Celebrate Republic Day 2018 with Colors of Shopping


Republic Day 2018 is special because of many reasons, it is a long weekend and first time ever the celebrations would be graced by not one but ten chief guests. Indian Government has planned to invite heads of 10 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) as chief guests. Full dress rehearsals of the republic day parade are already in full swing.

Combing back to the long republic day weekend, people have already started packing their bags. Many airlines have slashed their fares by large margin to add to the joy of those who want to flee the city over the weekend.

If you’ve decided to stay in the city and witness the parade that takes place at India Gate. You can buy tickets to watch the event until January 25 from different ticket centres.

Here are Details about Republic Day Parade Tickets

  • Departmental Sale Counters at North Block roundabout, South Block roundabout: Pragati Maidan (Gate No. 1, Bhairon Road), Jantar Mantar (Main Gate), Shastri Bhawan (near Gate No. 1), India Gate (near Jamnagar House), Red Fort (near police picket). (10 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. daily).

  • Parliament House Reception Office. (11 a.m. until 4 p.m).

  • Government of India Tourist Office, 88 Janpath.

  • India Tourism Development Corporation (IDTC) Travel Counters at Ashok and Janpath Hotels. Delhi Tourism Development Corporation (DTDC) Counters at Coffee Home, Baba Kharag Singh Marg and Food and Craft Bazar, Dilli Haat, opposite INA Market and Shri Gandhi Ashram, Chandni Chowk.

If you want to buy tickets for Republic Day Parade 2018, visit any of the above mentioned locations. You need to show a valid identity proof such as Aadhar card, Voter ID or Pan card. The ticket prices are Rs 500 for reserved seats and Rs 200, Rs 100 & Rs 50 for unreserved seats.

Dress Yourself in Shades of Indian Tricolor

republic day

Tricolours saffron, white and India green have a special significance for every Indian. We want to immerse ourselves in these colors to get a good feel of the patriotism which is on all time high come republic day. You can dress yourself in these colors as part of celebrations of the day.  There are choices galore available for every style in all three colors. On top of that catch discounts going all the way up to 80 percent with republic day offers.

What is so special about Republic Day Offers

To enjoy the weekend, you can also shop online with some amazing deals, Republic Day Sale is on.

Besides the mega discounts, you can look forward to the cashback offers on the republic day sale. On a purchase of Rs 15,000, you can pocket straight Rs 1500, with the 10% Cashback on HDFC Bank cards.


Even Big Bazar has announced its flagship, sabse saste 5 din sale with many offers. This power packed sale will go live from January 24 to 28. Expect great savings on food, household items, electronics, kitchenware, home decor and many more categories. Did you know? You can order from Big Bazaar sabse saste din sale online. Check your pincode for delivery from here.

Hottest Categories to Shop this Republic Day

The discounts on mobile phones are most lucrative of all, as some of the best selling models of top brands get a price cut. Doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy a budget smartphone, mid segment, or flagship.

The discounts range over all popular categories like home appliances, fashion, luggage, dining needs, beauty products, kids products, furniture and many more. You can get some great bargain deals by shopping online on republic day.

Even you don’t want to play with your budget by making any big purchases in lieu of savings. You can well shop groceries and monthly essential from the republic day sale. These are a routine requirement for every household, and shopping for monthly groceries is easy way to pocket some savings. Get assured discounts on all monthly essentials with republic day offers.

This year, India is celebrating 69th Republic Day, it was on 26 January 1950 when constitution of the country came into effect. With a long weekend, you can do a lot of things, some for yourself and some for your country, the society in which you live.

whatsapp digital payment

Whatsapp to launch Digital payment in India


What if I say that making Payment at your local store is going to be as easy as to text your friend, that too from an app you use the most! Yes, you read it right. Soon Whatsapp is going to launch the payment feature on its platform.

According to the source, this feature of digital payment will go live on Whatsapp from the end of February.Earlier there were some reports of adding this feature on WhatsApp in December 2017, but it did not happen due to some reasons.But, now users will be able to use this digital payment method from next month.

