Why Starting a Business is Easier Today?

2018-12-11 Running a business has never been easy. Back in 2011, only about 4% of small businesses survived to a 2nd year while only 3% made it to the 3rd year. This shows how difficult it was to start a business until a few years ago. While things are no easier today but the chances of success are higher, as proven by the success of companies like Fbabee. Today, thanks to the advent of technology and the power of the internet, we can do things from the comfort of our homes. We can loan out money online, buy or rent out a place through the internet, have equipment delivered to our doorstep and whatnot. In short, starting a business today has become a lot easier than before but still, one needs to be smart enough to know how to choose the right business and how to play the right cards. Here are a few reasons as to why starting a business is easier today:

1. Make A Partnership

According to stats, running a business in a partnership brings many benefits.

  • Equal investment and less capital burden.
  • Workload distribution.
  • Chances to expand the business in the future.
  • Grow rapidly.
  • Generate more revenue.

When you start a business with a partner, you only have half of the business to run. The other half is run by your partner. This is great because you won’t have to struggle with everything all by yourself and will have a helping hand who wants the business to thrive as badly as you do. Having a partner will let you focus on your tasks more efficiently and grow your business quickly.

2. Start With A Low Investment

If investment is an issue then you don’t necessarily have to open a brick and a mortar shop. You can start off with an online business. If you are selling products then get an ecommerce website made and run a virtual business, or if you selling services then also a website will help you get in touch with customers easily. If the nature of your business doesn’t allow you to go virtual then think of starting small or apply for a loan.

3. Automate Processes

Hiring staff is not cheap and a lack of skilled staff is one of the main reasons why businesses fail. If you’re struggling with finding employees or paying salaries then consider investing in automation tools and software that are capable of running several tasks automatically. Today, modern businesses are using modern CRM software, cloud-based services to get remote access and enhanced features that reduce the need to hire a lot of people. The right software can help perform the task of 3 people all by itself when programmed efficiently. In addition to this, you can make use of AI and robots. They can outperform manual labor in many fields such as calculating, packaging, maintaining inventory, etc. However, they require a lot of investment.

4. Ease Of Communication

Getting in touch with vendors and others businesses is a breeze today thanks to the advancement in the communication sector as everything is brought to the digital platform. Advanced gadgets and machines let you communicate with people all around the globe. You can spread your business all over the world just like Amazon has. In fact, Amazon sent out over 5 billion products last year all around the world thanks to the power of the internet and technology. Calling is cheaper today thanks to VOIP and other such technologies. You also don’t have to worry about sending documents since all can be done via emails.

5. Easy Marketing

With so many platforms on the internet today, marketing a business has become a lot easier than before. More than 32% of small businesses are investing in social media marketing while 25% are investing in online marketing to reach a vast audience and grow their brand. These are many other ways of marketing a business and grasping to a wide audience by spending very little money. Marketing has made it possible for smaller businesses to thrive quickly and expand easily.


Starting a business may be easy but running it is not a piece of cake with competition getting tougher day by day.

10 Coolest Secret Santa Gift Ideas

image123 The countdown for the most awaited festival of the year Christmas has already started as we are a few days away from 25th December. Albeit, it is a Christian festivity that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, but nowadays it is celebrated as one of the jolliest festival time of the year. If you have taken out your Christmas cardigans to play a secret Santa role in someone’s life. But as much as we can feel the festive atmosphere, being someone’s Santa is really a tough business. Because choosing the right kind of gifts always leaves us confused as there are numerous Christmas online offers running on. So, I want you to do justice to that Santa cap, that’s why here I have curated a list of 10 coolest secret Santa gift ideas. The checklist will definitely help you out.

1. Flower Bouquet- Scintillating flowers for happiness

Flower brings out the child hidden inside us. A flower is just another name of innocence which fills every heart with utmost joy and happiness. The best things are nowadays there are many online websites which can add fun to your celebration and can deliver the flower bouquet right to their doorstep. So, send your warmth of love, wishes, and celebration with the blossoming of flowers.

2. Cake- For a Sweet Indulgence


Cakes are important celebratory Christmas desserts which are given. You can choose from the endless variety of flavors including butterscotch, blueberry, red velvet, vanilla, plum and more. If you are becoming a secret Santa to any of your female friends, then save plum cakes for them. To add the more glitters to festivity, you can complement the cakes with flowers and become the best secret Santa ever.

3. Fancy Candles- Go for DIY gifts

Get a couple of fancy-shaped plain white candles, apply glue creativity and sprinkle glitter of your preference. Once dry, dust off the excess and recoat another layer. After drying, tie a ribbon around it and voila! This gift idea is not only unique and will also make the gift receiver to feel special as you put numerous efforts.

4. Jesus Christ idol- For blessings and positivity

Jesus Christ is the embodiment of love and compassion. Just a sight of Jesus brings the tranquility and peace to the heart of onlooker. And, gifting an idol of Jesus Christ to your loved ones by becoming their secret Santa would be the best gift for them. They can keep the idol in their living space to create a positive environment in the house. This Christmas gift will also become a reason for your dear ones to remember their secret Santa with a big smile.

5. Feng Shui Plant- Brighten up the life


On the day of Christmas, we pray for the peace and positivity in the life of our loved ones. Offering a Christmas gift that brings harmony will be a better idea than selecting a random gift. Feng Shui plants are the symbol of balance and create a positive environment around. A plant will be a symbolic gift that will grow just like the relationship between you and your loved ones developed in the past years.

6. Holy Family Figurine- Symbol of Purity and Peace

If you remember your childhood days, where you have decorated the village where Jesus Christ was born. The holy family figurine will be the apt gift for the kids who are trying to recreate the story of Jesus Christ birth. This present will definitely make the kids aware of the story of Jesus Christ and will nourish their faith in the power of compassion and love.

7. Chocolate Box- Perfect for the chocoholic

Indulgence in the sweets especially on the occasion of Christmas really uplifts the mood of celebration. We eat sweets, remember sweet memories and enjoy the sweetness of being together. Offering chocolates will not only bring a smile on the face of your loved ones but also fill sweetness in their festival celebration. The taste of chocolate will remind your loved ones of the sweet memories of the time they have spent with you. So, send a thrilling box of handmade or branded chocolates as Christmas gift by becoming their secret Santa.

