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10 Ways To Celebrate Independence Day this Year

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Independence Day is a great day for all the Indians, as this is the day on which India got freedom from the British rule after years of slavery. This day always makes us remember about our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to save our motherland from the British empire.  After independence, Jawaharlal Nehru became first Indian Prime Minister on 17th of August, 1947 who raised the National Flag at Red Fort, near Lahore Gate, Delhi.

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year all over India. Students, teachers, parents, and common people come together to celebrate this day by unfurling the flag and singing the national anthem.

Have you ever thought about the ways of celebrating this Independence day in a different manner? Here is the list of 10 awesome ideas that will make your Independence day memorable.

1. Kite Flying

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Some people think Independence day as the holiday, but a majority of crowd wait eagerly for this day for flying kites. This is one of the most popular activities that are carried out by Delhiites, from a long time and this tradition is still continued. It is said that kite flying symbolises the spirit of freedom.

 2. Watch Patriotic Movies

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Watching patriotic movies on this day is always a great idea because it will let you remember the sacrifices and the efforts which our soldiers make to keep our lives safe. It let’s you realize that what this day is all about.

 3.  Rangolis

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Decorate your house, workplace, Schools etc with patriotic rangolis on this Independence Day. Get eco-friendly colors and celebrate this awesome day.

 4. Gift Mobiles to your Loved Ones

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Gifts are the best ways to express your feelings to your loved ones. You can gift mobiles and say that how much you love them. Moreover, there are several Independence day offers running on latest mobiles. So, you can check out the best offers for yourself.

 5. Gathering with Family

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In our busy schedule, we get very less time to spend some quality time with our family. So, let’s take a move this Independence day. Plan a family get-together on Independence eve and share your thoughts and tell them that how much you feel for them.

6. Wear Patriotic Theme Clothes

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Plan with your friends and family to wear some kind of patriotic clothes. You can wear the green shirt and tell your friend to wear saffron or white. It will give you an awesome feeling towards your nation.

 7. Do Shopping Online

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Most of the online stores offer you a lot of amazing deals and offer on Independence week. So, why to spend much when you can get the stuff at reasonable price. You can use Flipkart coupons for more offers on your latest purchase.

 8. Planting New Trees

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You can form a group or community for planting trees on this special day. Observe the green on this Independence day that is 3 R’s  “Reduce”, “Recycle”, “Reuse” and make our nature beautiful.

 9. Make a Resolution to yourself

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Keep yourself healthy this independence day. Make a resolution to yourself and develop some healthy habits, do exercise and yoga. Moreover, you can start donating blood from this year and serve a little towards your nation.

 10. Donate your Old Clothes

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You can donate your old clothes to the ones who are in need rather than stalking them unnecessarily. Move a step ahead to help others.

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