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How The First Year Of Motherhood Goes ????

Everyone says that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Well it is actually, but for a mother it is the best Job in the whole world. Being a  mother can be tiring and exhausting as you will need to spend most of your days covered in baby food, bodily fluid and other random substances that won’t come out in the wash. 

But despite of all these duties, a mother can also find out the happiest moment side in those one Year. Here is the women named “Alison Wong” who illustrated her first year of motherhood so beautifully that can amaze you. At first  this article was posted in, so have a look on these beautiful mom’s comic Book that represent the whole year journey of enchanting motherhood.




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ButterMilk : Better than any other malted milk in the whole world

It has been said that Maharana Pratap use to fight with a spear of 80 Kg of weight. This may be true or just an exaggrated story to glorify the inevitable braveness of the king but it is a fact that earlier men used to be strong and full of will. Even my grandpa who happens to be an ex-men is 81 in age but is more active and strong in will than many of the young fellows I know including me. I believe this is the case in many households.

The reason of their strength and energy is nothing but milk products which varies from Ghee to buttermilk. If you think that a child needs a cup of milk with malted milk power (horlicks, bournvita etc.) in it to be strong and better than all then it is not all. If a mother needs to make her child a healthy one, then buttermilk is something to go with.

What is Buttermilk?


Buttermilk referred to the liquid left over from churning butter from cultured or fermented cream. It is a beverage with the least calories and high vitamins, calories and other healthy elements in it. Various forms of buttermilk exist, including cultured and whey buttermilk obtained from churning of cultured cream and whey cream, respectively.

Benefits of buttermilk :

There are numerous benefits of buttermilk, here are a few of them.

1. It contains probiotic microbes which is highly advantageous to the gut and it improves immunity.

2. It is very good for stomach and skin as it improves the digestion and enhance the skin brilliance.

3. It contains least amount of fat when compared to other products. One cup of whole milk contains 157 calories and 8.9 grams of fat whereas one cup of buttermilk contains 99 calories and 2.2 grams of fat.

4. If one intakes the buttermilk obtained through churning of cultured cream and whey cream, a high quantity of whey protein can provided to the body which is an excellent source of energy for muscles.

5. Buttermilk contains vitamins, potassium, calcium, and traces of phosphorus which, needless to say, are very advantageous for the health.

Not only this, it is a kind of product which is favoured over milk in some parts of the world and is an essential intakes for some pro-gymnasts and athletes in India. So next time, one should prefer buttermilk over any other malted milk products sold in market.


This app would let you know what baby’s cries actually mean


An infant cannot express his/her discomfort, it will barely make any expression other than crying to show something the infant or a baby needs. Be it hunger, pain, stress or discomfort, a baby cries and just do that only. However, there are crying patterns which tells what a baby needs, for Example : A slow cry after waking up suggests that a baby is hungry, a loud and open cry while lying means pain. But apart from these few suggestive understanding, other issues cannot be found out by parents.


A mother suffer more than her baby. Call it an emotional or spiritual connection, a mother will feel intense sadness while her baby is crying. Her baby can stop whining if she treats the issue the baby is dealing with. To solve this problem, a team of researchers at the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin collected 200,000 crying sounds from 100 newborn babies and created an App which could probably identify the reason of the baby’s cry.


How does it work?


Whenever a baby cries, the user have to open the app and push the recording button for 10 seconds only. The sound is then cross verifyied with the database of the app and it analyses the sound in a few seconds and sent the reason for cry as a result to the user.

One of the head researchers, Chang Chuan-yu said :

“The Infant Cries Translator can differentiate four different statuses of sounds of baby crying, including hunger, the diaper getting wet, sleepy and pain. So far, according to the feedback from users, the accuracy of the app we have tested can reach 92 percent for babies under two weeks old,” – Daily Mail. The app is available for download at the APP Store and Google Play. The App is most effective for children under age 6.



snapdeal launched household essentials

Snapdeal launches ‘Household Essential Products’ store with Free Shipping

snapdeal launched household essentials

Snapdeal launched household essential product store with Free Shipping facility. The move is made to counter the raising number of app which offers grocery and daily needed FMCG products. The store looks promising with the fact that the store is not only deliver the products for FREE but due to the fact that the rating of the sellers are really very nice.


There is a drastic flaw in the model. Snapdeal say that it will deliver the products with an estimated date of around 2-3 days under normal condition. However, Indian usage of household products do not work on this model. There are two ways in which household product shopping works in India. One – The estimation of the usage of the month and the purchase of the goods accordingly.

tide free shipping

Second – The purchase of products the moment the product being used is over. For example, If Mrs. Sharma buys and stock the products for the coming month then she knows exactly how much she needs, how much will be spent and when to buy. In this case the grocery and the household products, if bought from Snapdeal, would not only be efficient but will be very much money and time saving as well.