8. Coffee Mugs- Cute Wintery Gift

The coffee mug is yet another amazing gift choice for Christmas. Or, you can also go with a personalized coffee mug with a beautiful graphic, or note that will instantly bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. A coffee mug in the season of winters is definitely a memorable gift from the side of Santa.

9. Makeup Gift Basket- For the Fashion Diva

If you’re becoming a secret Santa to your mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend or any of your female friend, then makeup gift basket will be more than enough for them. All you need to do is to pack a gift basket of assorted makeup items including lipstick, eyeliner, kajal, foundation and more. For putting the cherry on the cake, decorate the kit with colorful ribbons. So, let your loved ones pamper her skin or enhance the beauty this Christmas with the gift of their secret Santa.

10. Santa Dolls and Soft Toys- Spread the happiness

gifts You can gift a wall hanging Santa Claus puppet for home decor purpose. Cute small soft toys will always remark as a memorable momentum for your loved ones. Adding on, soft toys are perfect Christmas gifts owing to their lovable look and feel, and the warmth and spirit of the festive season they bring. When we heard the name of soft toys we always think of kids. In reality, it is a myth, a father can them to his teenage daughter/son too. Likewise, a person a gift to her girlfriend.

So, these are some top secret Santa gift ideas which you can try this Christmas to give your family and friends a sudden gush of happiness and excitement. You can secretly place any of these gifts item between their belongings and see them to find it and yell out in excitement. That smile will definitely worth out your efforts.

Effective Home Remedies to Keep Skin Moisturized and Glowing in Winters

winter The season of winter is not at all fun for skin, it takes a toll a lot. Cold weather and low humidity levels of winter always result in dry air, which then steals the moisture from the skin. Without the proper care, your skin will become dry, flaky, and red. And, the winter wind will worse the skin woes even more. But we also can’t completely rely on beauty products available in the marketplace because most of them contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Alternatively, you can go for the products that are available at our home to improve your skin condition. Also, you can use baba Ramdev products as they’re claimed to made up of natural ingredients, checkout the Patanjali beauty products list online and choose the best one for you. Besides this, if you’re in the search for the best solution, then here is the list of top 10 effective home remedies to keep skin moisturized and glowing in winters. Try these tips and add into your winter skin regime for a glowing skin.

1.Milk and Almond Face Pack

Almonds are the great source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. On the other hand, milk is a wonderful moisturizer for the skin, which heals the dry and flakes of skin. Also, the acid content and enzymes present in the milk exfoliate the skin and make it supple, soft, and glowing. So, when you apply the combination of both these ingredients it will reduce the dryness and make your skin more subtle.


  • 1 tablespoon almond powder
  • 2 tablespoon milk

How to Apply?

  • Make a paste of 1 tablespoon almond powder and 2 tablespoon milk
  • Keep it for 10 minutes to ensure the complete mixing
  • Massage gently and wash off with the water

2. Avocado and Honey Face Mask

Honey and Avocado are both amazing humectants and aids to cure dry skin problems during winter. Because Avocado is a rich source of vitamin E & C, healthy fats, and carotenoids. This, in turn, protects the skin from free radical damage and keep it hydrated for all day long. Besides the moisturizing properties, the mixture of avocado and honey fixes the skin woes and keeps it rejuvenating.


  • ½ avocado
  • 2 tablespoon honey

How to Apply?

  • Make a paste of avocado and pour the honey on it
  • Whip it properly to make a stable mixture
  • Apply the mixture on your face and neck
  • Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with water

3. Banana Mask

One of the best natural moisturizer and nourisher for the skin, the banana as a fruit is a blessing for the skin. The massage with the pulp on the skin can make the driest of skin smooth and soft. As, it is the rich source of moisture, potassium, and vitamin E and C. This, in turn, promotes clear and soft skin.


  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon honey

How to apply?

  • Mash the ripe banana and put a tablespoon honey
  • Mesh the banana well so no big lumps remain
  • Apply this on your face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse it with water

4. Strawberries Mask

Strawberries are highly rich in vitamin C and aids in relieving dryness. It makes the skin soft, moisturized, and smooth. Adding on, strawberries are the natural exfoliant, which helps to remove the dead cells and impurities from the skin. By eliminating all the impurities from the skin it brightens the skin tone. The fresh and creamy texture of this natural facemask will moisturize your skin. If you’re allergic to dry skin then please add a teaspoon honey or two to the facepack instead of face cream.


  • 2 to 3 strawberries
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon fresh cream

How to apply?

  • Mash the strawberries and add honey into it. Stir it well
  • Apply this on the face evenly, avoiding the eyes and lips
  • Let the face mask dry for 10-12 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Rinse with cold water to close the skin pores

5. Buttermilk and Yogurt Face Pack

Yogurt contains calcium, zinc, vitamin B6, and other necessary enzymes which are effective to keep skin glowing. On the other hand, Buttermilk contains lactic acid that has a mild peeling property and aids to clear dry and dull skin in winters. Moreover, the mixture of buttermilk and yogurt soothes the itching and irritations that come with the dry skin. A person who is allergic to milk products should avoid the use of buttermilk.


  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 cup yogurt

How to apply?

  • Mix yogurt and buttermilk in equal quantity
  • Apply the mixture all over your body and leave it on facial skin about 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse it with water

6. Raw milk and honey

The moisturizing benefits of honey are not hidden from all of us. Milk will help in firmly eradicate dry and flaky skin and makes your skin smooth. It contains healthy fats and amino acids and works as a good moisturizing agent. So, don’t afraid to take 2 teaspoons milk powder + 1 teaspoon honey and some water. Whip it perfectly to make a thick textured paste and apply on your dry skin. Let it dry naturally and rinse off afterward. Repeat this process at least twice a week to cure dry patches from the skin.


  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Cotton ball
  • 2 tablespoon raw milk

How to apply?