Whatsapp digital payment method:-

online payment feature of Whatsapp is going to be live at the end of this month. We have the news that the product (Whatsapp digital payment method) is in its final stage of testing(End User testing).

A source from the development of the feature told Economic Times, the feature is in beta testing (end customer testing).

He said, “The platform is in beta stage, with one of its partner banks, and we expect the product to go live for consumers by the end of the February, depending on how the trial works out.”


Making a payment method as simple as a text message is not an easy task, Lots of encryptions are applied to save the consumer’s data from hackers.So, this could be the reason that this feature was not launched in December 2017.

Let me tell you that Whatsapp had received the Indian government’s approval to integrate UPI, to their payment system back in July 2017 and Whatsapp is in the process to integrate its Unified payment interface platform (UPI) with other famous Indian Banks like SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank etc.UPI will let you use your different bank accounts from a single app.



The central government has allowed integrating the UPI in many E-wallets and payment methods like Paytm, Google Tez etc. Even BHIM which is government’s own digital payment app has UPI integration.

Whatsapp has already announced and tested the feature with MakeMyTrip and BookmyShow in India.With this feature, Whatsapp is aiming to connect the small businesses to their potential customers easily in terms of making payments.According to report, this feature will also help customers, to get the information about the store, Address, contact details and website of the store.

Digital payment method is growing in India and after demonetization, people are accepting it and making the payments using different applications for the same.So, launching this online payment feature will be beneficial for Whatsapp and people will accept it soon.

Highlights of Digital payment Feature Of Whatsapp:-

1.Easy payment:-

This feature of WhatsApp will make the digital payment method as easy as a text message, and it will be encrypted at different levels. Like other online payment apps, payment from Whatsapp will also be easy but I think it will be used the most as almost everyone uses Whatsapp in India.

2.UPI included:-

This feature will be integrated with UPI (Unified payment Interface), that means you will be able to connect your different bank accounts into one application.This integration will also let you do the bank transaction just by a simple click.


Encryption will be applied on different stages of this application so that you can do the safe transactions, So I Think this feature will be worth to wait.


Although there are apps available which provide digital payment and the even Indian government has its own application for the same.Recently Hike introduced the same feature of cashless payment and did 10 million transactions in the month of June, which is a big number.

Since whats app is more popular than any other application, so I think people will accept this feature soon on this application other than Hike, paytm etc.


10 Fun Things to do this Long Republic Day Weekend


26th January 2018, India will celebrate its 69th Republic day. It’s the day of celebrations, parades, patriotic songs, exhibitions and lots more. But unfortunately, most of the Indians spent this day just sleeping and relaxing.

Somehow it’s understandable also, as our busy life, tight schedules rarely give a moment of relief. We are always in rush. Thus, the temptation to sleep for hours is hard to resist. Lucky you, this year 26th Jan is coming with a long weekend. This means you can relax and plan out something too.

After all, it’s three days off! So here are some light and fun things that can make perfect weekend time to burst all your stress. Let’s start with the first one

  • Go for Nature’s Walk

nature walk

If you are someone who lives in metropolitan cities, even a sight of the lush green forest is hard to achieve. So use this long weekends to make the redemptions. Thankfully there are still many adventure parks in India which offers greenery and entertainment. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gujarat or Kolkata.

You can easily find many such ideal destinations. They include activities like rock climbing, trekking, air rifle shooting, farming, cycling, astronomy, and a lot more.  Google is the best way to locate some for of these spots and spend some time in tranquility.

  • Participate in Ongoing Winter Festivals


Instead of hibernating until the temperature gets warm, step outside and enjoy the beauty of winters. There are many winter festivals celebrated in the month of January. Crafts and art fair are extremely popular this month.

Some of these events have winter-themed activities that include games, face painting, and other activities for adults and kids. From building snow mount to camel rides, there are plenty of things to excite your entire day.

  • Engage in Off-Screen Drama than On-Screen Movies


When did you last time watched a movie? Can you recall it? If yes, then great! Now, when did you last time watched theatre, or play or any live drama? Way too back? Never? If your answer is again “yes” then it’s high time you should watch!

