How to Make Gratitude a Habit?

11 April 24


Set a cue

It could be anything that reminds you to feel grateful, such as a sticky note, a cup of coffee, or a specific time of day.

Say Thankyou Often

Feel grateful for the little things that someone is doing for you. Say ‘Thank you’ often and mean it. This way, your mind will be trained to feel grateful.

Start your day with gratitude

Your mind is like a clean slate when you wake up. Fill it with gratitude in the morning itself. You will be more focused on the good things during the day.

Maintain a gratitude journal

Write at least three things daily in your journal that you are grateful for in your life. You could also be grateful for the things you want to have in the future.

Pay it forward

Feeling and practising gratitude brings peace and positivity to your life. When you do good things for others, you also feel good about yourself.

End your day with gratitude

Just before dozing off, acknowledge the blessings you have in your life. It could be from the same day or from the past.

Be mindful

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Stick to the joys and let go of the hurts and griefs. Life is too short to live in the sadness.

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