  • Add honey into the milk
  • Plunge cotton ball into the mixture of milk & honey
  • Then, apply it on the facial skin and other dry areas of your body
  • Keep it for 10 minutes to make it dry naturally
  • Rinse with water

7. Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil has emollient properties that help the skin to retain its moisture. Vitamin E helps trap moisture inside the skin cells, keeping skin hydrated for long. This natural home remedy works best before going to bed. The oil has natural calming properties that uplifts your skin’s moisture retention capacity and is beneficial for dehydrated and sensitive skin. The consistent application of sunflower oil will eliminate the dead cells and impurities and leave behind moisturized and smooth skin.


  • A few drops of sunflower oil

How to apply?

  • Apply a pea size amount of oil on your face and massage firmly in upward right motion with your fingertips.
  • Let the oil be absorbed naturally into the skin.
  • There is no need to wash it off

8. Glycerine

Glycerin works as an amazing moisturizer for skin. It makes your skin absorbs water from the air to reduce the dry and dull patches on your skin. It’s therefore very useful in winters as it can be directly applied on the skin as a moisturizer. All you need to do is to dab a cotton ball into the glycerin and apply it on your facial skin. The application makes your skin to feel soft, supple, and subtle. This remedy is also renowned for its emollient properties that work to heal dry, irritated, and rough skin.


  • Cotton ball
  • Glycerin

How to apply?

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry completely
  • Leave it slightly moist
  • Plunge the cotton ball in the glycerin solution and apply on the facial skin(Avoid the eyes and lips area)
  • Leave the glycerin, don’t wash it off

9.Olive oil and egg yolk face mask

Olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E and K and contains natural antioxidants. And, egg yolk is rich in vitamin A and lecithins that nutrify the skin and heals dryness. So, on the regular application of this face mask during the winter will give your skin a youthful texture.


  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 to 4 drops olive oil

How to apply?

  • Add egg yolks to olive oil and stir them effectively to make a stable mixture
  • Apply it on your face and keep it on for 20 minutes
  • Rinse off with water

10. Lemon and Honey Solution

Lemon is an amazing source of vitamin C while honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe irritated, itchy skin during the cold winter months. Both the ingredients will lighten your skin tone and add firmness to your dry skin and make the skin more elastic than ever. The mixture is also very effective in reducing redness, chapping, itchiness and keeps skin more healthy throughout the season. After this remedy, apply a good moisture on your skin to increase the effect of this home remedy.


  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • Cotton ball
  • Half lemon

How to apply?

  • Squeeze out the juice from half a lemon and add honey to it
  • Mix and apply it on your face with the cotton ball
  • Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water

So, now that winter is setting in, your skin may be covered with layers and layers of clothing. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave to take care of your skin. Howbeit, you will flaunt that cute dress in summer? All the above mentioned natural home remedies are very effective in keeping your skin soft, glowing, and supple. Choose, the one which will be going to work in making your dry skin healthy and rejuvenating.

Upcoming Events in Delhi NCR – Witness Great Food, Great Artist, and Great Shopping

upcoming events Are you bored of watching mindless entertainers that drop every Friday? If yes, then there is a whole lot of good for you which is coming up especially if you live in Delhi NCR Region. How? Because there will be endless events that will be conducted at different venues in the region. In these events, you can witness some really great people, great food, and great artists. Overall, it is going to be a fuller life experience for you to the core. Also, you can book tickets for all these event on BookMyShow and save money using BookMyShow Promo codesBelow we have mentioned some great events that will take place in the coming time. Below we have mentioned some of the great Upcoming Events in Delhi NCR region in the coming time

1.On Demand ! with Guptaji

image2  Date: 27th November 2018 Venue: Canvas Laugh Club: Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.400 onwards How come most of the engineers turn great comedians and well Appurv Gupta is one among those. He is in the Comedy circle from a long time. The first time I saw him was in the “The Rising Stars of Comedy” which aired on NDTV. This time the famous Gupta Ji is coming with all his best pieces on audience demand. Trust me, if you like a little satire with a great combo of observation, this guy will make you drool on the floor.

2. Sunday Brunch with Saarthak Sachdeva

image3Date:  25th November 2018 Venue: 38 Barracks: New Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.804/- Come and enjoy your Sunday brunch at 38 Barracks with the best meals serving only for you. 38 Barracks is a concept Restaurant where everything has been inspired by the Military. Although, not just that because the good part of it is yet to be explored. Yes, be ready to get serenaded by great cover songs by Saarthak Sachdeva. He is an upcoming singer who has a great voice. He has a couple of pieces on Youtube. In case, if you are still inquisitive about this particular part of the deal then do check him out personally.

3. The Copycats - Hard Rock Cafe

image4  Date: 25th November 2018 Venue: Hard Rock Cafe: Gurgaon Ticket Prices: Rs.500 Onwards If you like to witness some really great soft melodic rock songs then this is surely the place for you. These guys have posted some really great work of artists like Bee Gees, Maroon 5, Porcupine Tree, and many more. The main lead of the band Prabhjot Singh is a great vocal artist followed by his great band member who sets the mood right. This is one show you don’t like to miss if you want to witness some great progressive as well as acoustic rock unplugged sets.

4. Abhijit Ganguly Live 2.0

image5 Date: 23 November 2018 Venue: Canvas Laugh Club: Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.349 Onwards If you follow the comedy circle in India on Youtube then you may have seen him. He is funny and well is often known as Handsome Bengali Bappi Lahiri. The guy has a decent amount of content on Youtube. Therefore, you can check for yourself whether he is good or not. Although, I have enjoyed all of his sets thoroughly. So if you are ready to get tickled this coming Friday then book your seats now.

5.Gaurav Kumar Presents Sab Scam Hai

image6 Date: 25 December 2018 Venue: Canvas Laugh Club, Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.349 Onwards The only one can throw 100 chutkulas per minute, I know this one seems like an exaggeration but he is good. His Royal Enfield set was his best work till date as per my thoughts. Although, you can have your favorite one. This time he is coming to Noida with his new 1-hour set “Sab Scam Hai”. Therefore make sure not to miss him as he is going to tickle your funny bone.

