10 Changes You Need To Do For A Healthier Lifestyle



A healthy lifestyle keeps you energetic and at reduced risk of diseases. Based on few choices, we can live with much more passion and zeal. Healthy lifestyle habits also aid our immune system keeping us away from life threatening diseases. Here are 10 minor lifestyle changes that you can start today.

 Start Your Day With A Glass of Water


The best way to start your day is to drink a glass of water in the morning. You can add a slice of lemon in the water. Drinking water first off in the morning flushes out the toxins in the system.

 Don’t Skip Breakfast


Many experts say your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Once you have a balanced breakfast, you are less likely to crave for snacks in the afternoon. If you are not eating the first meal of your day properly, it is better to make this change for a healthier lifestyle.

 Snack Healthy


Remove potato chips, cookies, salted nuts and other such stuff from your daily routine. And replace these with raw nuts, fresh fruits, and seeds. By doing so, you can easily cut excessive salt, sugar, and fat.

 Brisk Walking


We all know the importance of physical activity in our lives, an early walk is a way to make it a part of our lifestyle. A brisk walk in the morning activates body’s system. It helps maintain a healthy weight, and you will feel a boost in energy throughout the day.

 Get Adequate Sleep


Adequate sleep is the foundation of good health. The self-repair system body works when we are asleep. Lack of sleep also makes you feel tired and affecting your concentration. Make it a habit of sleeping for 7-8 hours everyday to get enough rest.

 Drink Enough Water



Water is essential to carry out different body functions. It carries oxygen around the body, removes wastes & much more. We need to drink enough water to carry out all these functions of our body properly.

 Skip Processed Foods



It is so easy to buy and eat processed foods. Most of these are loaded in sugar and salt. Many processed foods contain additives that are harmful to organs and bones. In comparison, fresh foods are cheaper and healthy. Once you understand how processed foods affect your body it becomes easier to make healthier choices.  It is better to avoid stuff like Microwave Popcorn, Ketchup, Granola Bars, Frozen Items Etc.

Reduce Stress


Pick up new activities like gardening, cycling, or tennis to reduce stress. Enjoy your new hobby and all of sudden you will experience a big change in life.

 Stretch in the Morning


To wake your body in the morning stretch your arms, back, legs, and neck. It will increase blood flow to the organs and prepare you for the day.

Reduce Your Screen Time


Our life is so much dependent on gadgets, these devices are useful but we end up overusing them and that has a negative impact on our life. Stop using your mobile phone one hour before going to the bed. Limiting screen time is a good way to get quality sleep and live a healthier life.

In addition, it is better to go for regular health check-ups, for early diagnosis of diseases. Use Just Relief Coupons to book health checkups online and get doorstep sample collection.

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10 Delicious Street Foods that you Must Try in Delhi

food coupons

In Delhi, you can get any type of food of your desire from street chaats to international cuisines. That is why Delhi is called paradise of foodies. If you want to enjoy the best delicacies of Delhi in an affordable price range, then street foods are your best bet.

Here is the list of 10 best street foods you can try in Delhi for a Mouth-Watering Treat :

1. Chole Bhature

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Chole bhature is originally a Punjabi dish that is loved by everyone in Delhi. The dish is a combo of fried bread made from white flour and the chana masala. The green chutney, salad or pickles are served additionally to make the dish more irresistible. To enhance your experience just order Lassi alongside with it and you will be good to go for the whole day.

2. Aloo Parantha

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As the name suggests this dish is a combo of Mashed potato and bread. So, firstly the dough is stuffed with the spiced mixture of mashed potato and rolled into a bread than cooked on a tawa (pan) with ghee. This dish is served with butter layer on top and chutney, curd or pickle to give the best flavour to taste buds. You can visit paranthe wali Gali in Chandni chowk to have a delicious treat for yourself.

 3. Aloo Tikki

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The mouthwatering combination of fried potato, spices and chutneys make a perfect snack to soothe the taste buds as this will let you enjoy different flavours with each bite.When in Delhi do try BTW’s aloo Tikki.

 4. Biryani

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Once a royal dish, biryani is now easily available in streets of Delhi.  This dish is filled with proteins and exotic spices that serve as a complete meal in itself. It is served along with raita (flavoured curd) for the best taste. If you feel like you are too lazy to step out just order your favourite biryani with biryani blues and get it delivered right at your doorstep. Use Biryani Blues coupons for special discounts.

