Now Add products to your Amazon cart without leaving twitter

Customers of Amazon India can now add products into their carts directly from their twitter account. The service was already available in the US & also in the UK (#Amazonbasket) since of may 2014. Amazon India announced the launch for Indian users on the 15th of this month.

How does it work

If you come across a tweet with an product link and you like the product, just reply on the tweet with #AmazonCart and the product will be added to your cart straightaway. This saves you the hassle of opening another app or having to remember about the product later when you are shopping.
The Users should have their amazon & twitter accounts linked. If the accounts haven’t been linked, they will receive a tweet asking them to do so in order to use this feature.

The advent of this service also gives a peek into the future of online shopping where we could see consumers being able to shop for products over social media.

Would you shop on twitter ?

The customers using this service should also remember that , as their tweets are visible to others , their purchases made this way will also be known to the world. Some may not like that. And using this features only adds the products in the cart. You still have to go to amazon and make the complete purchase from there.

Furthermore, one does not get to compare the product with similar ones or even the price before adding it to their cart emerald carpet cleaning. So we’ll just have to wait and see how many people really find shopping on twitter useful.


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