6. Snap Episode Four - Biswa, Kunal Kamra, Raghav Mandava

image7 Date: 23rd December 2018 Venue: Sirifort Auditorium: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.590 Onwards If you have heard the famous saying by two of the most appreciated Stand-up Artists in India which are “Aye Tatti Tera Naam Kya hai??” and “Desh Ke Jawan Siachen pe Ladh rahe hain then you are surely in for a treat. I am a hardcore fan of Biswa Kalyan Rath since the inception of Pretentious Movie Reviews. Although, how can I decide just one favourite when you got Kunal Kamra in the house performing for you. Both of these artists have a great following on Youtube and if for some reason you don’t know Biswa, you know nothing Jon Snow about the Indian Comedy Scene.

7.Riders Music Festival

image8 Date: 22nd December 2018 Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Gate No.2, Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.750/-  The Riders Music Festival is about to happen next month in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi. Therefore be ready to witness some of the best musicians, Artists, that will be there showcasing their talent. The list of artists that will be performing live there is Lucky Ali, Divine, Nucleya, BB ki Vines, Shirley Setia, and Mame Khan + Burudu. This is a once in a while opportunity to witness some great mammoths in the industry.

 8.Parvaaz - Thursday Live !!!

image9 Date: 22nd November 2018 Venue: Hard Rock Cafe: Gurgaon Ticket Prices: Rs.750 Onwards Parvaaz is a band of great potential but that is entirely my take on them. I’ve listened to a couple of songs by them while “Beparwah” and “Lolmatlai” being my absolute favourite. The band has an influence from a lot of progressive as well as international rock. Although, the unique part about them is the rootedness of their music. As a band, they excel in their repo and have been maintaining it since their first single. If you are into listening some good and authentic music then this one is a recommendation among the lot.

9.Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai - Karunesh Talwar 

image10 Date: 02 December 2018 Venue: Bipin Chandra Pal Bhavan Auditorium: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.499 Onwards I am a comedy addict and coming to know about Karunesh Talwar is the byproduct of it. I was bored and was strolling through Youtube for something decent enough to watch. He just blew my mind. The guy has excellent delivery and will make you see things in his own way. He is someone who won’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to tickle your funny bone. He calls himself single AF and while he is doing nothing all day his favourite boredom killer is lying down.

10.The B.Y.O.H Food Fest

image11 Date: 23rd December 2018 Venue: Ansal Plaza Mall: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.99 Onwards Bring Your Own Hunger is a food fest that is about to happen next month during the Christmas Season. The fest will be covering all the best foods from streets or anywhere for you to have and satiate your palate. The fest will be ON for almost three days where you can witness a wide variety of foods. Also, two of the best Punjabi singers will be performing live during the event. Therefore, be ready for some great food and Music.

11. Siddhu Moosewaala Live Performing

image12 Date: 23rd December Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.750 Onwards Be ready to dance on the voice of Sidhu Moosewala. He entered the industry with his single “So High”. In a very short span of time, the artist has got great attention and is currently living inside everyone’s playlist. Sidhu will be performing for a LIVE audience next month. He is a popular name in the Punjabi industry. Therefore, don’t forget to miss this piece of a gem.

12.Lucky Ali - Performing Live

image14 Date: 23 November 2018  Venue: Imperfecto Logix Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.2000 Onwards If you haven’t listened to Lucky Ali then you have experienced one thing less in life. Lucky Ali for me is an artist which redefines the word nostalgia. I was a kid when I used to listen to him on MTV. A lot of people still follows him ,dear , heartedly and cherishes all his golden work. The artist has a lot of reputation in his craft. Besides being the son of Late Mehmood he stood out and made a name of his own. If you are his fan then this is your chance to witness him in closure as he will be performing live in Imperfecto Ruin Pub, Noida.

 13. Honorable Mention - 38th India International Trade Fair 2018

 trade-fair Date: 19th November - 27th November 2018 Venue: Pragati Maidan: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.40 Onwards This will be the 38th time the India International Trade Fair will be conducted. It is a great opportunity for the trading community to showcase their product. Traders from all over the nation aggregate here to promote their product. On one hand the traders get the chance of showcasing something they have and on the other hand, we get to know about something new or something exquisite. Here you can buy anything that to at the cheapest price possible. Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity especially if you are looking for some great fabric or home decor.

10 Hacks to Pack Travel Bags for your Next Trip

travel-offers What you need depends on whether, location, and duration among other factors. Apart from finding a sturdy bag that fits your needs, you need to pack carefully to optimize your space. Check out these 10 hacks to pack travel bags efficiently and conveniently.

1. Choose the right luggage for your trip

The size and type of bag you select, depends on your trip. Shorter the trip smaller the size of the bag. Apart from size, the luggage should be easy to carry as well. Depending on your need choose a suitcase with separate compartments for clothes, shoes, laptop, and toiletries.

2. Take Help of Packing Assistance Apps

If you prefer mobile to pen and paper there are many apps that can help with packing. Evernote is one such app. It is all about lists and you can also share lists and even set reminders. In addition to Evernote, try apps like Packing Pro, Travel list, Packpoint, etc.

3. Roll Your Clothes; Don’t Fold Them.

Apart from saving space rolling clothes helps prevent wrinkles. Shirts, tops, jeans, pants, and knitwear won’t wrinkle when rolled tightly. Blazers and skirts should be folded.

4. Use Shower Caps to keep Shoes

Use a cloth bag or laundry bag to store dirty shoes. Alternatively, you can use shower caps. The idea is to prevent dirty soles rubbing against clean clothes.

5. Pack Small Amounts of Creams & lotions

Instead of carrying the regular bottles of your cream or lotion, you can pack small amounts of these products to save space. Buying small samples is also an excellent option to pack lighter.

6. Use Packing Cubes

With these luggage organizers, you don’t have to worry much about little things getting lost. Organize clothes, toiletries, accessories, and other items into packing cubes. Using packing cubes also frees up space in your suitcase for other stuff.