 5. Gol Gappe

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Gol gappe is such a delight that you just can’t stop at just one. You will find a golgappa store at every corner in Delhi. If you are someone who wants a more hygienic and untouched version than try golgappas from famous outlets like Haldiram.

 6. Kachori

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At most kachori outlets you will find that they are being prepared right in front of you, that is why they are so crispy. The potato gravy and crispy kachori serve as an apt combo for foodies.

 7. Aloo Poori


Aloo Poori is a common dish that is easily available at many counters in Delhi. It is also made in many Indian homes occasionally. Do try the sooji halwa with this dish to have a complete Indian meal.

 8. Rolls

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There are many types of rolls that you can find in a street outlet like paneer role, soya chaap roll, chicken roll, veg roll etc.. They are very filling and indeed tasty.

 9. Samosa Chaat

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If you are bored with a regular samosa than try the famous samosa chaat of Delhi.The precise mix of samosa, papdi, curd, red sauce, green sauce and bhel will give a tangy, salty and sweet taste at the same time.

 10. Kulfi Faluda

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If you have tried all these spicey foods now it’s time for dessert. A kulfi faluda is chilled kulfi topped with sweet vermicelli flavoured with rose water. In Delhi, you will find kulfi faluda of many varieties.

Zomato is a website where you can look for the best restaurant near you that serves delicious street foods. Use Zomato coupons for extra discounts.

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Make this Independence Day Special for Kids

Independence day offers

Every year we celebrate Independence day on 15 August to commemorate the struggle and sacrifice of our Freedom fighters and Leaders. It was because of their constant efforts that we got our independence on 15 August 1947 from British rule. Children are the ones who are most excited about this day as they celebrate this day in schools with great eagerness. You can make some extra efforts and make this Independence day special for your little cousin, brother, sister, neighbour or your own child.

Ideas to Make this Independence Day Special for kids

1. Fancy Dress Competition

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Fancy dress is a great way to make kids aware of our heroes who suffered for our freedom. Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Sukhdev, Rani Laxmi Bai, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Bipin Chandra Pal, you can dress kids like these legends and give them some dialogues to portray their image. This will enlighten them about our fighters and continue the nation’s legacy. You can buy these dresses easily with the Independence day sale.

2. Organize a Craft Competition

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Give the kids paper, scissor, glue and decorating item and let them use their creativity to make Indian themed crafts. This will enhance their brainstorming power and increase their knowledge about our country.

3. Painting the Legends

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You can organize a drawing competition and tell the kids to draw the sketch of any freedom fighter. Give the winners trophies with “independence day winner” engraved in them. This will make a great memory for the kids when they grow up.

4. Cooking Competition

Independence day offers

Well, this obviously doesn’t involve rigorous cooking, but you can organize a sandwich making or salad making competition where kids will make something which will depict the colors of our National flag.

5. Buy Independence day Themed Clothes for them

Independence Day offers

Many online websites provide amazing Independence day offers on clothes, accessories, shoes, and even stationery items. You can buy clothes for kids with some Indian theme or in saffron, white, green colour to celebrate this day.

6. Kite Flying

Independence Day offers

Every child loves to see kites flying from their roof. Involve kids in this activity and they will have a great time watching the kites. Be extremely careful that you don’t hand over the sharp thread to the kids while the kite is flying high.

7. Rangoli

Independence Day offers

Decorate your home with a beautiful Indian themed Rangoli and tell the kids to help you make it. They will have a good time playing with the colours.

8. Folk Dance

Independence day offers

Our cultural folk dances mean more than just a dance. They light the spirit of nationalism and unite everyone. Organize a folk dance competition for kids and let them have fun while dancing.

9. Watching TV Together

Independence Day offers

There are many patriotic movies, songs, that are shown on TV during the entire independence week. Take some time out of your busy schedule and watch Patriotic movies with kids and keep clearing their doubts in between.

10. Decorate the Surroundings

Independence day offers

This day, involve the kids in house decorating with flowers, lights, and home decor items. You can plant new trees with the kids to show them the importance of a clean and green environment. Buy flags, wind chimes, pinwheels, gardening seeds etc.. You can avail the hot offers from online websites to buy these items.