The magic of Live entertain is incomparable. Plays can move you, touch you, amuse you and make you think. It truly breaks down barriers and connects you. The theatre is the best way to go and lost in the world of entertainment!

  • Visit an Orphanage and Spend Some Time with Adorable Kids


There can’t be any better way than visiting an orphanage and spending some time with kids. These kids are very talented and adorable. Spending time with them is no less than a therapy.

Some are excellent at dancing, some at music and some in education, but all are abandoned. Visiting orphanage is a joyful experience after which you start appreciating the small things in life.

  • Catch up with Old Friends and Plan a Bonfire!


Winters are never complete without those amazing bonfire nights. In fact, it’s the best way to catch up with all your loved ones. A perfect bonfire doesn’t require great view but it surely requires a great company.

Thus, forget about the hill stations and beaches if they are unreachable. Your terrace is no less! So pick up the phone, invite your friends and plan to spend the night beneath the star-studded sky.

  • If you are in Delhi, Don’t Miss the View of LIVE Parade


Let’s admit it, most of the Indians have never watched the famous LIVE parade on the Rajpath. Not even the Delhiites! Yes, it’s true. But why? Well, most think it’s boring old stuff and a waste of time. But the truth is, the LIVE parade is eminently exiting.

The display of firearms and the march is way more exciting to watch LIVE, than on the T.V. Every year, there is something new added in this old tradition. So don’t miss the beautiful sight this year and go to watch the LIVE parade.

  • Participate in Kite Festival on the Republic Day


Kite flying is a fun activity enjoyed by many Indians. The tradition of kite flying is an old one but yet a very popular one. During republic day it’s popularity is even more. The tricolor made kites fly in the entire sky and the view is truly jaw-dropping.

Thankfully many special kite festivals are organized in various parts of India.  Thus, participate in it and make your kite flying experience even more joyful.

  • Play the Old Childhood Games


Whether you’re 5-year old or 50 years old, the joy of playing has nothing to do with your age. Playing games is the best way to give a change to your mind and soul. This is more important today when more than half of our population is home and office struck.

The coming weekend is the perfect time to delve into the joy of these activities and become a child again.

  • Go for a Long Drive and  Spend the Quality Time with Loved Ones


After a hectic week, quality time is what everyone craves for. The coming weekend seems the perfect time to end this craving. When there is no hurry to rush to the office and beating the traffic.

Since it’s a long weekend, the roads will be clear, the best time for a long drive. So give a break to your monotonous life and escape in the beauty of nature.

  • Lastly, Educate yourself About your Rights in a Fun Way


We all know that 26th Jan is all about our constitution. The constitution which gives us “rights”. But wait are you really aware of your rights? Here are some facts:

Do you know you are entitled to free legal aid if you can’t afford it?

Or, A woman can’t be arrested after sunset?

 Rape and sexual assault victims can be anonymous and can’t be forced to go the police station for statement?

Yes, our constitution grants many such rights. But most of the Indians are not aware of. So this republic day read some of these facts and aware yourself. Also, educate your child about these rights and make them better citizens.

The list can go on and on, and these are a handful of them. So don’t spend this weekend just sitting at home! A long weekend is hard to get. So indulge in some of these activities and make this holiday time truly amazing.


amazon package

Why Amazon Ships You Small Items into Huge Boxes?

This happens to every Amazon customer once in a while,You will get a bigger box of your small order which is Almost filled with brown paper with that tiny item that you have ordered.

amazon package

Well, It is not any sort of conspiracy to charge you more for shipping by giving you that huge package.There are some valid reasons why Amazon provide you the bigger box for that small size items.



Sellers input the wrong product dimension:-  

In amazon warehouse, the packaging of the products is done by automation. It means that Human employee or the seller have to input the dimensions of the item and robots will use the box,tape and brown paper for packing, according to the size of the product.In some cases sellers send the wrong input of dimensions by mistake and robots pack the product in bigger boxes.