7. Socks to Protect Perfume or Cologne Bottles

Give extra cushioning to breakables by tucking them inside thick socks. You need perfume or cologne bottles during your trip but there is always the fear of breaking.

8. Keep a Toiletry Bag

It is a great way to keep your stuff off the counter. Store toiletries in a separate bag. Using toiletry bags also save your clothes from toothpaste, makeup etc.

9. Pack heaviest items on the bottom of suitcase

To Keep your wheeled luggage balanced keep the heaviest items on the bottom. This is a useful hack to distribute the weight and make the suitcase roll easily.

10. Keep Fragile items in the center

By keeping all the fragile items in the center of your bag, you give them the protection needed. Mostly fragile items are also expensive you can keep at the center of clothing which acts an additional padding. Now, you are done with packing for your trip, take a look at basic travel checklist to see if you are missing something.

Basic Travel Checklist

Although you can find printable packing lists online but is recommended to write out your own. You can always take help from different packing lists online.

1) An empty water bottle

2) Travel-friendly foods Nuts, energy bars, snacks, etc.

3) A voltage adapter, if traveling internationally

4) Foldable raincoat

5) Hand sanitizer

6) Prescription medication

7) A mini-medical kit: bandages, a pain reliever, a topical analgesic, and diarrhea medication

8) Emergency Docs health insurance card, allergy list, emergency contacts.

9) For an international trip, notify your credit card company or bank of upcoming travel.

10) Pack essentials in a separate pouch

Whether you are on a leisure or business trip planning ahead helps immensely to save from the last minute hassles. Packing right is a great start to your trip. Following these simple hacks while packing saves time and space. Before planning your trip, check travel offers online to find the best deals and save money.

Tips to Help you Shop Smart this Diwali Sale


It is less than a week to Diwali, and all the online stores have rolled out offers for the upcoming festival season. Although you have many deals coming your way but getting the best deals is all about shopping smart. It is also about knowing the options well and making choices as per your budget. Diwali Online offers are already out and promise mega discounts across all product categories.

The first thing is to filter your choices, instead of looking at thousands of deals across different sites, look at only the best ones in each category. Second is to be aware of what can help you save more. Here I’m talking about the discounts you get with digital wallets, credit & debit cards.

Providing a solution to the first question which is to filter your choices. Check the top offers of Diwali Sale on Amazon, Flipkart, Tata CLiQ, Pepperfry, Myntra, Jabong etc. at one place from here. You also want to be aware of certain things Here are the things to keep in mind for a smart shopping experience this festive season.

1. Start With a Shopping List

First and foremost prepare a shopping list. It gives you a clearer picture of things you should be looking for instead of seeing a variety of things. Having a well-prepared list of things also helps to avoid unnecessary expenses.

2. Go Social

Social media can also help you shop smart in the Diwali Sale. Get alerts of the latest discount offers by subscribing to social pages of top shopping sites.  You can also check various sites and research thoroughly to make sure you are paying the best price.

3. Be Cautious

Read the shipping policy of a product before purchase. Also inquire but the sellers. Purchase only from sellers who have the highest rating and number of transactions completed.

4. Check for Coupons during Checkout

You can save on your cart value by looking for coupons. Search on Google for coupon codes for the store you are shopping, You might be able to grab some additional discount on your purchase.

5. Get Ready for Shopping

One day before the sale, keep your payments options ready, update your address and contact details etc. for a faster checkout. You can add the card with the promotional benefits to your e-commerce account. And delink it later once your shopping is done. Here is a list of upcoming sale events of top e-commerce stores in India.

  • Amazon Great Indian Festival 2-5 Nov

Amazon Great Indian festival sale will start on 2nd November. The four day Diwali Sale of Amazon ends on 5th November. This time the e-commerce giant has partnered with HDFC Bank to offer a 10% Instant discount. Customers shopping on the first day of Amazon Diwali Sale, 2nd November for Rs. 500 or more unlock a free movie, meal & recharge.

  1. Collect Grocery Coupons For additional discounts.
  2. Golden Hour Deals 8 pm – 12 am every day.
  3. 10% Instant Discount on HDFC Debit, Credit & EMI.
  4. OnePlus 6T Sale Starts 1st November.
  5. Extra 5% Back on order value of Rs. 2,000.
  6. Extra 10% Back on total order value of Rs. 5,000 or more.
  • Flipkart Big Diwali Sale – 1st – 5th Nov

The online megastore Flipkart is ready with its Big Diwali Sale 2018. You can grab mega diwali offers across various categories like mobiles & tablets, electronics, fashion, home & furniture etc. Look out for the price crash with an extra 10% OFF and deals refresh every 8 hours. Under the festive favorites, you get one-click access to handpicked products for Diwali. The sale which cDiwaliontinues till November 5 will offer discounts on a range of smartphones including Honor, Xiaomi, Asus, and Lenovo among others.

  1. Check EMI Debit Card eligibility Send SMS <DCEMI> to 57575.
  2. 10% Cashback on Payment With PhonePe.
  3. 10% Instant Discount on SBI Credit Cards.
  4. New Deals Every 8 Hours.
  • Pepperfry Mega Diwali Sale – 1st – 5th Nov

Pepperfry offers up to 50% OFF on home & furniture products in its Pepperfry Mega Diwali Sale. Apply code “DIYA” at checkout to avail the discount. If your shopping for the first time on Pepperfry, you also qualify for the new users offers on first order. As part of festive offerings, you also get free shipping on Pepperfry. The online store also has a furniture rental service in select cities which means you can rent Home Decor for Diwali. However, the minimum duration for furniture rental is 6 months.

  1. Free Shipping during Mega Diwali Sale.
  2. Up to 50% OFF with Pepperfry Coupon Code.
  3. Special offers for New users.

Apart from festivals, changing season and weekend is among the many reasons for the shopaholics. Before buying a product, be sure of the price as well as quality.