You can use Flipkart coupons to avail extra discounts on your purchase for independence day themed items. Enjoy this day with the full enthusiasm and wish you all a very happy independence day.

independence day offers

10 Ways To Celebrate Independence Day this Year

independence day offers

Independence Day is a great day for all the Indians, as this is the day on which India got freedom from the British rule after years of slavery. This day always makes us remember about our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to save our motherland from the British empire.  After independence, Jawaharlal Nehru became first Indian Prime Minister on 17th of August, 1947 who raised the National Flag at Red Fort, near Lahore Gate, Delhi.

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year all over India. Students, teachers, parents, and common people come together to celebrate this day by unfurling the flag and singing the national anthem.

Have you ever thought about the ways of celebrating this Independence day in a different manner? Here is the list of 10 awesome ideas that will make your Independence day memorable.

1. Kite Flying

Independence day offers

Some people think Independence day as the holiday, but a majority of crowd wait eagerly for this day for flying kites. This is one of the most popular activities that are carried out by Delhiites, from a long time and this tradition is still continued. It is said that kite flying symbolises the spirit of freedom.

 2. Watch Patriotic Movies

Independence day offers

Watching patriotic movies on this day is always a great idea because it will let you remember the sacrifices and the efforts which our soldiers make to keep our lives safe. It let’s you realize that what this day is all about.

 3.  Rangolis

Independence day offers

Decorate your house, workplace, Schools etc with patriotic rangolis on this Independence Day. Get eco-friendly colors and celebrate this awesome day.

 4. Gift Mobiles to your Loved Ones

independence day offers

Gifts are the best ways to express your feelings to your loved ones. You can gift mobiles and say that how much you love them. Moreover, there are several Independence day offers running on latest mobiles. So, you can check out the best offers for yourself.

 5. Gathering with Family

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In our busy schedule, we get very less time to spend some quality time with our family. So, let’s take a move this Independence day. Plan a family get-together on Independence eve and share your thoughts and tell them that how much you feel for them.

6. Wear Patriotic Theme Clothes

independence day offers

Plan with your friends and family to wear some kind of patriotic clothes. You can wear the green shirt and tell your friend to wear saffron or white. It will give you an awesome feeling towards your nation.

 7. Do Shopping Online

independence day offers

Most of the online stores offer you a lot of amazing deals and offer on Independence week. So, why to spend much when you can get the stuff at reasonable price. You can use Flipkart coupons for more offers on your latest purchase.

 8. Planting New Trees

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You can form a group or community for planting trees on this special day. Observe the green on this Independence day that is 3 R’s  “Reduce”, “Recycle”, “Reuse” and make our nature beautiful.

 9. Make a Resolution to yourself

independence day offers

Keep yourself healthy this independence day. Make a resolution to yourself and develop some healthy habits, do exercise and yoga. Moreover, you can start donating blood from this year and serve a little towards your nation.

 10. Donate your Old Clothes

independence day offers

You can donate your old clothes to the ones who are in need rather than stalking them unnecessarily. Move a step ahead to help others.

To make your Independence day more exciting check out the best Independence day sale and save big on your latest purchase.

raksha bandhan offers

Different Ways to Make Raksha Bandhan 2017 Special

raksha bandhan offers

The vibrant festival celebrations are a part of India’s culture and tradition. Every festival holds great importance in binding communities together. This festival of Rakhi is celebrated in Shravana month as per the Hindu calendar. This year Raksha Bandhan is on the 7th of August which happens to be Monday. Every family has its own traditions for celebrating Raksha Bandhan, it is a big occasion for everyone. There are many ways to make it a truly memorable experience.

The Invaluable Gift of Time

rakhi offers Doing something exciting together on this day is indeed a good way to celebrate sibling love. The tying of Rakhi is a promise that you will be always there for her. Gift her your invaluable time, that’s all she needs. There are so many fun activities you can do together like playing board games, go on a shopping spree, helping her out in the kitchen. Indian festivals do need a lot of preparation you can just accompany her on this day in these preparations.

Homemade Sweets

rakhi offers In all Indian festivals, sweets have a special significance, same is with Rakhi. In Indian culture, people greet themselves with sweets on every auspicious occasion. Rakhi special sweets are loved by everyone, in addition to getting sweets from the market, you can prepare your favorite ones at home. Just in case you have not done this before there are many helping options available. You can read some recipes on the internet, or watch the videos on YouTube. For this only search for how to make and the name of your favorite sweet. It is well worth giving a try to make this day memorable.