Wrong box allocation:-

When small boxes are allocated to robots for packing, human packers get the bigger boxes and in that case there is nothing that they can do.So human employees pack the item in bigger boxes.

Even if they want,human packers can not change the boxes,because before stacking
The boxes in truck, they are checked to make sure that the box allotted to the employee
Is same as the one used.

Amazon Fulfillment Center running out of stock:-

Sometimes the warehouse/fulfillment center of amazon also runs out of stock that means the small packages are on short supply,but they have lots of order to deliver on time. So in that case remaining stock is used to pack the order and to deliver it on time.

The puzzle game while stacking the parcel for delivery-

It is difficult to deliver the products safely to the customer, especially when the shipping of the product is by road.In order to do the same, packers have to play tetris(puzzle game) while stacking the boxes in delivery truck so that no empty space is left.So in this case the large box can be used to pack the order so that the whole consignment can be delivered safely.




data comparison

Unlimited Data plans Comparison – Airtel Vs Vodafone Vs Jio for December 2017

Ever since the entry of new player, Reliance Jio, there has been an intense pricing war in the Indian Telecom sector.

To counter Jio’s tariff plans, telecom operators especially Airtel and Vodafone have introduced tons of new value of money plans.

With the aggressive pricing by major telecom operator today we can expect to get an unlimited calling plus data plan for under Rs. 200.

Jio Rs. 399 Vs Airtel Rs. 199 Vs Vodafone Rs. 196 Plan

If you are looking for a value for money tariff plan, the options are simply multiplied right from Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, to BSNL

Here is a comparison between cheapest monthly tariff plans of Jio, Airtel, & Vodafone.





Tariff Plan 149 199 196
Voice Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 4.2GB 1GB 1GB
SMS 300 Unlimited -
Roaming Free Free Incoming Calls Free
Validity 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days


Jio 149 Plan: Good for Making Unlimited Calls

jio 199 Plan

Jio 149 plan offers unlimited data which gets reduced to 64 Kbps after consumption of 4.2 GB at high speed. Jio’s tariff plan has a daily limit of 0.15 GB data. Customers can enjoy unlimited voice calls including local, STD and roaming to all operators. In addition, users get access to Jio suite of premium apps like Jio Cinema, Jio Music, etc.


Airtel 199 plan Details:


Airtel 199 plan comparison

Airtel has answered Jio Rs. 149 by introducing Rs. 199 plan for its prepaid users. The plan offers unlimited local and STD calls, 1GB data and unlimited SMS with a validity for 28 days. Customers will be able to receive unlimited roaming incoming calls, but they will be charged for outgoing roaming calls.


Vodafone 199 Plan:  Unlimited Locak+ STD Calls + 1GB Datavodafone 199 Plan

It appears as Vodafone has changed Rs. 199  plan to Rs. 196 which is listed under its unlimited voice and data plans for prepaid users. The users get unlimited local and STD calls with a daily limit of 250 mins & weekly limit of 1000 mins. There is also free roaming within India + 1GB 4G/3G Data.

So Which plan is better for me?


Notably, there is a difference of Rs. 50 between the tariff plans of Jio but while before making a decision you also need to consider various other factors. Like, Jio works only on 4G LTE devices whereas Airtel & Vodafone are available on all handsets.


Also, the network coverage will have a big say on the tariff plan you choose. Although, all three are leading telecom operators in the country but the signal strength and coverage varies from area to area.

Jio may be best Value plan but it comes with Lots of Limitation

Jio Rs. 149 plan offers unlimited data but it comes with a daily limit of 0.15 GB. There is no daily data consumption limit for other operators. One more thing to note is that both Jio & Vodafone offer unlimited roaming facility whereas Airtel will charge you for roaming outgoing calls.



In our opinion, before opting for any operator, first you need to see it’s connectivity in your area and then look for your personal requirements like Data Usage, Roaming etc.. If you wondering which network has strong coverage in your area then Airtel has this nice tool through which you can check in real time the location of various Telecom Tower. Have a look here

Hope this small comparison will give you enough information on various data plans and helps you in selecting the best network for your next mobile phone.


