revolution Apple’s products have bought in for the common people. We suggest not to go for the beautiful faces of celebs, go for the reviews on sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers etc.

After Sale Service

No need to say about this unspeakably important parameter. Kindly surf through the after sale service points for the product or the company before investing.

Beauty vs Performance


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You will find amazing looking well polished and highly textured laptops with a high price tags on them in comparison to a relatively not so good looking laptop in your price range. Beauty fades away but your frustration of not able to work on something would be fi you go for the better but not so good looking laptop

Buy Online, but from here…

Always buy a laptop online from the official store of the company. This will in turn help you to get amazing discount on the product and a trust factor as you have bought your product from the company itself.

Forecast your needs


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Understand your need and forecast the future assignments you may get. For example – If you are a person working in a company which is working in security domain, go for Apple. If you need for simple programming on .NET, search for a laptop with better compatibility with Microsoft’s products.

We hope that these points would help you for your next laptop :) .