Prepare A Rakhi For Him by Yourself

rakhi offers Markets are flooded with all sorts of Rakhis and gifts. From simple threads to fancy gold and silver Rakhis. However, preparing a Rakhi at home is always a special way to make your brother feel special. Home made Rakhis add a special touch to this festival. There are many cool ideas for your brother that you can try to make a Rakhi lovingly at home. Here again, your go to buddy YouTube can help you out. Several homemade Rakhi ideas are also available on social networking sites like Pinterest.

Rakhi Gift Hampers

raksha bandhan offers   To make this day special, indulge in some shopping, by availing Rakhi Special offers. Buy gifts for your siblings to celebrate the harmony of this day. The basic idea is to convey your feelings to your brother or sister on this special day. Rakhi Gift Hampers provide you immense choice, you get every sort of gift in every budget.

Take Her on a Shopping Spree

raksha bandhan offers Raksha Bandhan is a holiday in most places, making it the ideal time to get on a shopping spree. You can go to malls and supermarkets as these places are decorated on this festival. You can also have a superb shopping experience from your mobile phone or computer thanks to the growing choice provided by e-commerce sites. On this day, you can also expect some discounts with Rakhi Sale. So, buy things like clothes, electronics, home appliances, food items and others. The memorable moments of festivals are something that we cherish for the rest of our lives. So, it is time to try something different and make your Raksha Bandhan Special.

rakhi offers

10 Gifts that your Sister Really wants this Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi-Banner (1)

Raksha Bandhan is the day we celebrate the unbreakable bond of brother and sisters. They grow up together fighting, teasing each other, disturbing the whole family with their noises. Still, the bond grows stronger with time. On this special day sisters tie the sacred thread (Rakhi) to their brother’s wrists and brothers make the promise to protect her sister for the lifetime. There are many Raksha Bandhan offers going on during the festival, with which you will get the best discount on your purchase.

As it is a tough call to decide the best gift for sisters, here you will find the best gifts you can give to your sweet sister, that will leave her astonished by your amazing choice.

1. Fashion Apparels


Have you ever heard a girl say I have too many clothes?? Clearly, no buy her clothes of her choice from her favourite outlet. That would make her really happy.

2. Rakhi Gift Hampers

rakhi offers, raksha bandhan offers

There are many Rakhi Gift hampers available in the market that consists of gifts like chocolate boxes, bamboo plant, sweets, nuts, greeting card, etc.. You can buy them from any online shopping or gift website.

3. Fashion Jewelry

raksha bandhan offers, rakhi offers

Whatever is the age of a woman she loves a perfect piece of Jewellery. There are so many jewellery options to choose from, you can get her a beautiful pendant for daily wear, earrings, danglers, rings, bracelet, anklet and so much mor

4. Leather Bags & Wallets

raksha bandhan offers, rakhi offers

Bags and wallets are not just accessory items they are much more than that. Girls carry them everywhere and all the important items are kept in them. Gift her a branded handbag or wallet and let her tell everyone that it was a gift from her brother. You can avail Rakhi offers to grab great deals on bags.


5. Shopping Vouchers

raksha bandhan offers, rakhi offers

Shopping is something that every girl loves to do. There must be a specific brand from which she loves to do her shopping. Get her a shopping voucher from that store and let her have the best shopping day.

6. Organic Products

BeautyMakeupCollection_7in_HR (1)


Organic cosmetic products are loved by every girl. They have no side effects and give the best and natural results. There are organic makeup, face packs, scrubs, lotions, creams, etc. available in the market. Gift her this and she will love the efforts you made to find this gift for her.

7. Sunglasses

raksha bandhan offers, rakhi offers

If your loves to stay stylish gift her sunglasses of her choice. This will add to her accessory collection and she will like your choice of gift.

8. Wristwatches

rakhi offers


Watches come in the category of a perfect gift. Buy a good quality watch for your sister and this will last for a very long time, reminding her of your brotherly love. You can purchase watches for your sister using Flipkart coupons.

9. The Perfect Lipstick Shade

rakhi offfers

Well, I am sure you don’t know much about a girl’s favourite lipstick shade, or brand. Surprise your sister by giving her the Ruby woo lipstick from MAC and you could see how thrilled she will be with the gift. This would be probably the best gift among the ones you gave before.

10. Customized items

rakhi offers, rakhi giftsCustomized items are the easiest to find online and can be the most heart touching gift. You can buy mugs, T-shirts, key chains, diaries with notes like “best sis ever”, etc. and she will love it.

