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First time Online shopping is as crazy as war!! Read here to know why..

We shop, and we shop online to save money and time (the two most important factors of life). But as a new shopper, unlike offline retail, we all stumble upon these crazy thoughts in our minds. We thought to compile what we think when we do online shopping for the first time. Let’s get started :

1. It’s like a war

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As we are new to the experience and consecutively think about those few hundred bucks which we are about to invest. That money looks like a life time investment plan whose consequences would be based on products delivered.

2. Is it cheap or should I go back to troll the market.


Well it is cheap actually. When the factory made products are served to you directly, what would you expect out of them.

3. Is this the right product or should I surf more


Actually knowing what you actually want is more important than to just surf more. Online shopping is about serving hundreds of varieties suiting your needs. (including loot deals on FreeKaaMaal.com of course)

4. Online payment!!


Despite of having a lot of experience of online transfer of money (booking tickets etc.), a few of us may get a lot of serious on the thought of “what if they deduct the price and do not return me the money”. Well, it doesn’t happen, just buy through trusted sites like ebay.in , Snapdeal.com, Flipkart.com, etc.

5. Product Quality


We always think about this. What if the product’s quality is not good? The answer is simple, Just Return it back if you don’t like it.

6. What if the product is not delivered

ping pong scam

This is rarest of the rare case of phobia of online shopping.

7. What if the same product is available on other site at lower price?


This happens in physical market too! You just have to shop smart and we help shoppers to get the best products at the best price.

8. What if I am not there to receive the package

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This is also a common worry with the delivery of the products. Whoever is coming to deliver, he will call you first and then he will come and deliver. 

9. And if someone taunts me about the product


This is the worst part when someone taunts you with this line “isse sasta to offline mil jata” (you could’ve got it at a cheaper price offline). Then you gonna say one thing to your self. Haters Gonna Hate

So when you first order from an online portal, there will be high chances for you to get confused as an apple in a strawberry garden. But literally it is very easy, so go on and shop online.