Also Read: Jio Triple Cashback offer Extended till December 15



5 Ways to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally


Gone are the cool breeze of the winters and summers have already arrived a bit too early. With summers arrive the scorching heat from the sun, rise in the temperatures and how to forget sun tanning which can take away the fun or roam out like quite literally. No one wants to roam around with a sunburnt skin . Getting rid of the tanning is not a very job and due to lack of time or our laziness, we run for quick-fix solutions like bleach and other chemical based cosmetic products which lure you into using them by all the promises of returning your old skin glory back. At times these products can do more harm than good . Therefore, it is best to choose home remedies which can work wonders for your skin in removing the tan and giving a natural glow to your face without harming it a bit .


We bring you 5 ways to get Rid of Sun Tan naturally that helps you in removing tans from all the exposed areas. The best part is all the ingredients used in making a natural tan removal are easily available in every household . Lots of FMCG companies have also started selling herbal or natural creams which don’t affect our skin and totally safe for children. If you are not sure about which cream to choose,  try ordering a free trial sample pack from P&G or Amazon at your home and see if it suits you or not. Currently, almost all top companies are offering this facility of the free trial pack or else just head to Amazon and place your order.

 1. Besan and Haldi (turmeric) Pack

This pack acts as a combination of bleaching and scrubbing your sun tanned skin and making it look fresh and healthy is used on regular basis . Turmeric along with having medicinal properties also have amazing skin effects . It adds a healthy glow and remove pigmentation and reduces tan . Besan works as a natural scrub for exfoliating skin and removing dead cells .


How to use :

  • Mix a tiny amount of turmeric with two tablespoons of Bengal gram flour, milk and one-tablespoon rose water.
  • Apply to tanned areas and leave it be for 15-20 minutes and once it is dried slowly rinse it off with fresh water .

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great product for your skin and helps in removing tan because of it’s bleaching properties For best result use can add potato paste in lemon juice while applying it .


How to use :

  • Cut a lemon and rub a slice on your tanned skin , ensure to cover every sun exposed part which is tanned .
  • Allow it to dry for some minutes before washing it off.

3. Honey and Ripe Papaya

Papaya lightens your skin tone and reduces blemishes and scars while Honey moistens and soften your skin .


How to use :

  • Mash up about half a cup of papaya with one-tablespoon honey.
  • Apply on tanned areas and let it sit for 30 minutes before using cold water to wash it off gently.

4.  Yogurt and Tomato

Both tomato and yoghurt are natural sun tan removers because they can decrease pigmentation, dark spots, and reduce the oiliness from the skin. Moreover, yoghurt has the bleaching agent to fight sun tan quickly.


How to use :

  • Mix a tablespoon of tomato juice and a tablespoon of yoghurt.
  • Apply the mixture on your face for 30 minutes and once it is dried gently rinse it off with cold running water.

5. Wheat Flour

The goodness of wheat is not just restricted to fill our bellies but it also acts as a natural tan remover. This is the most simple way and easiest available item to remove your tanning. Wheat flour is useful in improving skin tone, reducing dark spots, and removing sun tan


How to use :

  • Mix water with some tablespoons of wheat flour.
  • Apply the paste on affected skin for 15 minutes and let it dry. Then gently wash off your face with running cold water .

These are some of the most effective  and trusted sun tan removal home remedies. But as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, you can find on some of top sun tan removal SPF creams which not only saves yours from getting sun baked but also moisturises your skin.


Pepperfry Furniture Rental Service Out In Select Cities

Furniture on rent

Pepperfry, a leading online furniture and home products marketplace have launched furniture rental services in key cities across the country. With the launch of this new service, customers can rent furniture across categories like beds, sofas, wardrobes, entertainment units and many more. Pepperfry furniture rental service is currently rolled out in eight cities Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, & Chandigarh.