There are numerous Rakhi discounts that go around during this period. Avail them to get the best gift for your sister at a good price.


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Top 6 Hair Care Tips for this Rainy Season

beauty care, hair care tips

After the harsh summer, monsoon seems like a blessing. But it is not a good news for our hair as many people experience sudden or excess hair fall during this time. The high humidity, pollution and dirt all these lead to hair damage. To protect your hair this monsoon, follow these tips religiously. To protect your hair this monsoon, follow these hair care tips religiously.

Strictly Avoid the First Rain

hair care tips, hair tips

The first rain after summer is also called the acid rain and it can heavily damage your skin and hair. This rain consists the remnants of impurities that is lingering in the atmosphere.

Keep the Hair Dry

hair care tips, hair tips

It is common to get drenched in the rain but the long time contact of our hair with moisture weakens the hair roots also increase the chances of dandruff. So it is important that you keep your hair dry to avoid dullness and damage that it can go through.

Avoid Tying of Hair

hair care tips, hair tips

After you wash your hair in the monsoon it takes very long time to dry up, also it is not healthy to use a hair dryer very often. So some people just tie their hair whether it’s completely dry or not this again leads to weakening of hair strands and the head becomes a breeding ground for germs.

Wash your Hair with a Mild Shampoo

hair care tips, hair tips

You can increase the frequency of hair wash during monsoon season as the humidity in the weather would make your hair magnet for germs and dirt. If you get drenched in the rain then do wash your hair with a shampoo. Use only a mild shampoo and condition afterwards. You can find wide range of mild and naturals shampoos at Nykaa. Use Nykaa coupons to add additional discount on your every shopping.

Regular Use of Oil

hair care tips, hair tips

Hair tends to feel greasy and sticky during the monsoon season but it doesn’t give you an excuse to avoid oiling. Give your hair a good warm oil massage at least hour before washing. If you don’t massage your hair regularly during monsoon the hair roots will get weak and your hair will start falling. You can also use the blend of regular and essential oil.

Avoid Hair Dryers and Colouring

hair care tips, hair tips

When your hair gets drenched in the rain the using a hair dryer seems like an easy solution but it is an unhealthy choice for your hair. You can use paper towels or dry cotton towels to get the moisture out of your hair. Other than this avoid any kind of experimenting whether it is hair rebonding, smoothening, or hair colouring. As the chemicals used in such process can cause more complication to your hair.

Lastly, it is important that you eat healthy during this season and avoid street food. Maintain a proper diet this monsoon and it will reflect through your hair.






7 Affordable and Outstanding Smartphones on Flipkart


Here we have jotted down the list of 7 best 4g smartphones available on Flipkart with price starting from just Rs. 5000 and do not exceed the price of 10000 rs. You can also check out Flipkart offers and get phones at a lesser price. They have best battery backup, camera quality, designs in their price range. You can enjoy the offers by Flipkart and buy these affordable phones at reduced prices.  

1.Intex Aqua Amaze Plus (Rs.4999)


Intex Aqua Amaze Plus is one of the best 4G VoLTE Mobiles which will cost you just Rs 4999. It has 5 MP rear and front camera and 4.7-inch HD IPS display. With latest android marshmallow 6.0 it has 1 GB RAM, external storage is 32 GB expandable and internal is 8 GB. The main benefit of this phone is that it supports VoLTE which is compatible with reliance Jio for high-end free voice calls. It has a beautiful design and great battery backup with 2000 mAh battery.  

Key Specification:

  • Display: 4.70-inch
  • Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core
  • Front Camera: 5-megapixel
  • Resolution: 720×1280 pixels
  • RAM: 1GB
  • OS: Android 6.0
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Rear Camera: 5-megapixel
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

  2. Micromax Evok Note 4G(Rs. 9,499)


Micromax is an Indian brand launched it Evoke Note 4g smartphone. The first thing one will notice is its classy design. It has a long lasting battery of 4000 mAh, you can use your phone as frequently as you want and still the battery would won’t die soon. It has excellent HD display of 1920*1080p resolution with a 5.5-inch screen.Plus it is VOLTE enabled so it is compatible with jio sim.Nowadays most of the mobile companies are not providing earphones with the handset but with this phone, you get decent compatible earphones.It comes with many apps which you can delete as per your choice.  