Top 10 Diwali Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Festival of Lights

diwali-offers Diwali is that time of the year when everything seems cheerier and blissful? Cities get decked up to look their best, there is joy in the air, laughter, and glee all around. Exchange of gifts & wishes, delectable mouth-watering food, Diwali is a special time of the year indeed. This five day festival including Dhanteras, Narak Chaudas, Govardhan, and Bhai Dooj is the perfect time to spend time with the closed ones to you for bursting crackers, sharing anecdotes, bursting crackers, binging on the Diwali sweets and more. As the festival is just around the corner, you must be wondering about the Diwali gifts, so to make your task easy, I have prepared a list of top 10 best Diwali gift ideas for family and friends. Diwali offers 2018can also make your shopping more affordable.

1. Chocolates

chocolates Festivals are meant to bring you closer to your friends, relatives and family members. And, the festival of Diwali is just perfect to add sweetness to your relationship. Surprise them with the most appetizing and flavorsome chocolates and bring some happiness into their festive celebrations. Chocolates will spread the magic of their yummy flavor and able to bring a charming smile on your loved one’s face. You can go for Cadbury celebration packs, or perk, silk, temptation, Bournville or any other with Diwali gifts online to save your money. No matter which brand you choose, most of the chocolates are mouth-melting and renders the finest taste in the mouth.

2. Home Decor Products

diwali-decor Are you wondering what you should gift to your neary deary ones on this Diwali? Well, gifting home decor products are the most beautiful way to show your affection for Diwali. You can even gift any beautiful showpieces as remembrance symbol to your knows. There is an ample number of options to consider as gift options like photo frames, desk accessories, wall hangings, lamps & t-lights, clocks and more. I must say, it is a perfect gift for a woman who loves to decorate the house. Even if you’re choosing gifts for the people who have an artistic inclination, then all the aforementioned options are the best pick. So, buy diwali gifts online add joy to the festive celebration of your close ones by surprising them with the amazing home decor products.

3. Floral Gifts

flower-gifts The festival of Diwali brings the peace, positivity, and blissfulness in the home. Double up this happiness of your friends by gifting them some mesmerizing flower bouquets and arrangements. Greenery is always welcomed by everyone and with all hearts opened. So, go for the bunch of flowers or plant and allow them to make their drawing room or garden innovative. I am sure your friend will going to love a lot because floral gifts are the amongst the diwali gifts ideas. When the nose pick’s the aroma of fresh flowers it brings an instant smile on anyone’s face, so exchange the grace in this festive season.

4. Dry Fruits Pack

dry-fruits Diwali the festival of lights is one of the most loved and celebrated occasions in India. And, one of the most necessary traditions of this festival is to exchange gifts between the relatives, family members, and friends. So, this Diwali go for some healthy and tasty gift option. You must be wondering what it should be? Well, the pack of multiple dry fruits including raisins, almond, cashew, chestnut and more. Dry fruits are healthy so gift a great health to your close ones with nuts and dried fruits. The dry fruits come in numerous yet attractive packaging options at online websites.

5. Lakshmi Ganesha Gifts

diwali-gifts Diwali is a traditional Indian festive during which the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped everywhere especially at homes and offices. The decorated and embellished idols of Ganesh and Lakshmi are perfect to wish your closed one’s prosperity, health, blissful and wealth in their lives. Buy or order online a beautiful pair of Ganesha & Lakshmi and make someone’s Diwali happy with the blessings of god & goddess.

6. Crockery Gift

Crockery-gifts If you want to give a useful gift then you gift someone handy item like tea sets, drinking glasses, bowls, dinner sets and more. Good crockery makes for amazing Diwali gifts and when there are such fantastic options available online that too at very reasonable rates. From sturdy kitchenware, to hand painted jugs and copper glasses, nonstick cookware, and daily use stainless steel crockery, there are so many options that are just perfect as a Diwali gift.

7. Diwali Sweets

diwali-sweets Diwali is the festival of love and lights, which is the best time to cherish the relationship with your close ones. Give your warm wishes to the people you love the most by sharing sweets on Diwali. You have the delectable range of options in sweets including gulab jamun, ladoo, kaju katli, soan papdi and motichoor. No matter what you choose to give, a pack of sweet will always a festive treat and bring a sweet smile on their face.

8. Lightning Items for Diwali

lights Celebrate the festival of lights by gifting the lightning items like earthen diyas, lamps, and lanterns to your loved ones and make your Diwali shopping for gifts a bit easier. As we know the festival of lights wouldn’t be complete without the illumination of candles. So, you can also choose the fragrant candles as a Diwali gift. Your gift will brighten up the home of your relative or friends. Lightening products are such things which symbolize love, hope, and happiness, so this Diwali fills some light of love in your closed one’s life. Even, now you have the option to order them online from websites like Ferns n Petals, Archies, Amazon, and gift to your dear ones as a token of love on Diwali.

9. Electric Home Appliances

home-appliances Home appliances make a very thoughtful gift. You can gift home appliances according to your budget like mixer, grinder, iron, washing machine, microwave oven, toaster and more. As, on the occasion of Diwali, many online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are offering amazing deals and discounts on electronics product. This means online diwali gift offers can help you buy electric home appliances as a gift at very reasonable rates.

10. Diwali Greetings

diwali-card Greetings are the greatest way of expressing your affection in words to the person whom you love the most or adore. The greetings with a beautiful message written over it will certainly make your dear ones feel valued and can bring an instant smile on their face. Greetings are the simplest and generous way to convey your love, wishes, and happiness on this festival of light. So, now it’s your time to decide whether you’re going to give sweets or any home decor product to your close ones. Let Diwali be marked with lights, celebration, crackers, and happiness and get along with your near and dear ones. Enjoy some amazing moments with your friends and family members and don’t forget to share your love and blessings with them in the form of a special gift.

10 Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home


On Diwali, homes are decorated with lights and oil lamps or Diyas. The festival is a celebration of goodwill and prosperity. As the festival time is approaching put to use your decorating skills to brighten up your house. Here are 10 decoration ideas for Diwali that you can try. We try to bring up the basics that you may just miss in the hustle and bustle of the big occasion.