Suppose, if Mrs. Sharma ran out of Tide on a fine Monday morning and if she have to opt Snapdeal then it would not be a smart decision as the product would be delivered after 2-3 days and the cloth will have to wait till then, it will give some relax to Mrs. Sharma though.

Snapdeal is a very customer oriented site. Sooner or later it will solve this issue as well.

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A lovely Trick To Calm A Crying Baby In 10 Seconds


For a mother, nothing tense her more than her crying baby. The heart of a mother is so delicate toward her baby that she get easily diluted even with the thought of her baby in pain or in discomfort. The only sight which calm her heart is the sight of her baby sleeping in peace or smiling while playing.

Mr. Robert Hamilton, who happens to be a brilliant paediatrician with an experience of around 30 years have developed a very safe trick which can calm down and console a crying baby. Kindly note that this trick is as simple and safe as baby relaxing in her mother’s lap.


How is it done?

  • Raise the baby in the air.
  • Gently hold him/her at 45 degree from buttocks.
  • Fold the baby’s right arm to his/her chest followed by left one on it.
  • Hold the baby gently by his/her booty and give a bit of careful up and down moment.
  • This would immediately rest the baby.
  • Kindly DO NOT jerk the body of baby in anyway.
  • The process is very safe and must be done as stated in the video

sources: Youtube


Do you know why we celebrate Father’s Day ?

The Origin of Father’s Days


Generally, we celebrate June 21st of every year by gifting something to our father and wishing him Happy Father’s Day, but have you ever wondered what is all about this day, or why do we even celebrate it? As a matter of fact, this particular day is not associated with any mythological event or with birth of some great guy with some special contribution to the society or country. Actually Father’s day is the tribute to innocent men which were killed in of Monongah Mining Disaster.


What happened on December 1907?


December 6, 1907 was a hard and cruel day when around 367 men got trapped in two mines of Monongah. The moment which took lives of these men is noticed as 10:28 AM when suddenly an an explosion killed most of the men trapped inside the mine. The blast damaged the ventilation system which caused further havoc.

The explosion was so big that it caused a surface to tremble, it is theorized that the main cause of the blast could be coal dust or the methane gas ignited through an electric spark. What came next was the mourning and tears in the families of the mine workers. This was the worst mining disaster in the history of America.


Aftermath of the crisis.


Around a thousand children left fatherless and it was no less than a roof of shelter taken out by the wind of chaos. A person which also contributed significantly in the establishment of Mother’s Day, suggested her pastor to pay tribute and honor the fathers.

After some years of the event, In June 19, 1910 Father’s day was celebrated in the Spokane, Washington, by Sonora Smart Dodd whose father Mr. William Jackson Smart was a Veteran of a Civil war and a single parent of six children. In the years of 1930’s she started promoting the celebration on a National level, and it was openly accepted as it was a respect toward your parent.


Father’s Day became an official day


However it was also resisted by a few Americans as they saw it as a potential commercial event for merchants and advertisers. It first came into recognition when President Woodrow Wilson In 1916 went to Spokane to speak in a Father’s Day celebration expressed his desire to make it an official day in the Republic. However during 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued an official proclamation regarding Father’s Day and he designated THIRD SUNDAY in June as the official Father’s Day.


What can you do to celebrate the Father’s Day?


Any Father on the earth do not primarily wish for gifts or any celebration, they want their children to learn the ways to cope up with the cruel world. And for that a great way to honor our Father is to show them that we have learned something from his experience. For example : Save a bit of money and pay electricity bill and tell him not to worry about it as you have paid it from the amount of money you saved. Imagine the kind of happiness he would feel over a gift of teddy bear or a watch.

Anyways, a father is a roof on our head, he deserve more than just gifts, he deserve respect, honor and above all, to be with you. So to gift your father something special to express your gratitude for being your parent you can visit our deals page to get best offers on father’s day

18-The skeleton consists mainly of flexible cartridge.A network of blood vessels is visible through the thin skin

The birth of a new life.. Amazing pictures of womb showing how a Child is Born and develop in a mother’s care..

Lennart Nilsson (born 24 August 1922) is a Swedish photographer and scientist considered to be among Sweden’s first modern photojournalists. He spent nine months taking pictures of a womb and got these amazing 25 pics. Let's have a look.


1. A Sperm in the Fallopian Tube..!! Looks like a soul searching for a body



2. An egg cell.. finally found the body!!



3. Will you marry me? Please! An egg and a sperm.



4.The Fallopian tube, the love cafe!



