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How To Do Manicure At Home?


If you have never tried doing manicure at home then don’t  worry. Manicure is a detailed process but it is aeasy and simple. Anyone can do manicure at home only if you know the right way to do it on your own.

A perfect manicure is much more than filing your nails and applying your favorite nail paint. Manicure is a time taking pricess where you pamper your hands and nails.

Taking care of your hands and nails is just as important as taking care of your face and skin. If you were neglecting your hands and nails all this time now you have a chance to correct yourself We have a step by step guide of how you can do manicure at home which is easy to follow. You can do your manicure at home by yourself using this guide.

Also we have generously shared some important tips for manicure in this guide as well

Items You Need For Manicure at Home

To perform manicure at home you first need to gather everything that’s required to perform manicure. You need to have all the tools and products you need by your side before you proceed.

Gathering everything beforehand is important because then only you can complete your manicure systemically and get the perfect result. Here we have listed all the items you will need to perform manicures at home.

  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail clipper
  • Cotton pads
  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle cream
  • Hand moisturizer
  • A base coat polish
  • Nail polish
  • A clear top coat polish

Easy Steps for Manicure at Home

If you haven’t done manicure at home before then follow this step by step guide for doing manicure. The process is easy and less time taking. Once you are done you will love the experience.

Remove your Nail Polish to start Manicure 


The first step to start manicure is to get rid of any nail paint you are wearing. For this you will need a nail paint remover. To clean your nails and remove nailpolish take an acetone free nail polish remover in a cotton pad and rub it over your nails gently.

You must use an acetone free nail paint remover because if there is acetone in your remover it would cause dryness in your nails. Acetone free removers doesn’t cause dryness,  it’s just that it takes more time to clean the nail paint than the acetone based ones. If you use nail paint remover frequently over your nails then you must use the acetone free nail paint remover.

Clipping and Filing


This is an important step in manicure where you have to trim and shape your nails using a clip and file. First use a nail clipper to trim your nails to a proper length. If you have short nails don’t trim them too short. Your nails should be of optimum length. After trimming your nails use a nail filer to give shape to your nail. You can shape your nails into square or you can go for simple round edges and rounded nails.

Go soft on your nails while filing them. You should avoid dragging the filer hard on nails. Just work on the line and smooth the rough edges. Use a nail buffer for smoothing the top of your nail. We suggest limited use of nail buffer because if you buff your nails too much the nail paint won’t stick.

Soak Nails in Warm Water


The best part in manicure is soaking your hand in warm water. For this you need to take a large bowl and fill it with warm water. The bowl should be big enough so that you can soak your palm properly. Add some cleanser like a soothing bodywash or a gentle baby shampoo to the water for better result. You need to soak your hand for at least 3 minutes into the water.

Soaking yout nails is essential as it makes your cuticle soft and. The dirt comes out and the dead skin around your nails gets loosely attached because of soaking. Take a Nail brush to brush off the dirt and dead skin around yor nails. Do not soak your hands for longer time as it will make your nails soft and easy to break.

Prepare your Cuticle with Cuticle Cream


After soaking towel dry your nails and hands. Then take some cuticle cream and apply it around your nails. Massage the cuticle cream around your nails and leave your hand ideal for some time.

This helps the cuticle cream to get absorbed properly. Now you need a cuticle pusher to helpyou push your cuticles in backward direction.

While doing this remember no to apply too much pressure or push the cuticle too far backward. If you do so it may cause damage to your nails. This will also increase your chances of getting an infection. After you have cleaned your cuticle now you need to wipe out the remaining cuticle cream from your nails.

DIY Homemade Cuticle Cream


If you don’t have a cuticle cream by your side don’t worry. You can simply create your very own cuticle cream at home. Below we have some DIY Cuticle Cream suggestions which can help you out.

  • Jojoba and Almond Cuticle Oil – To prepare Jojoba and Almond Cuticle Oil you need 2ml of sweet almond oil, 2ml of jojoba oil, 1 ml of rice bran oil, 2 drops of vitamin E oil, 1 drop of lavender essential oil, and 1 drop Roman chamomile essential oil.

This cuticle oil is rich in Vitamin E which is a great moisturizer. It penetrates into your skin and nourishes and moisturises your cuticles. It also helps in healing your cuticle. This homemade cuticle oil has great benefits. To prepare this cuticle oil you have to combine all the ingredients in a glass bottle. Mix well all the oils we have in our list. Close the bottle with an air tight lid. Your cuticle oil is ready. Use a dropper to apply the oil.

  • Coconut Lavender Cuticle Cream – Coconut and Lavender Cuticle cream has soothing and healing properties and it works great on nails. To prepare this cuticle cream you will need Coconut oil and Lavender essential oil. Both the oils are easily accessible and available in Indian stores.

To make this simple cuticle cream using 2 ingredients only you have to add 1 drop of lavender oil to 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Mix the oil together and then store it in a glass container. Your Coconut and Lavender Cuticle cream is ready to use.

Hand Moisturizer Application


After you are done working on your cuticle you need to give some relaxation to your hands. Take a hand moisturizer you use or you can use any thick creamy moisturizer. Apply it over your hands with more focus on your fingers.

Massage your hands so that the moisturizer gets absorbed to your skin. For better absorption of moisturizer here is a pro tip. Take lukewarm water and soak your hand into it for 30 seconds. Count 20 and take your hands out. Then towel dry your hands and apply moisturizer.

Prepare your Nails

Before you go forward to apply nail paint on your nails you need to remove the excess moisturizer from your nails. If there is moisturizer present on your nails the nail paint won’t stick.

To remove the excess moisturizer from you nails take a Q-tip and dip it into nail paint remover. Now slowly rub it on your nails. The nail polish remover will effectively wipe out the excess moisture from your nails.

Base Coat Application


Applying a base coat is very important as it prevents staining of nails. Some nail paints leave harsh stains on your nails.

So, in order to prevent your nails from staining you need to apply a clear nail polish as a base coat. If you don’t have a clear nail polish you can use a white nail polish as a base coat too. It would work just right like a clear nail paint.

The base coat also makes your nail polish pop up.

Top Coat Application 

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Let the base coat dry and once it’s done apply a thin layer of top coal of your desired nail paint as top coat. Here’s a tip ladies, many of you must know this, that before applying nail polish you should take the nail polish bottle and roll it between your hands.

If you are used to shaking the bottle before use we suggest you not to do so. Shaking the bottle will create air bubbles in the nail paint and make it difficult for it to stick to your nails.

Reapplication of Clear Polish 


Once your top coat dries you need to reapply the clear nail polish over the top coat to give it a nice finish. The clear poilsh prevents wearing off nail polish. It works as a protective coating around your nail paint and prevents flaking.

To protect chipping or flaking of nailpaint it is an essential step.

Reapplication of Moisturizer 


The best way to end your manicure is with a moisturizer. Once your nail paint dries of take some moisturiser and apply it on your hand and nails. The moisturizer will make your hands look healthy and glowy.

So, this was our simple guide of how to do manicure at home.

Doing manicure at home is fun and it saves you the cost too. You dont need to visit a parlor every time you need a manicure. You can do an effective manicure easily by following these simple steps in the comfort of your home.