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Flipkart got notice for Selling Stolen Phones To Customers

Flipkart is in trouble again. After a recent incident where a man conned this ecommerce giant of Rs 20 lakh, a new case has emerged where Flipkart has been used as a platform to sell stolen phones worth Rs 1 crores. Delhi Police has identified and arrested 6 men indulged in this act of selling the branded stolen phones on Flipkart. Delhi Police has issued a notice to the ecommerce site pertaining the case.

The full case :

Delhi Police has arrested Raju Singh (31), Sunil Jain (40), Gaurav Mittal (44), Jitender Girotra (28), Harender Singh (42) and Ravi (26) for selling stolen phones on the etailer’s platform. Earlier in July, 2015, Mr Dhananjay Pratap of SVS Logistics company lodged an FIR stating that around 600 HTC phones which he got delivered from Hong Kong had been stolen from cargo terminal. The consignment worth around 1 crore and the case was registered at IGI police station.
In search for such a large number of stolen electronics items, Police took immediate action to track down the smartphones based on their IMEI numbers. The phones were traced in multiple cities like Mumbai, Mysore, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. The smartphones were being sold through Flipkart throughout the country. Nothing was found in the CCV footage of the cargo hub which further complexed the case for the police.


How did the police got the lead?

After such an incident where hundreds of electronics items were missing, police made no mistakes in marking up a possible scam taking place throughout the country. The IMEI number were then tracked down using the technology and the lead of one of the person Raju Singh got in hands of Police. Raju upon investigations revealed the indulgement of other person in the scam. Harinder was found on the basis of lead from Ravi. Harinder owns a shop at Mahipalpur. Ravi had sold the phones to Jitender who sold them to Sunil Jain.

Why Flipkart?

The idea of selling on online platform imbibed as the easiest way to get the phones sold quickly and easily throughout the country. Flipkart heavily promote and attract sellers (which is good) to sell on their platform but these men somehow took the negative advantage of the same. Moreover, like any other sold item, it was good for them to sell in some other state than there own. But the alertness of technology driven Delhi Police has busted the whole thing and caught the men responsible for it.

What Flipkart has to say about it?

Company officials of Flipkart said:
“Flipkart is a digital marketplace that helps sellers connect with customers across the country. Each and every one of our 40,000 plus sellers are mandated to adhere to stringent guidelines. Any exception to, or violation of, this code of conduct is taken very seriously. We enforce a strict policy of zero tolerance against unscrupulous sellers who sell products that are fake, stolen or in violation of any applicable law of the land,”

The team which cracked the case consisted of Mr. Satish Malik, SHO, IGI, and Inspector Dharmender.