Key Specification:

  • Screen Size – LCD screens with 2.5 D Curve Glass.
  • RAM – 3 GB RAM
  • Operating System – Android Marshmallow 6.0.
  • Rear Camera – 13-megapixel rear autofocus cameras with LED flash, 5 MP Front Camera.
  • Battery Capacity – Li-ion 4000 mAh.
  • Thickness – 8.5 mm
  • Storage – 32 GB built-in storage, micro sd support up to 128 GB.

  3). JIO LYF WIND 7S (VOLTE) (Rs. 6,899)

Jio LYF phones have gained popularity since the launch of reliance jio 4g sim. With great plans and unlimited data, a lot of buyers are looking to buy LYF phones.   It has a display of 5.0 inch and HD resolution of 1280*720 pixels. Its storage is high with16 GB internal and 128 GB expandable. It has 5 MP of front camera and 8 MP rear camera with HDR support and autofocus.  

Key Specification:

  • Processor –    1.3 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 210 (64-bit)
  • OS –    Android Marshmallow
  • RAM –    2 GB
  • Display –    1280*720 pixels
  • Camera –    5 MP front and 8 MP Rear autofocus
  • Storage –    16 GB of internal storage can be expanded to 128 GB
  • Screen size –    5.0 inch
  • Battery –    2250 mAH

  4). Swipe Elite 3 (4G VOLTE) (5500)


Swipe Elite is the new emerging Indian phone manufacturing brand. The company has tried its best to provide a good product at a low price to the customer.It is a VOLTE ready phone which is a plus if you are using reliance jio sim. It has HD Display with 1280*720 pixels resolution.This smartphone has 1.3 GHz Quad core processor ( Spreadtrum SC 9832) with 2GB of RAM. The storage is 16GB of internal and 32GB expandable.  

Key Specification:

  • Camera –    8 MP Rear autofocus, 5 MP front
  • Battery –    2250 mAH
  • Screen size –    5.0 inch
  • Display –    1280*720 pixels
  • RAM –    2 GB
  • Storage –    16 GB can be expanded to 32 GB
  • OS –    Android Marshmallow
  • Processor –    1.3 GHz Quad core processor ( Spreadtrum SC 9832)

  5). Xolo Era 1X 4G VOLTE (Rs 4999)


Xolo Era 1X is one of the best 4g and  VOLTE enabled smartphone is available at this price. It has an attractive design, front camera flash and very nice display with 1080p resolution. It has good battery backup and can run for up to 2 days with minimum usage. The best feature in this phone is its inbuilt Smart Assistant, Smart Awake system and Slow motion video and live pics which give the experience of a premium phone. It has added a bonus of 5.0 inch HD screen with Gorilla glass. It is powered by Quad-core Spreadtrum processor and 1 GB RAM.  

Key Specification:

  • Processor        –    Quad-core Spreadtrum 1.3 GHzSC9832A
  • Screen  size     –    5 inch
  • Display            –   HD (1280*720p)
  • Connectivity  –    4G LTE & VOLTE
  • RAM                –    1 GB
  • Camera           –    8 MP Rear, 5 MP front
  • OS                   –     Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • Battery           –     2500 mAh
  • Weight            –    144 grams
  • Storage           –    8GB expandable storage

  6. Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 ( Rs. 8890)


This phone comes in 3 colors gold, silver, and black and all of them gives an amazing look. It has a powerful battery backup of  2600mAh Li-Ion. Its main highlight is its S bike mode and smart glow feature.The expandable memory is of 128 GB. The camera is scratch resistant with 8MP front rear camera LED flashlight and 5MP secondary camera.

Key Specification:

  • Display: 5.0 inch, Super AMOLED HD display
  • OS: Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
  • Memory: Internal- 8 GB; External- Up to 128 GB via microSD.
  • Battery: 2600 mAh Li-Ion
  • Chipset: Spreadtrum SC8830
  • GPU: Mali-400MP2
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Camera: Primary-8 MP AF with LED Flash; Secondary- 5 MP FF
  • CPU: 1.5 GHz quad-core
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE, Dual SIM, FM Radio,GPS with A-GPS GLONASS, micro USB v2.0, HSPA, WiFi with hotspot,Bluetooth 4.1

7.Panasonic Eluga Rayx ( Rs. 8999)  


With the price of 8999, this phone has surprisingly great features. It has 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 64 GB. Comes with earphone, has a Front fingerprint reader. The display is 5.5 inch, Front selfie flash, It can provide one-day battery backup even for heavy users (4000mAh) and Plus it supports 4g VOLTE .

