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2 Chinese men try selling their kidneys to buy a new iPhone 6s


Apple is loved and desired by many. But can the passion for iPhone could be this much that it would compel a person to sell its own organ. Well it is true, not only one but two men, Wu and Huang, in Jiangsu province in China tried to sell their kidney in so that they could afford an iPhone6s for themselves. The decision has shocked the police since they came to know about the incident and has proved yet another time that people love Apple beyond the ordinary.

Story of the Apple Lovers:

The inevitable love for the Apple’s latest iPhone6s enchanted the desire to buy this amazing smartphone, however the cost was way beyond the budget for any of them and hence they decided to take a huge step. The men decided to lay off their own kidneys to enjoy the iPhone. In the pursuit of their dream they found an illegal agent on Internet, the agent asked them to take medical examinations at a hospital in Nanjing. However, when the agent didn’t appeared in the hospital, the men reconsidered selling their organs. Wu asked Huang to stop and drop the plan, however, Huang was adamant about his decision. When Wu decided to call the police to stop this step, Huang ran away.

The passion for something is fine, but the desire of an iPhone at this cost is shocking.