All You Want to Know About Pepperfry Furniture Rental Service

Rent Tenure 6/9/12 Months Can Be Extended
Shipping Period 72 Hours
Availability 8 Cities (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, & Chandigarh)
Payment As Per Tenure (Includes no-cost EMI)

Key Highlights From Pepperfry Furniture Rental Service:

  • Customers get to choose from over 1,200 products for a term of 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • No need to deposit any security or KYC documents.
  • Free delivery and assembly service from the company.
  • Customers have the option to opt for zero cost EMI for payments made using credit cards.
  • Once the order is confirmed the product(s) will ship out within 72 hours.
  • Customers can also schedule the delivery according to their convenience.
  • At end of service period, customers can extend the rental tenure depending on their choice.

Note : There is no replacement of rental products. However, the service can be terminated at any time with 50% refund of the amount.

Who Said What on launch of the new service from Pepperfry

“We have identified furniture rentals as an additional growth driver in our journey towards establishing 20 million beautiful homes and are targeting migrant millennials who value experiences more than ownership of physical assets. This new segment will contribute hugely to the core Pepperfry furniture selling the business in the coming years,” said Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO, Pepperfry. Hussaine Kesury, Head of Furniture Business at Pepperfry, said “We are providing 5-10x more choices to consumers across price points and designs, aiming to fulfil both the utility and design aspects that consumers are looking for. We have the most extensive high-on-design, solid furniture available for rental in the country.” “We are confident about pioneering a new way of helping the new class of sharing economy consumers to create beautiful homes, without having to necessarily buy products,” Pepperfry co-founder and COO Ashish Shah said. This new service will see Pepperfry compete with existing players in the market like Furlenco, Rentomojo, and City Furnish. pepperfry furniture rental

About Furniture Rental Services

Furniture is the most costly purchase that one makes after a house and a car. People spend a lot on furniture but not everyone can have furniture they desire. Mainly because of two factors one of which is the cost and other problem is frequent relocation. Furniture rental services provide solution to both these problems. At the same time, it is very easy and convenient. Rentals are also quite popular and the market has seen fast growth in the last three years.

Reasons Why Furniture Rentals Have Gone Popular:

Everyone wishes to have a well-furnished home but may not be ready for a huge investment in such scenario they can turn to the option of renting.

It is pocket-friendly 

Renting furniture is way more cost-effective than buying new units particularly for a short stay.

You Get Quality

With the options to choose from latest styles and top brands you sure have no worries about the quality of furniture.

No Extra Charges

You don’t have to pay additional charges for delivery and assembly. Thus a smart and flexible alternative if you are on the move frequently.

More Options

Furniture renting is flexible in many ways as you can increase the rent tenure at any time and also buy a piece that you find really good.


Here in India, online furniture rental is still a new concept. But sure to grow as it provides a handy option for those who are relocating in a short time period and can’t spend too much on furniture. Pepperfry is sure to create a disruptive impact in the furniture rentals industry with the launch of this new service.

Underwater Restaurants

7 Magical Underwater Restaurants that will Blow your Mind!!

 Underwater Restaurants

Have you ever experience the majestic beauty of underwater aquatic life? If no, then how about spending your next vacation in an underwater hotel amid in color, life, and beauty? It’s an absolute delight to spend some time in such a serenity. This is the reason, from east to west, the craze for indulging in these unique eateries, nightclubs, and bars is huge. So, let’s find out some of these hotels which will surely work as a therapy for your mind and soul.

  • SEA, Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort, Maldives

Anantara Kihavah villas resort

So how many of us have the fantasy of exploring the underwater world of Indian ocean? If you are one of them, then Anantara Kihavah villas, located on one of the most pristine islands of Maldives is for you. The place is a beautiful combination of corals, turquoise waters, and a glorious sunset that unfold before your eyes in different ways.

  • Cargo Hold Restaurant, Durban, South Africa

Underwater Restaurants

What’s so special in Africa? The subtropical climate or the pretty beaches? Well, it’s none when compared to the spectacular experience of dining with sharks. This riveting experience is offered in cargo restaurant, which is famous for its unique and sophisticated ambiance.  Plus, with a superb view of ocean and shark tank, the experience is truly magical and worth trying.