Key Specification:

  • CPU: 1.0 GHz quad-core
  • GPU: Unknown
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • OS: Android 5.1. Lollipop
  • Connectivity: GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS, 4G VoLTE, micro USB with USB host, Bluetooth 4.0, EDGE, HSPA, WiFi with hotspot.
  • Chipset: Unknown
  • Memory: Internal- 16 GB; External- up to 128 GB
  • Battery: 4000 mAh Li-ion
  • Display: 5.0 inch, IPS LCD HD display
  • Camera: Primary- 8 MP AF with LED Flash; Secondary- 5 MP FF

  If you are thinking of buying an affordable smartphone do check out this phone. You can also use Flipkart coupons to get above-mentioned phones at a discounted price.

jio offers, Jio DTH Service, Jio DTH, Jio DTH offers

Jio DTH Service is here: Launch Date, Channels, Packs, Price and Welcome Offer


Don’t we all just love Reliance Jio?

Every second person in India uses Reliance Jio network on his mobile phone…

…and we absolutely LOVE it!

Why? That’s because of the FREE jio 4G sim and unlimited FREE 4G data for 6 months! Reliance Jio has been creating quite a buzz for some time now!!

The big news?

JIO DTH service is on its way to conquer once again and provide us with amazing Jio Offers at jaw-dropping prices.

Jio has covered almost 90 million subscribers since its offer launched… AND now they plan to cover 100 Million subscribers. This launch offer is valid from APRIL this year!!!

Wait No More..!

The very first image of the Jio set up box looks like this:



You might as well check out the box in which it will come:

jio offers, Jio DTH Service, Jio DTH, Jio DTH offers

How will it Work?

This GIGA FIBRE-JIO BROADBAND SERVICE provides 1 GBPS speed using optical fibre technology. It does not work as a regular setup box.


Jio DTH is supposed to be a smart set top box with Jio broadband connection that can provide HIGH SPEED INTERNET and you can watch all your TV channels online using the Internet Set Top box.

You heard it right!

NO BUFFERING… This means watch all your favourite shows in HD.

A cherry on the cake here is…

More than 300+ TV channels and more than 50+ High Definition channels.

Reliance Jio DTH Service Launch Date :

It’s almost time!

The grounding of optical fibre cables in all cities is already being done in full swing.Jio is actively working on the Jio BROADBAND SERVICE.

The Jio DTH offer launch date was in April and the services will go strong from MAY 2017!

JIO DTH Plans & Cost/ Price In India

Choose the plan that suits you BEST.

PRICE Rs 1800/-

Back Side View of Jio DTH

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Jio DTH Online Booking

It is not officially announced when the Jio DTH booking will be started yet. The booking process has started since April 2017. It is available on various online stores like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart and more.

DO NOT MISS the online booking of Reliance Jio that will be available next month.

Jio DTH Plans

Pack Name Expected Rate
Normal Pack Rs 49-Rs 55
Sports channels(HD) Rs 60-Rs 69
Value Prime Channels Rs 120-Rs 150
Kids channels Rs 180-Rs 190
My Family Pack Rs 200-Rs 250
My Plan Rs 50-Rs 54
My Sports Rs 159-Rs 169
Big Ultra Pack Rs 199-Rs 220
Metro Pack Rs 199-Rs 250
Dhoom Rs 99-Rs 109

Welcome Offer on Jio DTH

“Jio DTH service” will provide 3 months free subscription for all their users.

Here’s why we love Jio,

Because they love us back! Reliance jio providers do not want to charge their customers until they are satisfied with the services provided. Few claim that we might get 6 months long free services as well.

BUT we are still waiting for the official confirmation of this news.

Jio DTH Comparison with other DTH Plans




Sports JIO HD Sports (40 to 60 Rupees) Grand Sports Channels HD (470+125) Rupees Games HD (165 Rupees)
Popular HD JIO Gold Pack HD (99 TO 119) Metro HD Packs (380+125) Rupees Popular HD Channels (252 Rupees)
Kids JIO KIDS HD (60 TO 75 Rupees) All Sports Kids HD (340+125) Rupees Kids HD (250 Rupees)

Jio DTH Plans for South Indian Users

South Indian Packs Expected Price
South Indian Value Pack Rs 120-Rs 130
South Maximum Rs 134-Rs 145
My Sports Rs 145-Rs 150
Mega Pack Rs 199-Rs 299
South Ultra Rsb 199-Rsb 250

How to get Jio DTH Dealership Service?

