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10 Things Every New Mom Should Know


Becoming a mommy for the first time is one of the most precious phase in a woman’s life. Mommyhood is a magical event that changes your life altogether. Giving birth to your baby and holding it close after birth is a lifetime experience

But no matter how precious and magical motherhood is, that doesn’t mean it’s all roses. You must know every rose has it throns and that same with pregnancy. It is going to be a bittersweet ride where you will be subjected to patience test every now and then.

If you are a first time mom or you are in the phase of becoming one you must prepare yourself for the first few months because there would be no calling shots and lazy sundays. There may be a hundred of advice you will be getting from people but we have 10 important things that every new mom must know.

1.Things will not always turn out as planned


During your entire pregnancy you do planning, planning, and more planning but when it’s time things turn south. Don’t worry it’s normal! Motherhood is a new and raw feeling and things can be confusing and unpredictable.

Your baby plan may not align with your delivery and that happens in most of the cases. Your baby may keep crying and that is nothing to be afraid of. There will be a little this and that and with time you will make your way out of it. Till then just remember “things will not always turn out as planned”.

 2. It’s Okay to ask for Support


You need to know you cannot handle everything on your own, so always ask for help whenever you are in need. You asking for help is not going to make you any less of a mother and you don’t need to feel bad about it.

If someone is extending a helping hand take that with pleasure, you are a new mother you deserve all the care and support. And this support need not be physical only, try mixing up with new moms and share your experiences so that you know everyone has to deal with pretty much the same issues.

3. Rest will be well, if you rest well


In the first few months you must rest well because that is very important. The only way you can take the best care of your baby is by staying happy and healthy. And this will only be possible if you take enough rest.

Whenever you have free time from your baby don’t indulge yourself in other tasks. Your laundry and dishes can wait or you can take others help. Even if you are not sleeping lie down and rest.

So make sure you don’t forget “Rest will be well, if you rest well”.

4. Breast Feeding can be a tough task


Breastfeeding looks simple but it can be a tough task for some new moms. And that’s fine, there is nothing wrong with you. In some mom the milk production rate is low therefore there is not enough milk to feed the baby.

Problems in Breastfeeding occur naturally and you cannot help it out. The best you can do is stay calm look for ways and alternatives to make things work.

 5. Sleepless nights are going to be there



Sleepless nights are the biggest trouble for new mom especially when you tire yourself so much during the daytime. Some babies have a habit of not sleeping well at night and some keep crying in the middle of the night.

If you are a new mom you must know you need to take rest in gaps and brace yourself for the sleepless nights. It’s going to be hard but you have to rest well and overcome it anyway.

6. Stay Calm and Do Yoga


Post Pregnancy care is very important and you need to keep yourself fit mentally as well as physically. In that case nothing can be better than yoga. Fix a proper time for your personal yoga session and stick to it.

Yoga and meditation will help you relax and will increase your endurance and patience. It also take loads out of your shoulder and keeps you calm. Yoga is the best way to start your day

7. Follow your mom instincts


There will be people, bits of advice and books all teaching you and giving you mommy lessons. And sometimes it will be effective as well, but what helps you, in the long run, is your own mom instincts. You know your baby better than anyone and you can trust your instincts and reciprocate accordingly.

8. Your Diet Matters


The most often overlooked  part in the journey of being a mom is your diet. And that is where you need to have special care. Your body needs special nourishment to stand strong during labour and even after the baby came into the world. Visit  lovetopivot.com

Right balance of calcium, proteins and all essential vitamins should be in your diet. After all you are going to take care of a new life along with yourself and family.

So, It’s totally fine to be selfish while choosing your diet. It matters for you and the little bundle of joy!

9. Good reading & Storytelling 


Hey, this is really an interesting and fun part too in the motherhood journey. After the 3 month of pregnancy whatever you read is somewhere consumed by your baby inside.

Don’t you know thatAbhimanyu, the son of Arjun in mahabharat learned  the skill to penetrate the Padmavyuha inside from the womb. The gist is that now whatever you are reading and learning is also going to affect your baby. So choose the content accordingly.

And when the baby is by your side in the real world. You can do storytelling for him/her. Stories are a great way to teach them life lessons in a fun way.  Use it and cherish your parenting.

10. Enjoy the moment 


The journey of motherhood is tough and sweet but every day you child is getting older and you are not going to have the same time with your baby. Wrap you baby around you, cuddle, take pictures and do everything you want.Make memories with your kid and for your kid because these memories are going to be there with you for the longest.

Enjoy your motherhood, live every moment with your baby and trust me it will be hard at times but you are going to make it because you are the best mom in the world.