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Mobile games that ate up thousands of hours of your life

The mobile game has always been a part of our lives. We have tried to compile the top 10 mobile games made ever in the world

10) Snake

Remember those Nokia days? A time when a mobile with snake makes it cool and you would stick hours to it trying to strategize the fit to the snake’s long body. A game where you move a snake and it needs to eat. More it eats more longer it gets and you have to keep it moving trying to save the snake to take a bite of its own body.

9) Space Impact

Ah! An unrealistic world of star wars on mobile where you have to keep moving while destroying some badass alien enemy. Amazing game of 90′s born.

8) The secret of monkey Island

Its iPhone which brought this game. An adventure, thrill and a different game than a usal arcade, it is a trend changer.

7) Canabalt

Canabalt is an awesome game where you have to make a free run on roof tops in a crashing city. Awesome game, its more or less a game where you will find yourself binded for hours.

6) Cut the rope

Cut the Rope for theiPhone and iPad has grown on us faster than any mobile game in history. It is a puzzle game which focus mainly on providing a series of levels where you have to feed a cute green monster by strategically cutting the rope.

5) Temple Run

This game has been shared and downloaded a billion times. This is an endless running game which focus on a runner in ancient temple running from a few dark demon. I can bet, you must have played this game once.

4) Angry Birds

Finally a game specially dedicated to the strategic destroyers. With millions of downloads this is a game which is about birds shooting through a slingshot. A flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve their eggs, which have been stolen by a group of hungry green pig. An addiction, this game is a brilliant puzzle game.

3) Minecraft

Thi handheld version is a mobile version of one of the most popular game in the world, minecraft. Play in it to build yourself a new world.

2) Pac-Man

Hello pre-2000 born, No one is there who have not played this game. It is a game which actually revolutionized the whole mobile gaming. This was actually a strong contender for the very first position.

1) Tetris

A puzzle, an addiction, a gluestick game, tetris is a game which is even played with joy after setting a world record of  100 million copies for cell phones, making it the highest paid-downloaded game of all time.

The list has been made from number of downloads and numbers of copies sold. If in case you have some other mobile game in your mind which should have been here, kindly give your suggestions below. We will be more than happy to post the

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