5. Two sperm fighting for the Ovary. Only one sperm is allowed.



6. An sperm entering the ovary.



7. An sperm in the ovary.. here the soul meets the body.



8. The multiplication of cell starts.

8-The sperm 5-6 days.The clump has developed into a blastocyst, containing many more cells,and has entered the womb


9. An eight days old embryo attached to a wall of the uterus..

9-8th days.The human embryo is attached to a wall of the uterus


10. It develops further.. Brain goes first..

10-The brain starts to develop in the human embryo


11. Baby is 24 days old with no skeleton but there is a heart that starts beating on the 18th day..

11-24 days.The one-month-old embryo has no skeleton yet.There is only a heart that starts beating on the 18th day


124 Weeks old.. the body starts to take shape.

12-4 Weeks


13. After 5 weeks the baby is now approximately 10 mm. Eyes and nostrils starts to develop.

13-5 weeks.Approximately 9 mm.You can now distinguish the face with holes for eyes,nostrils and mouth


14. After 40 days, embryonic cells connect to the uterine wall of mother allowing in take of nutrition and energy from mother.

14-40 days.Embryonic cells form the placenta.This organ connects the embryo to the uterine wall allowing nutrient uptake,waste elimination and gas exchange via the woman’s blood supply


15. After eight weeks the embryo envelops itself in the foetal sac.

15-Eight weeks.The rapidly-growing embryo is well protected in the foetal sac


16. After 10 weeks the eyelids develops and they are semi-shut. 

16-10 weeks. The eyelids are semi-shut. They will close completely in a few days


17. After 16 weeks the baby in form of fetus uses its hands to know its surroundings. 

17-16 weeks.The foetus uses its hands to explore its own body and its surroundings


18. The skeleton and blood circulation system starts to develop.

18-The skeleton consists mainly of flexible cartridge.A network of blood vessels is visible through the thin skin


19. After 18 weeks the baby can now listen to your voice.

19-18 weeks.Approximately 14 cm.The foetus can now perceive sounds from the outside world


20. after 19 weeks its develops further.

20-19 Weeks


21. After 20 weeks, wooly hair, covers the entire head.21-20 weeks.Approximately 20 cm.Woolly hair, known as lanugo, covers the entire head


22. after 24 weeks, its kicking time

22-24 weeks


23. Other developments starts after 26 Weeks

23-26 Weeks


24. Now the baby is of 6 months, the baby turns upside down

24-6 months.The little human is getting ready to leave the uterus.It turns upside down because it will be easier to get out this way


25. Its 36 weeks now, the child will see the world in a few days.

25-36 weeks. The child will see the world in 4 weeks


And finally I am here mom-dad.. 



source source


10 most common problems working mothers face in daily life

This is a compilation of day to day problems faced by working women. They are brilliant managers and they are the real example of determination, consistency & perseverance.

10) Feed and Run


You gotta make breakfast and hurry to punch on time in office.

9) Run and Feed

feed cake

You have to come back quickly to feed your hungry kids.

8) Maintain home from office


You need to keep an eye over whatever is going on in your house. From babysitter to vegetable vendor.

7) PTM Parents Teachers Meeting


Alas! you have a PTM to attend and a very important client meeting has been already arranged.

6) Zero leave balance

giphy (1)

You sought to take every leave you could to take a chill pill.

5) Less time with Kids


Well, its logical ofcourse.

4) Less time to love


Work, commute, eat, sleep.

3) Stress


You sometime feel like your head bursting out because of stress of managing work and home.

2) Miss Kitty party


You miss those chatty kitty parties where gossip was masala in the tea.

1) Run!


You have to be on continous run. No time to stop!

This is very hard to keep up but still hats off to working women, they do it…


Mom, i am proud of you!!


innovative kitchen products

Kitchen Appliances You must Buy!!

Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer – Hassle free pineapple peeling and slicing 
Peeling a Pinapple is not an easy task for anyone. A pro takes around half an hour to peel off the Pinapple. But don’t worry we have found a new kitchen utensil called Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer which turned out to be a handy for a Rookie. It Cores and slices the pineapple in one easy action.
CORN KERNELER A device which takes out the corn kernal within a frequent second of time. It’s good for thin sized corn so make sure that your corn should be thin to operate.
Super Sealer Mini Handheld Plastic Bag Pouch Sealing Machine
If you are worried about crispness and great taste of chips & mixture items then don’t worry. Amazon presents Super Sealer Mini Handheld Plastic Bag Pouch Sealing Machine which can be used for sealing plastic bag in home,shops and service industries. 
This Coke dispenser is great to use at home, office & many places. It is designed to dispense soda & cold beverages by twisting the dispenser onto the top of the plastic bottle. Open the bottle, fix the nozzle to the dispenser, Invert it & use it.