Jio has shaped our net browsing habits in substantial manner. We Indians have been benefitting because of the great offers they provide. Not just data plans, now Jio aims to disrupt how you watch cable TV.

There has been no official information of where to find the Jio DTH dealership. But soon there will be services available for the valuable customers.

BEST Part?

Stay updated with us for the latest news and offers on RELIANCE JIO DTH SERVICES.

Jio DTH Specifications:

  • HDMI Support
  • 4K Recording Ultra HD 2160p/60 Videos
  • WiFi – Dual Band
  • Bluetooth
  • Operating System – Android TV
  • Google Chrome Casting
  • Technology –Over the Top Technology
  • DC Adapter
  • LAN Cable – Above CAT 5E
  • HDMI Cable Male to Male Connector
  • Remote Control – Infrared and Bluetooth Technology based/Microphone
  • Audio Output – S/PDIF Optical Audio Output
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10 Best Health Tips for a Happy Summer

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Summer has already knocked our doors and now is the time to work on your tan, go swimming and indulge in some of the freshest cocktails. But summer in India can be dreamy as well as nightmarish as it can bring with it a plethora of problems like skin, hair and other health problems like sunstroke, heat boils, etc. Here, I have jotted down the 10 health tips you must follow to save yourself to beat the heat. To kick start the process follow them and have a healthy and happy summer.

1. Stay hydrated

A lot of sunlight on you can make you dehydrated that can lead to headaches, loss of energy and health issues. So staying hydrated is the first of all the things you must do as soon as it’s summer. Drink plenty of water, fresh juices, fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, bananas, apples, etc. Avoid canned juices and aerated drinks.

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2. Chew Gum

A hot summer day can lead you to have headaches, stress and anxiety. To bring back your concentration at work, studies or family, chewing a gum is always recommended according to a survey. Chewing gum can help you stay focused for longer on tasks that require continuous monitoring.

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3. Take Cold shower

Heat stroke is a severe form of hyperthermia that occurs when the human body absorbs more heat that it can dissipate. To lower the body temperature, take cold water baths, wear loose and light clothes, drink water and avoid going out in the sun.

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4. Drink Electrolytes

Usually, during the summers spasms occur in coordination with strenuous physical activity. They are muscle cramps that happen in the abdomen, arms or legs. To avoid this, take adequate amount of rest, drink electrolytes, ORS, etc.

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5. Skincare

During summers your skin tends to turn red due to overexposure to the sun and heat. This is called Rosacea symptom. Avoid this by suing a good sunscreen with SPF 30+. For Indians, it is recommended to stay indoors from 10 am to 4 pm. Apply homemade face packs like cucumber, tomato or turmeric. Buy sunscreen lotion with Nykaa coupons to avail great benefits.

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6. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is perfect for a summer day as it contains antioxidants that save you from UV rays. Instead of choosing a cup of masala or black tea, exchange it with green tea and have a stress free day. Amazon discounts are something to look out for if you want to get some amazing discounts.

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7. Wear Loose Clothes

Wearing tight clothes in summer season can often lead to prickly heat effects due to sweat, humidity and infection on the skin. Take cold showers as much as possible, wear loose clothes, apply talcum powder after a bath and choose to apply calamine lotion on the rashes that take place due to wearing tight clothes. Choose from a wide variety of comfortable clothes using Flipkart offers.

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8. Use Anti Dandruff Shampoos

Dandruff cannot be neglected during summer seasons. Use of anti-dandruff shampoo is always a good idea. Dandruff gets aggravated during summers that can lead to hair loss.

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9. Use Antibacterial Powders

Summer can increase your chances of foot infection as you would want to be barefoot most of the time. Sweating and humidity can increase that can lead to bacterial infection. To avoid such situations, use antibacterial powders available in medical stores, scrub your feet and toes.

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10. Reduce Food Intake

Since it is too hot outside, digestion of food is equally important. Eating healthy and the right quantity is very important. So avoid eating non-veg a lot especially red meat and spicy food.

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 Summer season can get very tough if you do not maintain your health. So maintaining your health is too important as it will help you last throughout the day in the scorching heat. Follow the above tips for a healthy and happy summer.