  • The Poseidon Sea Resort, Fiji

underwater Restaurants

It’s a very popular resort for those who seek a different kind of experience. The entire resort is surrounded by water lagoons and various activities abound for adventurers. The charm of this place is unimaginable and you have to really visit to see it. The rooms are very expensive and the cost of a room for a single night is approx to $15,000 per night. However, given the experience of this magical place, it is worth experiencing.

  • Al Mahara, Dubai

Underwater Restaurants

Al Mahara, an Arabic word which is also known as “oyster shell” is simply too beautiful to pass. The restaurant is surrounded by glass from ceiling to floor that allows you to explore the colorful sea and its aquatic life form vividly. If you are here, you just can’t miss this exotic experience and the meal prepared by the team of award-winning chefs.

  • Subsix, Maldives

 Underwater Restaurants

Subsix, an underwater space at Niyama resort is submerged six meters below the water level. Also, as its formerly the only underwater nightclub, the place has widened its remit to that of “underwater playground”. Thus, in addition to exotic dining space, the resort offer space to the guest for the weddings, midnight proposals and also offer a hosted tour with the aquatic lifeforms.

  • Guinness Deep Sea Bar, Stockholm

 Underwater Restaurants

This sea bar is actually constructed under a submarine and is only one of its kind. The submarine is located in the Baltic sea in the Stockholm archipelago. The bar was created to mark the occasion of the 250th anniversary and is an absolutely riveting experience.

  • Red Sea Star, Eilat, Israel

Underwater Restaurants

This pristine underwater space is situated at the coral reefs of Eilat. The hotel is bifurcated in two sections, the one above is the metro bar which renders a beautiful sight of Gulf of Aqaba and the below is a restaurant.  In the night, the coral gardens around the restaurant are illuminated with the lights that enhance the beauty of the space without disturbing the ecosystem. Further, to give the guest an ultimate charm, every table has two windows, first at its side and second to the above.

A place with coral-like chandeliers, aquatic toned mood lighting, and clam shaped bar is something we all desire to visit. If you always dream to dinner at such a place, these resorts are a perfect option to win the chance. You can find direct flights to the places and then head for these majestic destinations. To get a discount on tickets visit Goomo and get a super saving deal to anywhere and everywhere and explore the underwater beauty.

safari trip

10 Most Trending Women Outfits Perfect for a Safari Trip

safari trip

Nowadays, it’s very easy to book your safari trip with just few clicks, but there is one thing which still disturbs many tourists, especially women.  It’s the clothing! Precisely due to the fluctuating weather in the jungle throughout the year. No matter in which season are you traveling, the morning and night is usually bit cool and the afternoon is hot and humid. Hence, picking the right clothing is an essential to enjoy every shade of the forest. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with those combat trousers. In fact, with diverse new styles and collections, it has become pretty simple to shine in trendy outfits. You can grab latest women outfits with tempting Jabong coupons at a discounted price. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • One Shoulder Printed Silk Crepe Dress

safari trip

The afternoon safari tours are dominated by an extremely hot and humid weather. As a result going for a full-length outfit can make you wrap the safari soon. Thus, a summer airy dress is perfect which can be paired with a light shrug to avoid the tanning.

  • Maxi Dress

safari trip

There’s nothing better than flaunting your beauty in that vacay-ready maxi dress. It’s a perfect way to shine in a hot afternoon. While selecting a trendy piece you must opt for a V-neck, sleeveless and fixed shoulder strap.

  • Army Shirt Dress

safari dress

Can you recall those safari inspired army shirt dresses? No, this style is not old! A collared, Unlined and front zipper shirt dress, surely deserves a place in your backpack. You may also add a belt to enhance its style quotient.

  • Safari Cotton Dress

Safari dress

Inspired by historic military design, a camel-brown safari cotton dress is particularly very easy to carry on such a trip. Being designed with long sleeves, button down front, and mini length hemline, these pieces are practical yet give you that chic look.

  • Flirty Slit Dress

safari trip

A safari trip is not only about a jungle tour, but also about relaxing and enjoying in a beautiful resort. Thus, opting for a slit dress is great to throw a fabulous fashion statement while enjoying the natural surroundings.