1. New Curtains for a Complete Makeover

New curtains can give your house a complete makeover. For the festival occasion, choose vibrant colors that complement your walls. They add value to a home, used correctly, curtains can make a room brighter. You get many readymade options. Diwali Sale offers make home decor products inexpensive.

2. Rangoli in the Doorway of your House

Rangoli is one of the must-haves in festivals in India. The tradition started centuries ago to add a colorful fair. Diwali decoration is incomplete without a colorful rangoli. Use earthen Diyas around Rangolis to make them more beautiful. Rangoli designs are made using rice flour, colored rice, flower petals, and a burst of colors.

3. Floating Candles To Liven Up Your Table

You can create the perfect look in minutes with just a few items. Buy floating candles from the market or make your one. Use different types and colors of candles to create a more impressive appearance. Floating candles in various designs add an unearthly ambiance to the festival decorations.

4. Mood Lighting


When used correctly mood light creates a festival ambiance.  The lighting can be used effectively to express a range of emotions. The options for lighting range from LED lights, overhead lamps, to chandeliers. Mood lighting can be applied throughout your house to set a cheerful mood.

5. Paper Lanterns at the Entrance

Paper lanterns can be used for any type of decoration. Hang one lantern or a group of small lanterns at the entrance. It is also an inexpensive way to add to your home decoration. Metallic paper, vines, cut-out photos, ribbons can be used to add your own signature.

6. Wrap light Bulbs with Handmade Color Papers


Using lights in Diwali for decoration is a common thing but you can add a twist. Wrap handmade color papers. Lighting plays a key role in enhancing the interiors of a space. It is also one of the inexpensive ways for home decoration. You can try different colors depending on the interiors of your house.

7. Flowers to Make Windows & Doors look Prettier

For the festive decoration freshen up your home with plants, leaves, and flowers from your garden. It also adds a natural element to the decorations. Use artificial flowers to make the decoration last for a longer duration. Hang flowers on walls and doors to transform the look of your house.

8. Handicrafts to Decorate Rooms of your House


Make your Diwali Decoration a little different with handicrafts. Handmade crafts give a unique touch to your home decoration. You can get some unique ideas on sites like Pinterest & youtube to create artifacts at home. So give your home a new look to impress others.

 9. Handpainted Diyas to Luminate during the night

Using Diyas on the night of Diwali is one of the many rituals that has stood the test of time. Once again, you can give a personalized touch with handpainted Diyas. Buy Diyas and paint them at home using different colors. The use of lights and candles has brought a modern touch but the use of Diyas remains special.

 10. Wall stickers to Decorate side walls


Decorate your home in style this Diwali. Wall stickers transform your home. Wall decals are removable and you can use year after year. It is also a quick way of decorating your walls and personalized interior design. You get different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Diwali often called the festival of lights is the time to welcome guests. Decorating your house brings in the festive feel. Give a beautiful touch to your decor with these 10 simple decorating tips.


10 Customs & Traditions of Dusshera Celebrations in India

dussehra-offers-onlineDusshera is a famous festival celebrated mostly in the month of October. It is also known as Vijaydashmi or Dasara culminating the ten-day Navratri. The festival is celebrated in different parts of the country and each place has its unique rituals. Dusshera kicks off the preparation for Diwali which is 20 days later. Dusshera Sale 2018 of e-commerce giants has already out to begin the festival celebrations. Here are different customs & traditions of Dussehra Celebrations in India.

1. Burning the Effigies of Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbhakarna

Melas are held at various Ram Lilla grounds across the country. The effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkarna, and Meghnath are set on fire demonstrating the victory of good over evil. Actors dress-up as Lord Rama and Lakshmana to set effigies on fire. The celebrations include spectacular fireworks and cultural performances.

2. Exchange of Apta Leaves With Friends and Family

The exchange of Apta Leaves or Green Gold on Dussehra has deep significance. This ritual is about expressing happiness and respect. The day is considered to be extremely auspicious. There are two trees associated with the festival of Dussehra; Shami, and Apta. Both these are medicinal trees used to treat a variety of ailments.

3. Unique Gujarati Dance Garba

garba In Gujarat, several competitions are held where people dance on devotional songs. The celebrations continue till late night. The customs worn by both men and women give a unique touch to the celebrations. Dussehra celebrations in Gujarat are unique with the vibrant Garba dance.

4. Worship of Goddess Saraswati

During the nine days of Navratri, nine forms of Goddess are worshipped. The worship of Saraswati on the tenth day of Navratri is a ritual in Maharastra. This day is also considered auspicious to start anything new. The day is also known as “Vijayadashami” or “Dasara” celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm.

5. Sketching Colorful Rangolis

Colorful-Rangolis The purpose of Rangoli is decoration it adds to the beauty of a house. Rangoli is also believed to bring good luck. The custom is part of Dasara celebrations in Mysuru and adjoining cities. Rangoli drawing competitions are held during the season. Colorful rangolis designs of flowers and birds reflect the culture of the land.

6. Decorating Colorful Dolls at Home

People set up “Bommala Koluvu” a colorful set of dolls at homes. the festival concludes by immersion of idols. Dusshera or Dasara in south India is synonymous with Bommala Koluvu. The ritual includes an arrangement of idols in step like horizontal arrays. In some parts of South India, the ritual is known as Gombe Habba.

7. Durga Puja

Dura Puja is also a key ritual in the festival of Dussehra and Navratri. Particularly in Bengal where the festival is celebrated to mark the triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura.  The different aspects of the goddess are worshipped for nine nights followed by celebrations on the tenth day.

8. Ram Lila Performances

RamLila-Performances The performance of epic Ramayana is held across northern India each year. The Ramlila plays recount Ramacharitmanas in a series of scenes. The folk re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram is staged annually during the auspicious period of Sharad Navratri. The religious rituals stir up the festive ambiance that celebrates the victory of Lord Ram.

9. Dasara procession

The colorful processions mark the conclusion of Dasara celebrations. It is a grand display of the rich cultural significance of the festival. The event has popularized the Mysore Dasara celebrations world over which continue for over one month. Dasara exhibition is also a key attraction of the festival celebration in Mysore.

