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A friend in need is a friend indeed!! But never breed a friend with greed !!

We all have friends, some are good, some are best but some are ‘jackals’ of your life. These friends are the parasite of your growth and hence should be avoided. Today we have bought top 10 indications which could help you to filter the odd ones out.

10. The opportunist 


These kinds of friends are basically those who will never miss an opportunity to grab the best for themselves. They won’t even let you know if something better is coming for you. 

9. Friends with a curly tongue 


Even a good person stays on his/her words but these kinds of friends always turn away from their promise and hence cannot be trusted.  

8. The hope rectifiers 


For these kind of friends, a glass would never be half full, they will always show you the negative side of the coin and hence will rectify you from any initiative.

7. The mutiny catalyst


These type of friends will always support you in your mutiny against your loved ones. Just calm down your mind and think once, as loved ones will always stop you from any bad step. 

6. The double agents


Well, good on face and bad on back. 

5. Out of stock


These kind of friends are always out of stock of resources to help you in time of need. For example, out of petrol when you need to borrow a vehicle, out of money when you want some, out of town when you need them at your side in trouble.

4. The chemists 


These friends have a deep knowledge of chemistry a.k.a weeds, nicotine, marijuana etc. And they would want to test these on you as a lab rat. Just run guys..

3. Decision barriers


These kind of friends are always a bumper in your decision making. They will try to confuse you in all possible ways.

2. Fun factory


These kind of friends will always have a brilliant idea to deviate you from your goals. Movies, long drives, hiking, concerts during exams. 

1. Die for me!!


These types of friends would let you get in pit hole just to save themselves. 

So if you have anyone with any of these traits, then just kick that person out from your life. 

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