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A lovely Trick To Calm A Crying Baby In 10 Seconds


For a mother, nothing tense her more than her crying baby. The heart of a mother is so delicate toward her baby that she get easily diluted even with the thought of her baby in pain or in discomfort. The only sight which calm her heart is the sight of her baby sleeping in peace or smiling while playing.

Mr. Robert Hamilton, who happens to be a brilliant paediatrician with an experience of around 30 years have developed a very safe trick which can calm down and console a crying baby. Kindly note that this trick is as simple and safe as baby relaxing in her mother’s lap.


How is it done?

  • Raise the baby in the air.
  • Gently hold him/her at 45 degree from buttocks.
  • Fold the baby’s right arm to his/her chest followed by left one on it.
  • Hold the baby gently by his/her booty and give a bit of careful up and down moment.
  • This would immediately rest the baby.
  • Kindly DO NOT jerk the body of baby in anyway.
  • The process is very safe and must be done as stated in the video

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