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20 Unique Valentine Gifting Ideas for Him

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Valentines Week is here and thus started the season of making your significant other feel special . Though there should be no special day or time to show your love and pamper your man but with Valentine Week round the corner the excitement are 10 notch above the normal . When it comes to choosing gifts for your man just remember too cheesy might not do the trick . Select gifts which can give an Up-Close and Personal Touch .  While selecting gifts for him always keep in mind his needs and requirements and be practical with your picks . We bring you Valentines Day Gift Ideas which are sure to make him swoon over you .

1. The Men’s Grooming Kit

Grooming if one of the basic essentials for every guy . Be it a simple moisturiser, a whole bunch of shaving kit or beard wax, this gift should sit high on your priority list . If he loves growing and maintaining his beard and takes special care of it or he likes to keep is stubble and neat then pick your kit accordingly and you are all set to take out his heart for you once again .


2. His Favourite Jack Daniels

Gift him his favourite whiskey or any one of his favourite drinks and the deal is done. That shining bottle in his bar is sure to bring a smile a on his face  .


3. Bar Glasses

You got him his favourite drink already !!!  Then it’s time to present him the glasses to pour his peg of whiskey into it . Sipping your favourite drink from those perfect glasses adds to the taste and his mood as well .


4. His Favourite Gadget:

Remember the piece of head phones about which he has been talking a lot  lately and how badly he wanted to have them or that newly launched phone ???? Then go the the store, pick one for him and take him by surprise .


5. Latest Play Station 

Guys who don’t love PS might be a thing from the planet Mars ,because here on Earth men eat , breath and live play stations . So if your man is one such gamer , give him the latest play-station and he is hooked on for the rest of his life ,and hooked on to you as well .


6. Sports Items 

Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Golf or Tennis men love sports , well most of them do so . So if your guy is one such sports fanatic then pick his favourite sports item and present it him .


7. Watches 

Watches does to a man what solitaire does to a women .Even the Bond loves them . Pick one from the latest collection from his favourite brand be it Indian or international .

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8. Handmade Cards / Letters

Well it’s very easy to go in a gift shop and buy cards for him but when you give your time and efforts to someone , nothing can beat that . This valentine take out a little bit of extra time and gift them handmade cards and letters . This will add a more personalised touch and he will be super impressed to know the effort and time you have put in for him .


9. Set up In-House Candle Light Dinner

Who says you need to burn fortunes to get the perfect candle light  dinner experience . All it takes is few candles, little bit of effort, you & him and you are set to feel the perfect intimate dining experience in the comfort your own house .


10. Bake personalised cookies /chocolates

Well cookies and chocolates might not be on the priority list of most of the guys, but many men love to have them . It’s time to bring out the baker in you and bake his favourite flavoured cookies with a bit of personal touch . As they say ‘Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and cookies baked out of your own hands would be something he would love to devour .

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11. Gift a Collection of his Favourite Books

“I have got too many books “ said a book lover Never .This is for those men who loves reading . So if your guy is one of the avid readers then buy him his favourite collection of books . Just ensure you are buying the right genre .

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12. Vintage Pen and Writing Pad

If your guy is a writer then you already know what brings smile on his face apart from you . Nothing fascinates a writer more than the smell of the ink, fresh pages of a new writing pad . If he still believes in the old school conventional methods of bringing out his thoughts through pen and paper then buy him a pack of vintage pen and a notepad and his next inspiration would definitely be you .

Fountain pen

13. Musical Instruments

If he is into playing music then buy him his favourite musical instrument though not the same which he already owns . Gift him a new guitar that would make him write new music note for you .


14. Take him out on a surprise date or vacation

Plan a surprise date or small weekend gateway to some place calm to break out from the hustles and bustles of the city life and live your moments together in the serenity of the nature . With the better than dreams location and you in front of his eyes, he’s sure going to get week on his knees . Book your tickets now .


15. A pair of cool boxers

Well this might sound funny but if your man likes laying around in his cool boxers and payjamas that makes him feel comfortable then go for it and it will add a quirk factor in his wardrobe as well as your relationship .


16. Buy him his favourite perfumes

A nice scent even makes the angel falls , well that’s what the TV commercials says . Forget the angels and buy your man his favourite perfume and you are set to roll your head into his sleeves when he would smell that amazing .


17. Ties & Cuff-links

You would agree every time he steps out in his favourite ‘Suit and Tie’ your heart skips a beat . Buy a nice pair of ties along with cuff-links to stud in his sleeves to give a complete look to his suit based on his choice and requirements .


18. Leather Jacket

Though winters are almost over but leather jacket is one such thing which a guy won’t mind all the seasons . If the jacket is not busy protecting him from the shiver cold winds the purpose is still being served while he is riding his motor bike .


19. Shoes

A pair of shoes reflects a man’s personality is what the legends say . You can gift him a nice pair of shoes for any purpose be it office, sports, casuals or whatever he requires at the moment .

Salvatore Mann Shoes


20. Head out to a spa/massage parlour

We all love to get pampered specially after a tiring and stressful weekend . You can schedule your appointment based upon his availability and you both head out for a relaxing foot and head massage or a body spa which can give you a big relief after a tiresome week .


We hope it helped you in deciding the right buy for him . We at FreeKaaMaal.com wish you all a very happy Valentines Week and a happy gifting .