MSN messenger to go bye bye on 31st october, 2014

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Microsoft has announced that its MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger will be retired on 31st October this year. Microsoft will shift the users to skype.

MSN to go bye bye on 31st october, 2014. Though the news of discontinuation has been announced, users can still log in to Messenger from a Windows Live Messenger armed with “Messenger Reviver” patch.

MSN messenger was started way back in 1999 when it step directly into competition with AOL’s AIM service. But the dedicated, smooth and easy service of MSN made it the black horse and ultimately the trophy of market share was given to Microsoft.

It started when there was an era of connectivity and through it, people started to get to know one another. It increased the social sphere and actually helped businesses to bloom. But alas! Microsoft has finally decided bury the great messenger into the grave of experience. Still it have our wonderful moments attached to it  which will take much longer time to fade away.

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Farewell MSN!!!

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