10. Worship Tools or Weapons

It is a custom to worship tools that better our lives on Dussehra. This ritual shows respect to tools. On this day Pandavas are believed to retrieve their weapons after completing Agyatvas. This well-known tradition is to worship tools that are means of fighting evil. You can worship all articles used for progress and prosperity of mankind.   The festival of Dussehra is related to great epics associated with Lord Ram and Goddess Durga. Dussehra is celebrated with unique traditions in different parts of India. The main message is the victory of good over evil.

10 Top Offers of Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

amazon-sale Start of the festival season marks many firsts including online shopping sales. Amazon Great Indian festival sale is announced for 10-15th October 2018. The tagline for this year’s sale is “Now Budget won’t limit India’s Celebrations. The discounts go all the way up to 80 percent. Here are the key highlights of Amazon Great Indian Sale you can look forward to and enjoy online shopping for the upcoming festivals.

1. Prime Early Access on 9 Oct at 12 PM

Amazon Prime members get 12 Hr early access to Great Indian festival Sale. The sale starts on 9 Oct at 12 Pm for Amazon prime customers. However, the regular customers need to wait till midnight to avail the deals. Along with an early access, prime members get many exclusive offers during the sale. Amazon has also introduced many exclusive offers for its loyalty customers including Prime rewards and extra cashback on partner websites.

2. Free One-Year Screen Replacement on Smartphones

The festival sale is perfect to get hands on a brand new smartphone. This time also Amazon has come with attractive offers on popular smartphones. Look forward to the deals on best selling headsets including Redmi Y2, Vivo V9 Pro, Moto G5 Plus, Honor Play, Oneplus 6, and Redmi 6A among others. Amazon is offering one-time free screen replacements on all brands for 1 year. For Rs. 1, you can secure your smartphone by buying one-year total damage protection plan. Top offers on Mobiles

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Rs 42,990
  • Samsung On5 Pro – Rs 5,990
  • OnePlus 6 – Rs. 29,999
  • Moto G5s plus – Rs. 9,999
  • Redmi 6 Pro – Rs. 10,999

3. Amazon Fashion Coupons

Collect Amazon Fashion coupons for extra discounts during the sale. You can collect coupons for different categories including backpacks, apparel, and accessories. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 1 Lakh+ Styles will be at a minimum 50% OFF. And 3 Lakh= Styles at flat 70% OFF. You also get 50,000 + Styles on discount for the first time. Enjoy 10% extra cashback on products of Rs. 6000 or more. Key Highlights

  • Up to 90% OFF + 15% Cashback
  • 500+ Top Brands on Sale
  • 30 Days Easy Return

4. 10% Instant Discount on SBI Cards

Shop using SBI cards during Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale to get an instant discount of 10%. The discount will be over and above the regular price cut on a product. However, your cart needs to meet the minimum transaction amount of Rs. 3,000. The maximum discount per card is Rs. 1,500. It gives you chance to make additional savings on large purchases like mobile phones, laptops, and appliances.

5. Debit Card EMI On Leading Banks

Recently, Amazon started Debit card EMI. During the Great Indian festival sale, you can avail Debit Card EMI on leading banks including SBI, ICICI, HDFC, and AXIS. To check eligibility for Debit Card EMI Offer visit Amazon and login to your account. The debit card EMI option can be seen on select products. and you can select the option at the time of checkout. This is good news for all the customers without a Credit card.

Note : Minimum Purchase of Rs. 8,000 to avail ICICI/Axis/SBI Bank Debit Card EMI. Minimum Purchase of Rs. 10,000 For HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI.

6. Amazon Pantry Rs. 1 Deals

You can buy products for as low as Rs 1. Grab a variety of products including daily essentials at this amazing price. Amazon Rs deal is for prime members. The deals will be revealed for a very short duration where you need to add products to cart and checkout as quickly as possible. The stocks run out very fast so need to act fast to buy products at Rs. 1.

7. Upto Rs. 2,300 cashback on Partner Sites

Avail cashback on partner sites or apps like Swiggy, bookmyshow, Yatra, and Urbanclap. Amazon Prime members can earn up to Rs. 2,300. For other customers, the maximum cashback is Rs. 1,650. The coupons can be unlocked by shopping during great Indian Sale. The cashback will be given on the use of Amazon Pay balance on merchant site and apps. Cashback will be credited as pay balance within 5 days of a transaction.

Note: Extra Rs. 25 For Prime Members on Swiggy & BookMyShow. Extra Rs. 500 on Yatra for Prime Members.

8. Amazon Pay offer

You can load Rs 3,000 or more to get Rs 300 cashback instantly. Simply add money to your Amazon account to earn cashback. However, the offer is ending on 8th October. But you can use Pay balance during Amazon Sale to get extra cash back. Amazon pay is also a faster way to checkout during your shopping. The e-commerce giant has come with many exciting offers for its e-wallet on mobile recharge and also on use on merchant sites.

9. No Cost EMI

In the past, you would have paid up to 15% interest in EMI transactions but not this time. The online shopping company has come with no cost EMI. The offer is available on major cards and Payment options. You can buy mobile phones, washing laptops, air conditioners, televisions, cameras furniture etc at no-cost EMI. Click on the EMI option on the product page to see if the option is available.

Note: The Interest Charged by Bank will be offered as an upfront discount to make effectively No cost EMI.

10. Prime Video & Music Releases

Amazon is also releasing exclusive video and music titles for prime members. Celebrate the festive season with exclusive content on Prime Video & Music. You can also share music on Prime music to stand a chance to win Rs. 250. Daily 25 participants stand a chance to win Amazon pay balance. Prime music offers ad-free streaming of millions of songs with unlimited downloads. All the offers are enough a reason to look forward to Amazon Great Indian festival Sale. Apart from that, participate in Amazon App jackpot to stand a chance to win exciting prizes. You also get up to Rs. 3,500 Off on Amazon Devices including Amazon echo, Firetv stick, and kindle.  Happy Shopping. And Greeting for the upcoming festivals Navratri, Dusshera, and Diwali,