  • Cold Shoulder Shift Dress

jabong coupons

Wearing a dress with flirty cold shoulder cutouts seems to be a bang on option for that customary bonfire. Don’t forget to combine a neck piece with this gorgeous dress to uplift the style.

  • Shorts with Cool Shirts

safari dress

A pair of chino shorts seems mandatory when heading for a safari trip. As many times you can expect to climb in and out of the safari vehicle for a light walk or for those brilliant shots. Thus, chino shorts are great for walking safaris.

  • Safari Skirt

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A skirt with a straight cut along with cargo pockets is in trend since ever. These are one of the traditional outfits worn by women for jungle safari. Being 100% in cotton, such assorted skirt is perfect for a long day in the jungle.

  • Neutral Color Tank Tops

safari trip

Tank tops are a great wear which can be complemented with any pair of denim and skirt. Also, the best way to get close to the wildlife is by blending with the surrounding shades. Hence, opting for neutral colors like green, brown and khakis is great to not attract any wildlife attention.

  • Safari Jackets

safari trip

Practical and stylish women’s jackets are extremely versatile for a jungle safari. Especially if you are not hunting or walking in the dense bush. These can be perfect for those cozy chilly early morning outings.

These are some of the dresses which are stylish and yet practical for a safari trip. However, going for some light accessories will just make them perfect. So grab trendy pieces online and save money with latest fashion accessories offers.

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5 Other Legendary Stories behind Diwali Celebration

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Diwali is a festival that is celebrated more extravagantly than any other festival. It is the day that connects us all and we all come together for greeting each other and exchanging gifts. We buy sweets, gift hampers, new clothes, new home decor items, diyas, lights etc. to make the day memorable and follow our old traditions. Diwali offers would let you get everything you need at affordable price range. We all know the legendary story of Lord Rama coming back to home after defeating evil king Ravana on Diwali. Given that there are so many traditions and religions in our country there are many other stories attached to the celebration of Diwali.

Have a look at Different Versions of Legends behind Diwali Celebration

1. Goddess Kali killing Demons

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When we talk about West Bengal at that place Goddess Kali is worshipped during Diwali festival. To restore peace in heaven and earth Goddess Durga incarnated in goddess Kali. She killed all the demons that came in her way and after losing control she started killing anything that came in her way. To stop her lord Shiva lay down on her path and after stepping on Lord Shiva she came back to her senses. So, Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the containment of Goddess Kali’s rage.

2. Budhi Diwali

The meaning of Budhi Diwali is old Diwali and it is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. So, the legend goes like this…

When Lord Rama came to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile people celebrated the day by lighting diyas all over the place and distributed sweets everywhere. But many places Himachal Pradesh lies in the core mountainous northern region so, the news of the return of Lord Rama came 1 month later. So, they started the celebration one month after the actual return of the king. Since then Diwali is celebrated one month after other parts have celebrated this day.

3. Sikh Diwali

There are many reasons why Diwali is celebrated among the Sikh community. The first and the foremost is that the third Sikh guru Amar Das institutionalised this day as one when all the members of the community can come together and receive the blessings of Sikh guru. Another one is that Guru Hargobind ji who was held prisoner by Mughal emperor Jahangir was liberated from prison on this day. Also, Golden temple got its foundation stone on this day.

4. Birth of Goddess Laxmi

It is said that Goddess Laxmi was born on the darkest of the night ( new moon of the month of Karthik). Also, when she grew up she married Lord Vishnu on Diwali and there were many lamps lit at that time to commemorate the event.

5. Killing of Narakasur by  Lord Krishna

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In Tamil Nadu Diwali is celebrated on Naraka Chaturdasi which comes a day before actual Diwali. According to the legend on this day Lord Krishna freed 16000 women who were held prisoner by Narakasura by killing him. Since then the day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil. Also, the statue of Narakasur made of paper effigies is burnt symbolising burning of evil.

These are just some of the many stories that are associated with the celebration of Diwali. So, wherever you are from just enjoy this Diwali at its best. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.